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Okay, it's been almost ten years of inactivity, and lately I've been getting a lot of encouragement to get the old Covenant MUD out of storage. So I'm rebuilding from scratch starting with the super-stable SmaugFUSS codebase...if you connect, it'll still look pretty stock, but I wanted to make at least SOME indication that we aren't dead yet.

And so after a long sabbatical, we are resuming work on Covenant MUD. We are looking for writers interested in helping us continue to build a detailed and atmospheric world. Our central city, Tierceron, is so large it is really a city-state rather than just a city. (For implementors, this means we've got a city with over 1,200 rooms!) Even though the city is very large, we emphasize quality over quantity and strive for originality in everything we implement--from the races and classes to the zones themselves. We highly encourage role-playing, and we do not cater to the lowest common denominator. This isn't to say we are not newbie-friendly, but we are geared toward advanced players. The realm of Covenant is taking shape and we are accepting builders who can write quality, high-impact zones!

We have reverse-engineered and implemented a 'realspace' overworld system similar to what you would find in a BattleTech MUX. Travel between areas has been implemented using a navigation system complete with overland ANSI maps. You set your heading, and how fast you wish to travel (walk, jog, run, or canter, trot, gallop if you are mounted). You can track your progress using various navigation commands. The realspace system adds a genuine sense of distance to the overworld and nicely foils speedwalkers!

Mud Theme: Advanced Players

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