FoxMUD has been around in one form or another for the past 12 years. Custom coded from the Diku/Merc codebase, and built extensively over its long history, FoxMUD offers 4 continents of exploring and adventuring for its multi-classed character base. Extensive challenges are available in the forms of exploration and combat and a Lord system that pits the forces of Evil against Good. With alignment based skills, and over 160 levels of mortal playtime, a clan system, custom equipment for characters through its quest system, FoxMUD offers the Fantasy gamer an enjoyable romp through the middle ages. Note: FoxMUD is dedicated to NEVER Pwipe (that's NEVER!). Though we experienced some tragic loss while we were down for a year and a half, we are back, and some of the original creators have expressed interest. We have a dedicated crew, and are waiting to continue having FUN! Come try us out. FoxMUD has undergone a lot of changes in 2006. Please see 'news' on site for a complete list. Familiars gain levels! , Letters of Credit, new Fellport areas now open, Darkwood area now open, Krush's new area, Item of the Day, Mole tunnels open..MUCH MUCH MORE!

Mud Theme: Medieval / Fantasy

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Review posted by Albion
Posted on Wed Aug 6 22:01:14 2008 / 0 comments
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FoxMud has many friendly people and so much depth it is hard to know where to begin. Having played since college, over 15 years ago, I have see FoxMud expand and develop so much it is barely recognisable from the mud I first started playing.

Spread over 4 continents, the game has exceptionally detailed and well built areas which are constantly being updated and added too, it gives every level of player many areas to explore and lots of new equipment to find.

FoxMud has a quad class player creation system. You can level each of your 4 classes, cleric/warrior/mage/thief, up to level 40 and in your prime class you can go up to 43. It is these extra 3 levels in your prime class that make each character different. With 3 options for each of the classes, good/neutral/evil, you pick your classes in the order of proficiency. So if you want your character to be primarily a mage you pick mage first, then if you want them to have more mana, you could choose cleric or if you want have some decent hps you pick warrior second.

The help files are indepth and informative, so you can get most answers from them. If these do not give you the answer there are a host of players and immortals you are more then willing to help out where they can.

Quests are run frequently by Imms as well as having some inbuilt quest that you can complete at your leisure.

So why not try us out? if you give us an hour, I am sure you'll be hooked.

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Review posted by Victoria
Posted on Thu Jun 26 19:58:22 2008 / 0 comments
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FoxMUD is different from most other muds in that really is a community, NOT just a bunch of random people killing monsters, leveling up, and mostly ignoring each other (something I've seen all too often elsewhere). On Fox, people are friendly and welcoming, and it's easy to get to know other players well. All the immortals/staff make themselves very accessible to the players and interact on a regular basis through moderated quests and other events.

Fox's players are all people with lives outside the mud who play for fun. While you won't see most of us on 24/7, we all have an immense attachment to this mud because of the depth of the mud and the closeness of its community.

A series of extensive projects including tutorials, helps and newbie areas have made Fox a really easy MUD to learn and get into, Virtually every player on Fox is willing to help new players learn the game, level up, and find new equipment.

The mud itself is quite large, with a diverse array of areas and equipment. Hunting for equipment is one of the most rewarding and challenging parts of the game, but some of the best fun comes when you max out your levels and can design your own custom weapons and armor with the help of the game staff. You can even create your own clan, and have a clan hall built, if you've got what it takes.

Fox is set up with four classes, each with its own set of skills. You can achieve all the skills in your primary class and most of the skills in the other classes, but some of the most powerful spells and skills are reserved for prime class players. This gives a lot of flexibility in how to build your character and allows room for specialization.

Exploration is also a big part of the game. There are many dozens of areas and thousands of rooms on Fox, and no two rooms are alike. The mud is so big that no one person knows every corner of it, save perhaps one or two of the most veteran immortals (the game has been around since the early 1990s).

Much of the game is best experienced in groups, thanks to the MUD's really robust grouping tools that make adventuring in parties more fun. You even get an experience bonus for fighting alongside others.

