Edge of Creation


The Edge of Creation is a Smaug based MUD with a unique history and a large number of original areas, including the main city of the land and the newbie academy and training guilds. We have an extensive range of races and classes of all alignments, with guilds for each class and orders for players to join. There are 100 player levels, and we offer a choice between single classing and specialized subclasses at level 20 or multiclassing with up to three classes. We are very newbie friendly, but offer much for experienced players, as well. The Immortal Staff is friendly and are always open to questions and suggestions. Roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded.

The Edge is a very newbie friendly place, but we also offer much for experienced players. Questmasters to send players on specialized quests across the lands, and with over 700+ skills and spells no two characters are alike.

The IMMS are friendly and are always open to questions and suggestions.

Log on and check us out!

We would love to have you visit us and hope you can find a MUD home with us.

Mud Theme: The battle between law and chaos.

Edge of Creation Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Deema
Posted on Fri Feb 23 20:08:30 2007 / 0 comments
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Friendly people, non-standard Smaug areas, interesting and new quests added frequently, random Immortal extra quests often, trivia night occasionally.

There is all that plus much more on Edge of Creation. Currently there are 3 Orders with more to come plus clans....Immortals who are patient, fun, laid back, yet stern when needed, not to mention mature.

It is this poster's view that Edge of Creation is a top ten mud out of all the muds out there. Combine the Immortals, quests, orders and above all the people and you get a nice, friendly atmosphere to relax in, have fun (the whole purpose of mudding) and occasionally get a piece of rare equipment, if you are lucky enough.

Come on in and visit...let us show you why we will be your new mud home.

Take care, Deema

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Review posted by Chilton Musahshi
Posted on Fri Jan 19 17:00:59 2007 / 0 comments
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Edge of Creation is an exceptional MUD. The MUD offers many unique areas along with a very custom codebase (heavily modified SMAUG). Several custom skills and spells have been added to further the enjoyment of this realm. The starting city has been modified and is very user friendly. You will find many helpfiles and signs to point you in the right directions.

Upon creation you can pick from a variety of different classes/races/backgrounds to customize your character. You can also choose to multiclass (duo or triple class, i.e. warrior/mage, warrior/mage/Cleric). You can also choose to specialize in one class, this will allow you to learn more of the special and unique skills and spells. If you choose to specialize in one class, upon reaching level 20 you will then be asked to subclass. At this point you get to pick from three different paths of skills and spells for your character.

Orders are available to all peacfuls. The constant struggle between good/neutral/chaotic orders is what gives this MUD a great personality. The player base is very friendly and always quick to lend a helping hand even to a newbie. PK has recently been added to the main port so you now have the option to PK if you so desire. The IMMs are always friendly and very helpful, they go out of their way most times to make sure the players are happy. I would recommend this MUD to everyone, it is definitely worth the time to try it out.

Chilton Musashi, The Niten Ryu style Swordmaster

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Review posted by Valyan
Posted on Fri Jan 19 17:00:09 2007 / 1 comment
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Edge of Creation, as a playable Mud is good. The areas are somewhat unique and the code is heavily modified. The leveling is relatively easy, although it is a 100 level base system. IF you do NOT multiclass, you are required to specialize at level 20. This system is alright, but when you do not want to multiclass and play the class individually, you are still forced to 'specialize'.

The playerbase is small, only a handful, but I have seen quite a bit of new activity lately. Of the regular playerbase, the people are generally nice and helpful. The mud is constantly undergoing code changes, so if you like stability in what you expect to happen, such as damage roll, saves, and eq scrapping because of changes in code, then this mud is NOT for you.

The Imm's favorite phrase is 'help (fill in topic here)'. You rarely get a specific answer. Rather than give you a simple response to a question, you will most likely be directed to the nearest helpfile to interpret it as you may.

As far as being a deadly character, THIS MUD IS NOT for you. The deadly playerbase is mainly Alts of Peaceful characters. The MUD code has been modified to explicitly prohibit illegal attacks (IE a deadly character attacking a peaceful). Now, if the PK laws are in effect and enforced, then a Code modification is NOT required. In one case, a Peaceful character logged on and intentionally insulted a deadly character. The peaceful player (who had caused trouble before based on hearsay) was site banned. The Deadly charater, who was insulted quite graphically could not (By modified Code) attack the peaceful character and accept the consequences of their own actions. Upon discussing this with the Imms she was simply told, well that is illegal anyway. SO...if you wish to play a deadly character and hope there is another deadly character somewhere in your 5 level range then this mud will simply allow you to do that. You have to understand, the deadly characters already in place are well established and in full avatar equipment, so a new deadly stands very little chance. The Modified code preventing illegal attacks is NOT disclosed upon creation, so you are basically making an UNinformed decision on whether you choose to become deadly or not, unless you have read this review. Imms will Not allow a character to become peaceful even after they realize that they are governed not only by PK laws, but by code as well. In my opinion, this is overkill and deems it not even worth being a deadly player on this mud. I do find it ironic, that you can become deadly at ANY time.

