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A Moment in Tyme (MiT) is one of the oldest Wheel of Time based Muds on the Internet. Since 1994, our coders and builders have been working hard to bring in unique new features and our own original areas. MiT is currently on our second major revision of the codebase, and our areas are all completely original. At A Moment in Tyme, we have a dedicated playerbase and an excellent, committed staff of Immortals. We have unique systems in place to rank players' mastery in swordplay and channeling (Wheel of Time's magic system). A Moment in Tyme is set on a Timeline that is based on the first six books. After that, though, Tyme has broken away to become a mirror world of the books. The Bowl of the Winds has been found and used, breaking the long winter. Elayne has returned to Andor and taken the Throne. After a long struggle, Analinde su Riaten Rie now controls Cairhien with Rand al'Thor's, the Dragon Reborn, approval. The White Tower has split, but after a Black Tower raid against the Aes Sedai, Elaida has been kidnapped and now awaits trial before the newly reunified Tower. Who will be Amyrlin now? Already several woman are seeking the title.

And the Seanchan? Tarabon, Arad Doman, and Altara are all victims of the Ever Victorious Army. The High Lady Suroth invaded, and conquered Murandy, instead of reaching into Amadicia. Because of this, High Lady Ilorin Shayndel Paendrag, fourth in line for the Crystal Throne, has officially settled into the Panarch's Palace and taken control of the Hailene. Who will stop them? Word is that a mercenary group called the Heron Company is being raised to retake Arad Doman... A Moment in Tyme is a RP-intensive MUD. We have an RPexp system which rewards RP by giving EXP based on emotes. Combat Code is currently offline, as it is being completely remodified and built from the ground up. It will utilize 50 different body parts as well as have very realistically coded forms with special procedures.

Mud Theme: Wheel of Time

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Review posted by Parol
Posted on Wed Feb 13 21:30:19 2008 / 0 comments
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A Moment in Tyme is by far the best Roleplay-Intensive MUD I've ever had the privilege to play, to say nothing of the best Wheel of Time MUD I've played. I've played there on-and-off for a dozen years, and I've been a mortal, a Guildleader, and an Immortal. A Moment in Tyme is a place where someone--with a little patience and perseverance-- can really have an impact on the course of the MUD.

We're currently set two years after the battle of Dumai's Wells, but there have already been significant changes to the storyline from the events of the books. Her Majesty Elayne Trakand Aes Sedai returned to Andor earlier than in the series, and with the help of several other Andoran Nobles, secured the Lion Throne without a great deal of trouble. All is not settled within the Land, however, as Asha'man and Aes Sedai have struck against one another, culminating in a raid upon the White Tower itself that left smoke rising above Tar Valon and forced the split White Tower to heal its rift. As Serpent Ring and Black Coat struggle to make peace between the Two Towers, the Seanchan rise in the westlands, having taken Arad Doman, Tarabon, Altara, and Murandy, and pressing hard against the Amadician and Ghealdanin borders. The invaders are currently at peace with their neighbors, but with the number of spears lining each side of the border, it is only a matter of time before war comes once again to the Westlands. In Caemlyn, almost unnoticed beneath the actions upon the grand stage of the Land, a mercenary company forms. Called Heron Company, and led by a Blademaster, they gather strength and information. Rumor whispers that they are led by the renegade daughter of the Domani nobleman made Governor of Arad Doman by the Seanchan, and that they hope to one day return her homeland to a peaceful state. And the Shadow? They watch, they wait, they meddle, and they laugh as the Lord of Chaos rules the Land.

Roleplay centers around Caemlyn, Tar Valon, and the Black Tower, but there are some sparks of it in Tarabon, Arad Doman, the Borderlands, Cairhien, and the wilds of Andor. If you want a steady source of roleplay, rather than waiting on one or two people, you'll probably want to start off in Caemlyn or Tar Valon.

While all that in-character intrigue is wonderful, it is the people and the systems in place on A Moment in Tyme that really make it shine. I've been RPing with some of the same people for more than a decade, but we continue to gain new players--some of whom have become real forces on the MUD in their own right. Old-time players hold each other and new players up to high standards of Roleplay, but they're always willing to offer advice or otherwise help out new players. A Moment in Tyme boasts unique systems for rating a character's channeling or melee combat ability, based entirely upon the submission and grading of roleplay logs. While in the past this system has been the source of complaints of bias, it has been significantly improved and standardized (of course, in the interest of fairness, I should note that I am the Immortal in charge of one of those systems). Additionally, A Moment in Tyme boasts an experience system entirely based around roleplay.

