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A great MUD may go dormant, but it never truly dies. Dark Pawns has been reawakened by demand of former players after some years of being publicly offline. The selection of challenging yet fun MUDs continues to dwindle and Dark Pawns is looking to help solve this problem. The game is simplistic at its core, a classic hack ‘n slash set in a dark fantasy realm. The mechanics, classes and skill/spell selections are not overbearing and complex – yet they are very polished and balanced for 3-character multiplay. There is a wealth of solo and group content with interesting areas to explore and rewarding monsters to conquer and loot. Unlike many other MUDS available today, Dark Pawns is not easily blown through with rapid power leveling, bonus experience multiples, or any other superfluous features meant to be flashy, but turn MUDs into just one big experience grind fest. There are true challenges at every level in Dark Pawns and the MUD does not hold your hand. There’s a small, but plentiful enough player-base to assist any newcomers through the full spectrum of the game and still 20+ years later, veterans still have yet to discover all Dark Pawns has to offer.

We have a wonderful Immortal and Implementation team who are extremely active. We have a dedicated build staff that has been steadily improving outdated zones and creating new and innovative zones. In the past 12 months we have introduced over 2500 new rooms. The endgame keeps getting better and harder. We are constantly striving to improve our mud for new players as well. Come give us a try, we have a very welcoming and helpful community.

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