There is an Automated questing system in place that allows for glory to be gained. There is also a rating system that is based on level, hitpoints, glory, and some other attributes that are not well disclosed. Unfortunately the secrecy behind the modifications of code and the way their ratings work, is decidedly a downside.

Overall I would give this mud a 6 out of 10, the deductions being based on the mindsets of the Imms. Having an open mind and using good judgement, goes a long way. In a case where they are trying to build playerbase, standing so firm on their own modifications, regardless of principle, does not bode well.

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Comment posted on Tue Jan 16 11:05:34 2007 by Moridian:

Actually the rules are clearly stated from the get go that a deadly player cannot attack a peaceful player. We at the Edge of Creation do not promote vigilante justice and expect that our players will adhere to the rules set forth. Expecting, as a deadly, to be able to attack a peaceful player at whim is not acceptable. People are peaceful for a reason, as well as being deadly for a reason.

As the poster of this review points out: 'using good judgement, goes a long way.'

The Immortal staff is responsible, as on any other mud, for handling any rules violation and, in this case as well, handled the punishment with severity relevant to the situation.

In regards to 'being directed to the nearest helpfile' why answer a question that is already answered in detail for all to see? We at EoC pride ourselves upon having a well established helpfile system that answers most often asked questions. If there isn't a helpfile for something we will gladly answer the question, or clarify an existing helpfile when asked.

Review posted by Syne
Posted on Sun Dec 10 17:22:07 2006 / 0 comments
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Upon logging into EoC you are met by a guide who gives helpful information. You must find your way to the academy yourself, no dump you in and off you go. Having the Tree of Life in the academy is a nice touch, it offers much to the new player. Once out in the world there are alot of new areas to try out, way better than stock areas in this poster's opinion.

The IMMs are a friendly bunch, yet the will address a complaint as quickly as possible. The other players I have met are really friendly. Come give EoC a try, it is a definite home for many and mayhaps you in the long run.

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Review posted by Grimnir
Posted on Thu Sep 15 20:35:53 2005 / 0 comments
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Edge of Creation has been around for quite awhile and I have been there almost since the day it opened. I have stayed there largely because of the staff and players. A very mature, friendly, and fair staff combined with a friendly playerbase is the most important thing to me.

EoC has many unique features, original areas, extensive new skills and spells have been devoloped over the years, a more 'realistic' system of using practices, and much more.

There is auto-questing as well as imm-run quests. There are tough solo mob quests, mob invasion quests, trivia quests, contests, word-play quests, scatter quests... and suggestions for new fun is ALWAYS welcome!

An all around great mud *****


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Review posted by Dao
Posted on Mon Mar 14 20:14:55 2005 / 0 comments
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In my opinion, the Edge of Creation is a great MUD. Allowing for bias it is at least a very good MUD.

The mud has been modified and there are a lot of skills/spells and systems that are unique. There are also quite a few unique areas.

The mud has been around for a long time and has a very stable and mature IMM base. When I say mature, I mean that the Imms are friendly and polite and players are treated fairly and with respect. There is a dedicated Quest Imm who runs quests almost daily as well as an AutoQuesting system.

It is 100 levels to Avatar and leveling, while not really hard, is not as fast and dirty as many muds. At Avatar there are quite a few Boss level mobs that can be soloed once you have decent gear. There are quite a few more that need a team of players.

Mulitplaying is allowed as well and works in some instances. All around a well-balanced MUD.


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Review posted by Aragorn Starprophet
Posted on Sat Jan 8 20:53:53 2005 / 0 comments
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I have played on many muds. Edge of Creation is a very stable MUD with mature, responsive, reasonable IMMs that treat people fairly. This along with a helpful playerbase, imm-run quests, player-run quests, autoquests, original areas, original spells/skills, subclassing of characters, and new things added all the time is why Edge of Creation has been my home MUD for many years now. It's a fun time!

Aragorn Starprophet 1

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Review posted by Kassidy
Posted on Mon Aug 11 16:05:12 2003 / 0 comments
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There are a vast number of ports a gamer can call home in the world of Muds. For almost a year now, my home has been the Edge of Creation and I would like to share some thoughts from home with those still looking for a place to call their own.

Firstly, I would like to stress the mind boggling versatility of Edge. As you may have read in prev2ious reviews, Edge has a class/subclass system consisting of 11 base classes and 3 specialization classes. For those of you who hate math, that makes 33 choices. There has also been the addition of the multiclass system, where a traveler of Edge may chose to be 2 or even 3 classes. This system excludes Vampires, so that means the other 10 classes are available for mixing. Excluding the impossible cross combinations of the classes dedicated to Law, Neutral, and Chaos this adds another 37 combinations for those who would double class, and 68 triple class combinations. Well, as far as class choices are, Edge has a whopping 138! If one would combine this large number with the 9 available races, a player has 1242 options for basic character creation (YIKES!). I would finally like to mention that 6 of the 11 base classes may choose to follow any alignment path he/she may chose, so there are more possibilities than one may realize.

