AnimeMUD started back in the '90's. It has switched hands over the years. And basically has gone stale with no players. It was put up by others for nostalgic reasons in the past. I am now putting it back up as playable. Yes there will be some enhancements. Yes we will be adding in new areas here and there to fit the scheme. A big awesome high five to the original creators behind the MUD. I have been asked by several people to put it back up for nostalgia reasons as well, since I have the extra time to spend managing the MUD. It is as it states. Based around Anime and other sources, like cartoons and such. And we will be adding in some different things based around a few other things. Like movies and what not. It is basically a hack'n'slash, and is restricted PK.

We have races that evolve also:

Humans - Demons (evil aligned) Humans - Espers (good aligned)

Saiyans are now finished and in game! Excited to announce that now Saiyans have the ability to transform into multiple different stages of the Super Saiyan form! Based around a unique algorithm that uses S-Cells and S-Rage. We are very excited about this change! I am sure you will be as well!

Vampires now have an evolution! The methuselah! The ancient vampire form is now live!

So please, stop by and visit us!

Mud Theme: Anime/Cartoons/Fantasy

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Review posted by Kurai
Posted on Sat Jun 2 12:38:03 2018 / 0 comments
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AnimeMud apparently is a longtime running mud with a loyal player base from long ago as well as new people that show up. Its hard for me to find a mud I want to play for longer than a week when the one I play goes down, but this one kept me there. People are helpful, the areas arent crazy complicated, and there are things to do if you. Try out the classes, quest, the usual and they seem to be keen on new ideas. Mostly its nice to find a place where people are on, and talk. And you can mud and do your own thing with some zones you know, and alot of anime based zones that are fun to remember animes by. Overall worth some time if you just wanna kill a few hours a day or you want to invest alot of time without feeling like you'll never learn or get anywhere.

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