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World of Neronis is online game in the style of medieval fantasy, which anyone can play absolutely free.

Neronis created in the best traditions of the genre. It is a world populated light-hearted forest elves, evil trolls, gloomy orcs, tireless dvarves, humans and many other races. In the world there are high mountains and dense forests, vast cities and small villages, affluent rivers and raging seas, dark caves with hidden treasures.

You are waiting for all sorts of monsters, hundreds of thousands of items, the countless number of interesting tasks and quests for every taste and a huge world out of more than 8 thousand of locations!

It can be a lot of hours to describe all the diversity of the natural world of Neronis, talk about its amazing and unique places, full of riddles and mysteries, but as the saying goes, better to see once than hear a hundred times.

So, welcome to the world of Neronis!

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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