Realms of Aarendil
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NOTE: Every class has a special powerskill or powerspell at level 1 - Please practice it fully!

My name is Taj. I am the head of the mud. I have been playing muds for a real long time now. I started back in 1996. I started playing ROM 2.4 and ROT codebase muds primarily. I enjoy playing unique ones and I'm very picky in what I like. I wanted to create a mud that recalls all the good things I seen from the past and incorporate it in mine.

The ROT codebase is what I'm most comfortable and familiar with. I met many good people from this codebase and I have always put my time on those with this codebase.

Realms of Aarendil is a mud that I made to give the player enjoyment in just playing and staying active. At first I was big on powerlevelling but I think a player's joy in a mud is to receive the experience of good things that occur - whether it's unique EQ, good exp or fellowship with other players, there are many elements in attracting and gaining people's attention.

I try as much to conjure ways to make the mud exciting - but for those real new to it, you have to give time to it. You have to allow 20 minutes to sink into what's provided and just play.

I push to put fun factor in it and I encourage you all to try it.

We want happiness in you when you come to ROA.

If you're alone in the mud, just come back later - people normally play here randomly. While the player base is low, the mud remains and people still love stopping to play.

I hope you are curious to try.

Thank you.


28 classes

Standards: Human - Elf - Dwarf- Giant

Elementals: Firenoid - Airenoid - Waternoid - Earthenoid

Fantasials: Hobbit - Centaur - Orc - Arachno

Prophesies: Angel - Demon - Witch - Draconian

Haunters: Skeleton - Golem - Vampire - Wolfen

Roamers: Titan - Djinni - Lizarder - Gargoyle

Animalians: Tiegre - Mothman - Minotaur - Sphinx


Ninja Archmage Armswielder Monk Bard (Alpha mode) Bishop

- 150 levels.

- Medium sized world - Automated and non-automated quest systems - Many skills/spells

Come join! 4000

Mud Theme: Adventure/Fantasy

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