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Age of Dragons is an old-school style Dragonlance game set after the War of the Lance. We have a large, well-described world with quests, plenty of gear to hunt for, and the occasional puzzle to solve.

The game is set after the end of the War of the Lance, during what is commonly termed 'the 4th age'. The Knights of Solamnia and Forces of Whitestone defeated the Dragonarmies of Takhisis with the instrumental assistance of the heroes of the lance. Things are far from peaceful, but the grip of fear throughout Ansalon has ended for most.

In this new era, adventurers are aplenty. The dangers of the land differ from locale to locale, and skirmishes most often occur between small groups as opposed to large armies. The potential for wealth and fame is abound for adventurers in this era.

At the same time, while routed, the dragonarmies are not destroyed. In addition, new and dark forces are arising, and the Knights of Solamnia and the Forces of Whitestone cannot sit on their heels and wait. They continue to remain active and recruiting; as do their adversaries, known and otherwise.

The game is currently undergoing heavy development. We're adding new things each week, from new quests to new features and much in our pipeline. We also listen and sincerely consider player input, as you're the ones that make what we do, as developers, worthwhile.

Mud Theme: Dragonlance 4th Age Post War of the Lance

Age of Dragons MUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Chris
Posted on Mon Apr 10 20:03:55 2006 / 0 comments
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Age of Dragons was the very first mud I had ever tried. Some of my friends at the time were playing and wanted me to join. I can honestly say that as soon as I got into it I was addicted. Not only was I having a great amount of fun playing the mud but there were countless other players and imms that were there to help me out when I had questions about the way things worked.

After starting Aod I thought I would try a few other muds since I was having so much fun. Unfortunately I didn't have the same luck at some of the others. There was a couple that I liked but none of them compared to the fun I had at Aod.

Over the years I have been at Aod I have seen many changes. There have been changes within the playing world itself and there have been changes among staff members. For the most part the changes have been positive but like anything else there have also been low times. I think that the staff have done quite well in keeping things fair and keeping things interesting. I have been involved with many quests (as a player) that the imms have created from character backgrounds sent in by players. Within these quests I have received many interesting items including unique equipment and weapons.

I would like to invite anyone interested in Dragonlance to come join us and hopefully enjoy it as much as I do. See you there.

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Review posted by Stephen Squires
Posted on Thu Mar 2 20:16:25 2006 / 0 comments
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Age of Dragons was one of my first MUDs, and I am happy to say that when I turn old and grey this is the MUD that I will think of when I think of the good old days.

Age of Dragons has been a developing project since the day I joined. When I started out the MUD was less than 6 months old, and there really was not a whole lot done with the code or zones. However there was a certain ambiance in the game. The roleplaying was dedicated and enjoyable, and when I played there I really became absorbed in my character, and truly felt as if I was a Knight of Solamnia, or in my darker days, a notorious assassin.

Those days are long gone, and much has happened since. I have left to start my own mud several years ago, but I keep coming back to Age of Dragons to play when my time is available.

Although many things have changed, mostly in the way of adding new features, the atmosphere remains the same, and that is truly what gets us absorbed in a game isn't it? The feeling of this mud, the interaction with the other characters, is incredibly fun. Age of Dragons could be said to be a roleplaying training ground, because virtually everyone who walks down the road to Palanthas, skips along the treetop bridges in Solace, or treacherously navigates their way through the lava-filled streets of Saction, comes to learn through the example of those around them what true roleplaying is.

Age of Dragons is not a MUD for everyone. For a lone player, it can be difficult to get started. Mostly due to the way things are set up in, that the world is huge, and you do not know anyone, even see anyone when you type 'who' at first. However after a few days of logging on at peak hours (weekends, weekday nights), you will get to know some of the more prominent characters in the realm, and will then start to truly experience the charm of this fantastic game.

If you're coming with a group of friends, you are in a perfect position to jump right into this world, and experience all it has to offer. Apart from the added social benefits of knowing people right away, much of this game's content is highly geared towards groups. Some of it absolutely cannot be done without it. Just be sure to drop the admins a line on the staff email before you guys get too serious. There's no multi-playing on this game, so if you guys share IPs or even ISPs, it's best to give them a heads up.

If you are an avid player killer, this is probably not the place for you. There is a dueling system in place, but the staff has little tolerance for rampant senseless killing sprees, whether by good or evil characters. This MUD focuses on role playing, and for this reason pkilling is allowed, but it is only there to give players the freedom to fully express themselves in their roleplay. Players who go on a temper tantrum will soon find themselves in the red with the staff.

Most of all, this game is for roleplayers, and avid roleplayers at that. True dragonlance fans will find themselves perfectly at home here, in the 4th Age Dragonlance setting.

If you are looking for a true home on the Internet, one without l33t speak, where you can spend your time with mature individuals who share your interests in dragonlance and roleplaying, and where you will be taken care of well by staff who dedicate many hours in the game, giving players roleplaying opportunities, holding contests, and adding new content to the game... well then, Age of Dragons is for you.

Log in and make your character now. It might be a little scary at first, as it is different than most muds, but invest a week, and you will be living the MUD life like it was always meant to be lived.

But enough talk... Krynn awaits!

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