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Continents is an adventure type mud with a medieval / fantasy theme, which have a strong emphasis on trade skills. Each class is entirely self-supporting. However, characters will become formidable by interacting and cooperating with players with different class skills.

Continents allows multi-classing so you can acquire all of the skills available to mortal characters, including both trade and combat skills.

We also have a clan and PK system that players can elect to participate in. However some class and race selections will automatically register the player for participation in PvP activities. If you choose to become a thief or a ninja you will have to watch your back. Races which automatically become fair game are Drow, vampire, and werewolf.

Continents is a large world featuring several oceans, 6 different continents, and over 100 distinct areas to explore. There are areas in place for the beginner, the experienced, and the I-have-seen-everything character. The world is also a true globe. You can start heading west on an ocean and eventually you will return to the same spot providing wind or water currents haven't blown you off course.

Mud Theme: Medieval / Fantasy / Role Play

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Review posted by Aurora
Posted on Tue May 23 11:01:19 2017 / 0 comments
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This mud is a great place to grow and learn and meet new people. The world has changed many times since it has opened its doors but it has always been home to me. It offers the chance to remort and try any and all classes/races if you choose, to build houses, to collect money, to make your own gear and weapons as well as participate in PK. It's a place that allows for you to choose your ' own path and make your own history. The mud offers a bit of everything for everyone. It has new areas never experienced anywhere else made by our own players that offers a unique experience. Right now, the mud is looking for new players to help it grow. Come join us at Continents to help us become a busy place for people to come and enjoy what is to offer.

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