Furscape is a multilateral world that plays 200 years from now, an original, furry-themed science fiction universe where so-called "recoms", beings bred by combining human and animal DNA, are the predominant species. Most of mankind has perished in an apocalyptic war 150 years ago, and the furries (recoms) escaped the slaughter by fleeing to colonies on the moon, on Mars, and in the asteroid belt. The discovery of hyperspace jumpgates and polywell fusion reactors has led to massive space exploration, and furs now live on various worlds and space stations. Alien species have been discovered. Factions have formed, ranging from free trader associations to bounty hunter and pirate alliances, military organizations, and mysterious intelligence agencies.

-- Some technical info: Some of our worlds allow for free, large scale roaming, making use of the well-known Terraform system. Worlds are original, with their cores hand-built by dedicated realm managers, many of them large enough to be considered a small MUCK of their own.

Mud Theme: original furry science fiction

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