Let me emphasize this point: You do not need to go kill mobs to gain experience on A Moment in Tyme. In fact, you can't. We're currently in the midst of a long-term revision of our code-base which will bring in an entirely new and amazing combat system to supplement roleplay, but for the present, code combat is disabled. This means that all experience is based on actual roleplay, not just time spend wandering around hacking down bunnies and town guards.

Not an experienced roleplayer but interested in the world of the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time? Come by, ask questions, people are usually happy to answer questions and help you ease yourself into a character and some Roleplay.

An experienced roleplayer, but not familiar with the Wheel of Time? Come by, ask questions, people are usually happy to help introduce you to the major themes of the world and point you in the direction of some resources to get you up to speed.

Not an experienced roleplayer or familiar with the Wheel of Time? Well, our players are so talented, they can answer questions about both at the same time.

An experienced Wheel of Time roleplayer? Wonderful, welcome aboard. We're happy to help you get up to speed on the differences between A Moment in Tyme and the Wheel of Time. Be patient though, because A Moment in Tyme values character development a great deal, and you won't be able to start as a Blademaster or full Aes Sedai. But then again, it can be quite the refreshing change to slip slowly into the depths of a new world of roleplay instead of making big splashes in familiar territory. Some of the most fun I've had with my mortal characters is playing as Trainees, Recruits, and the like. Besides reaching Dedicated rank or earning that heron-marked sword is so much the sweeter if you've worked for it than if it's just handed to you on a platter.

Give us a try. I can assure you, you'll be hard-pressed to find roleplay as excellent or characters as rich as you will on A Moment in Tyme.

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Review posted by Matylena
Posted on Sun Jan 13 20:21:27 2008 / 0 comments
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I have played on A Moment in Tyme for over 10 years. I started out as a scruffy street rat, and am now the new Amyrlin Seat, which for those who are familiar with the Wheel of Time setting, is no small feat. But it is an example of the roleplay opportunities that await those who are bold enough to achieve the impossible.

A Moment in Tyme diverges from Book 7 (A Crown of Swords) into a mirror reality, taking the storyline in a different direction. As things stand currently in our world, the Asha'man, it is rumored, recently attacked the White Tower and abducted Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, then turned her over to the Hall, which deposed her, raising Matylena Taravin in her place. The Rebels have returned to the White Tower, and Egwene al'Vere has abdicated her claim to the Amyrlin Seat. Elayne Trakand is Queen of Andor, and an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Rand al'Thor has been acknowledged by the White Tower as the Dragon Reborn. The world prepares for Tarmon Gai'don. The Seanchan have swallowed most of the west, as well as Altara and Murandy, and the Return has not even occurred yet. Under pressure from the Seanchan, Ghealdan and Amadicia worry for their sovereignty. The infamous Blademaster Term Delray, commander of a mercenary force known as the Heron Company, is wanted by the Seanchan with a bounty on his head, for kidnapping the daughter of High Lord Phillipe Ankaer, Governor of Arad Doman. Analinde su Riatin, Queen of Cairhien, was murdered, and while the people place the blame on Elayne Trakand, the Dragon Reborn has appointed yet another regent to govern the tumultuous nation. The Shadow has been suspiciously quiet.

As far as Wheel of Time MUDs go, this is one of the oldest. It has been through very productive and active times, and its all-time lows. But it still survives, because of a very dedicated playerbase, with folks that just stubbornly refuse to give up, striving to make the game a better place, and bring it back to its glory days.

A Moment in Tyme has never been your typical MUD. It has always been different, with a unique code and a different style. It has gone through many changes, and currently we are in the process of rebuilding areas such as the White Tower, updating help files, and our coders are working hard on a completely new and improved turn- based combat system.

Because of all these new changes that are being implemented, there isn't any code combat or mob-killing right now, which some may consider to be a downside. However, there are pleny of opportunities to roleplay, which is the only way to gain levels on A Moment in Tyme currently. Through roleplaying, you gain 'roleplay experience'. The more you roleplay, the better.

A Moment in Tyme also has a unique channeling system and a unique weaponmastery system, which is how we determine who is the better channeler, and who is the better fighter in an emote fight. Players may submit logs of their RP in channeling, or in emote fighting, which are graded by Staff dedicated to this job. In return, players receive a rating of their skill. The higher the rating, the better you are.

Finally, we have a unique 'multiguild' system, which allows players to join multiple guilds at the same time. So if you want to be a noble, and an Aes Sedai, you can join Daes Dae'mar, as well as the White Tower. Want to be a Seanchan spy, serving secretly in the home of an Oathbreaker's noble house? Want to be a Wolfkin who is also a Gleeman? You can do that. Anything is possible, as long as it makes sense.

