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Once, long ago, while I wandered between worlds, I heard whisper of an ancient conflict. Old hatreds between peoples; long ago enemies from across the sea. thirteen years ago, the first gossip came to me, that on this one world, a 'new' Continent was discovered. How they were gravely mistaken: instead of prosperous fields and lands to be conquered, the followers of Bosco rediscovered the people of Selina. For a time, they attempted to live in peace, however their differences were too great, and the rumbles of war could be heard once again.

As I continued to drift in the sea of dimensions, I was drawn to this world. I heard that one could be reborn as a new race there, or continue ones studies to new levels of specialization. There were four, then five, now four again factions to be found there, fighting amongst themselves for control. Did they not see the bigger picture? Perhaps, only from the outside, could I hear the winds of change. This land held much promise, and I had much to atone for. Perhaps here, I could finally be redeemed for my sins. As you read this, fellow traveller, I have departed for this world. I believe it to be the place of my salvation... and perhaps yours too. Will you join me and seek REDEMPTION?

Redemption has an extremely well developed pkill system. The great majority of Redemption's 14 year history has involved balancing and adding to our pkill system, while maintaining an enjoyable option for those who do not wish to pkill.

Redemption is constantly updating and improving, with 3.5 active coders. Most recently, a hardcore pkill system (full loot is back), a new class, metallic dragon colours, and player-controllable areas were added.

As Redemption has 10 races (many with racial-variations such as dragon colours or sliver types), each with 2 sub-races, and 13 classes, each with 2 sub-classes, you will spend countless hours trying new combinations. Redemption is well known for having a close relationship between the coders and the mortals, meaning all changes are carefully debated and vetted before implementation.

Come and check out the rich history, experienced playerbase, and loads of fun that Redemption has to offer!

Mud Theme: Role-playing, pkilling in a clan environment.

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