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Chaos is back, with a new administration. Come join us, as we improve the Chaos code, and bring back a place that people were upset about when it shut down. Lately we've been one of the fasting climbing MUDs on this site, and we are constantly updating and refining gameplay.

From the whirling blades of Barbarians to the heroic cleave of mental warriors like the Reaver, the magical mastery of Warlocks, Bards and Wizards to the trickery of a Ninja's smokebomb, you will have no problem finding a class to suit your fancy.

The races also add an extra dimension to gameplay. Shadows can slip through doors and into rooms unnoticed, and the reclusive halflings never fail to hide from the eyes of others. The blood of vampires runs hot in the middle of the night as they leech health from their victims, and demons cause a great blight to theirs. Angels rejoice with heaven's charge and grow in their heavenly union to create a bond of strength with their deity. Chaos is a heavily modified Merc code that was created for a fully customizable Fantasy world. We offer lots of original areas with mob interaction and mob-run quests, as well as a few customized, generic areas and an intricate system of roads, rivers, and oceans. We have 16 races, offer clans with clan rooms and associated bonuses, and a myriad other custom features. Chaos has 500 player levels where you play the first 100 levels in one of 6 main classes. Then at level 100 players must choose between three different specializations of their class, with each specialization having a unique skill set with their own weaknesses and strengths. There is a damage, utility, and tank specialization for each of the six main classes. After Level 500, there are the LEGEND levels, with their own unique skills, quests, and equipment.

If you would like to wield a legendary Chaos weapon and acquire special orbs through quests to increase your weapon's power, slay potent enemies with spells and skills like Were-dragon, Force Spikes, Ultimo, Assassinate, Midnight Blast, Dragon Strike, Swirling Blades, and Whirlwind or travel through the world with an Energy Vortex or a Ghostly Steed, then Chaos is the place for you. We hope to see you there!

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Review posted by JackRabbitSlimz
Posted on Mon Jan 6 10:54:11 2014 / 0 comments
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I started playing about a week ago and I must say it has been one of the most fun experiences I've had on a mud in a very long time. The colors will catch your attention and the friendly Immortal staff and game play will keep you around. Most areas have been created from scratch and the unique weapon upgrades for your main weapon are awesome. Random gear drops means that you can get gear any where at any time. And if you can manage to stomach it there are 500 levels!!! On top of that you can play up to 3 characters at once! I log every day to play this mud and quite frankly its the only thing this mud is missing....the players! There's a lack of active people that log on daily. Not to say there's no one, i'd just like to see more. And that's where you guys come in. So feel free to stop on by for some fun game play and helpful players.


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Review posted by Katarth
Posted on Tue Oct 29 09:08:49 2013 / 0 comments
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Chaos was one of the first MUD's I ever played, and it had me hooked from the get go. Good coloring of the world is a big thing for me, staring at the same green text for hours and hours is mind numbing. Right when you log into Chaos, you see they've put in the effort to alleviate that. The class selection is limited at first, but once you get to level 100, each class has one of three specializations to choose, focusing on tanking, doing damage, or being a buff/healing/utility class. The fact that they worked out a way for Rogues and Wizards to tank is awesome in my opinion.

The main weapon system is another thing that keeps drawing me back to this mud time and again. Each class starts with a Chaos weapon distinct to their class, and at certain levels you get to go on a quest to retrieve an orb to meld into the weapon, upgrading it and changing the way it looks.

The game also allows for you to run three characters at once, so you can play your own group, making leveling that much easier. This is the third time it has been brought back to life, so come join us and help make it one of the most popular MUD's again.

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Review posted by Zoilo/Albert/Delso
Posted on Thu Aug 4 20:16:32 2011 / 0 comments
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This is, hands on, the best mud I have played. I played way back when, and started up again here recently. Chaos has everything you could ask for in a MUD; wide variety of races/classes, interesting spells and skills to learn as you level up, challenging and rewarding quests, outstanding use of color, tons of areas to explore and exp in, unique random eq drops at all levels, just to name a few. In addition, I have found it to be extremely newbie friendly, with an imm or higher level player always willing to help. I could go on, but I think you get the point. I strongly recommend Chaos to anyone who enjoys text based mudding. Hope to see you there!

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Review posted by Ransak
Posted on Thu Aug 4 20:04:23 2011 / 0 comments
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Chaos has been out for a couple years now since being revived. Chaos has a fantastic dev who continually improves an already fantastic mud. The areas keep the feeling fresh, the world is massive, the gameplay is excellent, and it is easy to get started.

This game is incredibly addictive. The first 100 levels you play a base class, after that there are 3 subclasses for each race you can try. I prefer the Nightblade from the thief class or Shade from the Psionist! Give Chaos a try, you wont regret it.

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Review posted by Quicksilver
Posted on Wed Nov 11 20:15:12 2009 / 0 comments
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I say I started on Chaos 11 years ago, but those aren't continuous years. I played there from the beginning and saw all 3 or 4, or however many incarnations, of Chaos there were. I cried a little the day I heard it went down. I jumped for joy the day I heard it came back up. I'm back again and have near stopped my WoW time because of it. LOVE MY CHAOS! QBall

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Review posted by Kaplansky
Posted on Mon May 3 21:16:20 2010 / 1 comment
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It's been 2 years sense I last played Chaos. I missed it greatly while it was gone. The game play of this mud is like no other I have ever played. The use of color and ansii art is impressive to say the least.

There are many quests and areas to explore for old and new players alike. Now to get down the the nittygritty of it. Cuthbert is to thank for the revival of Chaos. I've seen Cuthbert as an immortal on another mud, the one he left to reestablish Chaos. He did a fine job and was a very fair-minded immortal. Near the end of his time on the other mud he's open communication with the players was commendable. He has brought this same attitude over to chaos. I, as a player, look forward to watching this mud grow once again with the excellent leadership of Cuthbert, the coding ability of Kober and the social integration of Dalkathas. The other imms I do not know very well so we'll see how they play out but if the first week is the template of things to come I think we could be looking at a top 20 mud.

Best of luck to us all and hope to see ya there.

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Comment posted on Thu Apr 15 09:01:09 2010 by Zenori:

Looks like a top 10 mud now to me! Go Chaos!

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