So if you think this sounds interesting, come and check us out. We are eager for new players to help us bring A Moment in Tyme back to life. We average 20 players daily currently, but we need YOU to help make it a better place! If you like to roleplay in a Wheel of Time setting, this is the place for you. Not familiar with the Wheel of Time? We have a very helpful and friendly team of visitor's guides who can help with questions and roleplay. If you like code combat... well, we are working on it! The new and improved system will be worth waiting for. Come and check us out anyway! The Imms are also looking for coders, or those interested in learning to code, to help bring the combat system in sooner.

A Moment in Tyme is operated with permission from Robert Jordan, may he rest in peace. In the game, type 'help letter' to see it.

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Review posted by anonymous
Posted on Thu May 5 21:18:27 2005 / 0 comments
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During my time playing on MIT, I have gotten very familiar with the system they have there. It focuses almost completely on roleplay, with little use of code as far as your characters statistics are concerned. There are no mobs to slay, and the only way your character can advance is through roleplay, which gives you experience points that you can use to raise your strength, consitution (health) and your dexterity. You can raise your flowpoints (strength in each flow) if you are a channeler.

So, those statistics are up to the players. They get 'practices' and can distribute them to raise thier characters str, dex, con or flowpoints as they see fit. Players can also choose from some of the less important Talents, but that is where the power of the player ends. Immortals determine much of what else a character can actually do. They determine how good you are in battles by giving you a weaponsmastery score based on how good the battle roleplay logs are that you send them, they also determine how good of a channeler you are, depending on how good your channeling roleplay logs are. In this way, Immortals decide how skilled and powerful you actually are as a player. Good roleplay is rewarded in this system -in theory. You have to assume the Immortals marking your logs do so fairly, and would continue to do so, even if they did not like the player who they were marking for. The more important Talents in the world of the Wheel of Time must also be given out at the Immortals discretion, some people they allow to have Talents, others they do not.

An important thing to know about A Moment in Tyme, is that there is alot of waiting around doing nothing while you wait for Immortals to make decisions, or the Guild Leaders to make decisions. Not all are very active, and guilds often grind to a halt because of this. There are many people you have to go through before you can take certain actions: other players, guild leaders and immortals, and you should take this into account when planning to roleplay something like a plot out. Unfortunately, this can mean that you have to explain some or all of your actual plot ooc'ly before you actually carry it out ic'ly, and that is a bit of a dull prospect. I prefer a mud where everything is as IC as possible, and anyone can take an action they desire, yet they must accept the IC consequences afterwards, however I must say that a Moment in Tyme is a mud where information about characters is too often exchanged ooc'ly, and this diminishes the fun of roleplay somewhat, for me, anyway.

There are a wide variety of guilds on A Moment in Tyme. They are not all active at the moment, what I mean by that is that not many people are in those guilds, or if they are, they do not roleplay much. A few guilds are very active at times, but this varies alot. If you want to join some guilds, the process is lengthy. A background of your character is needed, but often you require sponsorships from other players, and in the Daes Dae'mar Guild, your sponsors also give you a score, based on how good they think you roleplay, if you are no good, then you are not allowed in the guild, but also, if the sponsors actually do not like you, then can give you a bad score, preventing you from joining the Dae's Dae'mar Guild. So, if you annoy anyone on this MUD, then it might get difficult for you to do what you want with your characters as you go along.

Combat on a Moment in Tyme is quite fair, although running away in a fight seems to be not a viable option, or at least in my experience, unless you subdue your opponent(s) first. If you get into a fight, it is turn based with emotes, and you cannot 'close' your emotes, meaning that you cannot say that your character lands a blow, or cuts your opponent or anything like that, but you can say that you aim to, or are about to, in your emotes. The opponent must decide how and if your blow lands, or if they get cut. Players have to use their own judgement on this, based on how much dexterity they have, and thier Weaponsmastery score, and can come up with defensive tactics to impliment in their next emote, but some people I have come across really do not want to die, or be cut at all. That is natural, they don't want their character to die, but therein lies the problem, you can't really have a 100% fair fight on MIT. Most people I have met have accepted defeat when it is inevitable though. Immortals can be called in to 'settle' the fight, making a decision on the outcome if the players cannot agree. Fighting using emotes rather than code is more interesting, and, if your opponent's player acts realistically, then it can be alot of fun and you can really develop your battle tactics.

There are many places to visit on A Moment in Tyme but for the most part, all roleplay takes place in Caemyln and you will find little elsewhere. The timeline is set after the battle at Dumai's Wells in book 7, but some events have happened differently as players have helped to shape the mud and take it in a slightly different direction. The roleplay on A Moment in Tyme is of a high standard. The existing players seem very good at it. When I first arrived, I wasn't very good at roleplaying, yet people didn't exclude me, and I have improved my English writing skills since then, so for me, it has been a worthwhile experience roleplaying there.

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