Realms of Aarendil
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Thanks to the corona hoopla, mud availability is now more than its been before. Come join!

6 classes: Ninja, Monk, Bishop, Archmage, Armswielder and Bard

2nd tier of classes is coming soon: Weaponsmaster Bodyjabber Magicaster

Ninjas have been considered the most favorite on overall creation. Monks are fun for hand-to-hand fighting - many attacks provided as well as special monk powers Armswielder is the weaponsmaster with serious combat skills - with blunt force attack while using weapons Bishops are the most unique to play -- full of healing spells early on but at high levels? Wow.... unexpected power! Archmages are the most fun with spellcasting - many familiar spells have been majorly tweaked and offer various types of attacks! Bards is in beta mode and incomplete - however, they fight with musical instruments and have destructive powers in dancing, singing and chanting in their arsenal!

32 races available ---- Come to the mud and see what we have to offer (NOTE: Some races have monstrously powerful startoff skills/spells)

Mud Theme: Adventure/Fantasy

Realms of Aarendil Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Beth
Posted on Mon Mar 4 00:00:07 2019 / 0 comments
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Though a bit simplistic and much too easy, the mud itself is OK. Especially for someone new to mudding. For those experienced, it isn't very exciting. But, if you just want a game that prevents boredom. you could play here. The problem is, the complete absence of oversight of players. 2 players are basically allowed to rule the mud, and no one on staff does anything about it. If the two players disagree with you, you are harassed with name-calling, insults and worse, until you just leave rather than deal with it. It is a very hostile environment. I did complain to no avail. I was basically told I need to learn to "deal" with these kinds of people. Though in all my years of mudding, (at least 15) I have never been subjected to such horrid behavior. I warn you, if you are a woman do NOT consider this mud. I was the only one of 2, me being the regular player. It was very intimidating and lonely, especially with these attitudes . No one should put up with that. Even on a mud. A mudding experience should be pleasant for everyone. Not just a few.

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Review posted by Forty3
Posted on Thu Feb 21 11:21:15 2019 / 0 comments
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I hadn't played since yesteryear, and thought I would give it a shot again. See what is new and what remained the same. Gave this MUD a shot and was not disappointed at all. Enough was familiar that I was able to get back into the groove again while enough was different that I have come back for more. The imms are extraordinarily helpful (without being enabling) and responsive to requests. The IDEAS board is _not_ ignored and changes are coming for the betterment of all. The primary user base, while small, is growing and very friendly. Taking direction from leadership, there is no hand-holding and doing-for, but rather encouragement and assistance. It truly is a fun place to wander around, hack and slash, quest, and socialize.

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Review posted by Zacchaeus
Posted on Wed Feb 13 23:25:48 2019 / 0 comments
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Taj, the implementer has been putting long hours into this game! It's fun, and while there are several stock ROM zones, there is new stuff as well. He is tweaking about everything you can tweak ... and a few other things I have no idea about!

Come check it out! We've got some good folks playing and building!

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