We also have a hilarious textual simulation of drunk speech coded by one of our founders. It's not something to be missed!

Lastly, Fox is constantly growing and evolving. New areas go in at a brisk pace, and with them new monsters and equipment. The command infrastructure of the mud is also constantly improving, with new syntaxes, shortcuts, commands, and helps implemented often. It really is a dynamic mud that doesn't just look back at 14 years of its history and wax nostalgic. Fox is always growing, looking to the future and trying to make itself a better game.

I played on many MUDs before I came to Fox, but I stayed at Fox because it was really a community of fun, laid-back individuals who just want to enjoy hacking, slashing, and hanging out with some of the coolest people in the mudding world. So come join the fun, let the good times roll, and if you see me, say hi and let me know you where you found out about Fox!

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Review posted by Doc
Posted on Thu May 24 21:47:29 2007 / 0 comments
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Wow, what a mud! Foxmud is jam packed with original areas, concepts, mobs, eq and ways to play! Fox has over 8,000 rooms, spread over 4 known continents, with a huge array of mobs from rats to the kind that sneeze and kill you. Fox has a large playerbase overall, with immorts and lords that are willing to help newbies all the time. There is perpetual progress being made on improving the mud based on player feedback as well, with a new area being implemented every couple months, and constant little tweaks. One of the tweaks the gods are currently considering whether to add support for MXP as well.

The Fox community prides itself on not flaming people, not pwiping, not pkilling, and making a fun inviting environment for anyone across the world! Gameplay consists of having four classes (mage, cleric, thief, warrior) that can be leveled indepentdently of each other, based on your original decision of class order. You progress on a timeframe as you see fit, as no one has any schedule for you and your character never gets too old to fight.

I've played a few muds and looked at a few more. This is by far the richest mud, with the nicest people I've found.

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Review posted by Panteon
Posted on Wed Sep 6 22:03:08 2006 / 0 comments
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As a new MUDder I was delighted to find a MUD with so many friendly people and so much depth. Things weren't easy but the mud is very well written and the helpfiles are indepth and informative. Not to mention the players themselves are as helpful as anyone could want.

The world is fascinating and constantly being updated and improved upon. The staff is nearly always available to help with problems and take suggestions, as well as a numerous in-game boards that can be used for communication.

The multi-class system allows you to build and develop your player character how you want it and you have unrestricted access to the entire world. While there is a self driven quest option, it really is a you-choose-it adventure.

Recommended for MUD players of all types.

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Review posted by Jed
Posted on Fri Aug 25 20:59:54 2006 / 0 comments
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Foxmud is a great muticlass realm offering a lot of customizations that make the game fun and interesting. The multiclass sytstem rocks! You can rank your classes any way you'd like then climb your way up the ladder. Fox has been around for a long time and I know the gods have lots of plans to make Fox even better!!!!

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Review posted by Talis
Posted on Wed Jun 21 20:22:00 2006 / 0 comments
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The first thing that I thought was cool about FoxMUD is the Quad class player creation system they use. The game has the 4 base classes of cleric/warrior/mage/thief. It allows you to pick your classes in the order of proficiency. So if you want your character to be primarily a mage you pick mage first, but you want you mage to be able to have some decent hps you pick warrior second. Then you have to decide if you feel thieving skills or clerical skills are more important for your final class selections. You can now level each of your classes up to level 40 and your prime class can go to 43. It is of course more difficult to level your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th classes.

The other great thing about FoxMUD is the areas. The game has exceptionally detailed and well built areas. FoxMUD has a trigger system that allows area builders to add triggers in rooms to make exploration a ton of fun. For example a room might have a statue and when you examine the statue you see it has an oddly shaped thumb. Now you type pull thumb and *Click* a secret door opens. This adds a lot of depth to the world and makes finding the secrets of a particular area that much more fun.

Overall FoxMud is a great place and I would recommend everyone give it a chance.

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