Beyond the creation of a character, there are even more ways to personalize. Though Edge does have some Immortal sponsored quests, most glory is earned through the automated quest system. Many of the quests are written by the players of the game, adding personal touches to Edge that no other Mud may offer. What one does with the glory is up to the player. Upon reaching level 50, one may begin to build thier own home. Edge offers the best home building options that I have seen so far (though I may have missed a few thousand Muds in my lifetime). A player is allowed up to 50 rooms, which are written in any way the player chooses and furniture that the player would like to interact with may be added to any room. Another way to spend hard earned glory is to rename and add stats to the character's equipment. Nearly every Avatar has personalized his/her final weapon, adding a depth to equipment and the character. One can also donate glory to one's order or spend it on character stats.

Secondly, I would like to comment on the player base. The majority of the every day players are Avatars. I would estimate the average number of players online mid day to be between 6 and 12, and on some busy nights Edge will reach 30 characters online. The players are friendly and mostly willing to stop what they are doing to help out. The players main goal is to teach newer players how to support themselves in the lands of Edge, but they may get a tad snappy if they feel they are being taken advantage of repeatedly, but how would you feel if a lazy player was trying to drain you of what you had earned?

The Immortals are absolutely fabulous! They are truly down to earth and quite talkative if you get them going. They will consider every suggestion from the players, and are eager to code any ideas that would make Edge greater. Though Edge does have many stock areas, a lot of the Immortals are builders, adding large exciting places to explore with twists and turns and secrets that hide amazing treasures.

Lastly, I would like to make some general comments. The main thing I noticed most on my journeys through other Muds is the differences in style. Edge has a crisp, clean appearance that supports ansi color, yet the room descriptions don't switch colors every room, making the lands easier on the eyes. You may also set many of your colors. The chat channels (there are several), spell lists, skill lists, and many other every day texts can be personalized.

Roleplaying on Edge is limited in a way. Though many of the current players want to roleplay, the small player base limits the kinds of story lines that can be carried on. I feel that an influx of fresh players who wish to RP would be just the thing to kick off a steady stream of stories that many people would become involved in.

In conclusion to my long winded comments about the Edge of Creation, I would like to say that there is more room for players. Edge has the capabilities to support a larger player base. I have personally explored over 6,000 rooms in Edge, and there is so much space for so few players that it can sometimes get lonely. So if you are looking for a new place to call home, Edge would welcome you with open arms.

Thank you for reading all that I have to say, Kassidy Espoir

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Review posted by Kizarvexius
Posted on Wed Aug 6 01:59:08 2003 / 2 comments
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There are some friendly players who helped me out when I began, but there are also a lot of other players who are cruel to the newbies of the mud. I've witnessed many occassions where a low level player died, and high level player said to them 'Well, you shouldn't have gone there' or something similar and then refused to help the new player regain his equipment from his corpse.

The mud has many glaring errors, besides the apathy of the high level players. For example, the players are far too overpowered. All mobs in the game are soloable, so one does not need to group with others, really. The most time consuming aspect of this game is the 100 level levelling system. While fun in a way, it makes players too powerful, due to massive amounts of hps/mana/blood. It also takes a very long time to reach avatar level.

The other main concern (the one that brought about my leaving of the mud), is that the senior management of the mud allows theft from player housing simply because 'there is no rule against it'. I find this type of attitude to be disheartening, especially when the mud claims to be newbie friendly.

The majority of quests are automated quests, so glory is very easily accumulated, and nigh on worthless. Also, the ease of which glory is accrued makes the game even further imbalanced.

Overall I find Edge of Creation to be a mud that has alot of potential. However, without a serious reworking of the mud, and some changes in immortal and player attitude, I fear new players will be continually driven off.

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Comment posted on Wed Jul 30 13:14:40 2003 by Shalarra:

I would like to respond to the extremely critical review by Kizarvexius.

When he first came on our MUD (under a different name than the review) he was treated with a lot of attention and respect by the immortal staff. He and one other player, an avatar, took an instant dislike to each other. The other player didn't take it all that personally, but Kizarvexius apparently did. From that point on, all his actions were colored by his dislike of this other (popular and very active) player.

Kizarvexius was given the opportunity to build on our building port and was doing a wonderful job. All his suggestions for improvements were listened to, and many were acted upon immediately. We are constantly working on the balance of the MUD, and he was told that, as well, and his suggestions were taken into account.He was given every curtesy and consideration by the immortal staff and was accepted and enjoyed by the other players. He had criticisms of the ease of our MUD, but compared to many I have seen ours is not nearly as easy. When I hear players talk of 20 levels in an hour on certain MUDs, it puts things in perspective. He was evidently used to very difficult MUDs. I also feel that our MUD is one of the most newbie friendly places out there. We go out of our way to help new players who are sincerely trying. I speak not only for myself, but for our players, as well. We DO, however, encourage new players who constantly want others to do EVERYTHING for them to read the help files and give things a try for themselves before disturbing others who are also busy. Kizarvexius did call our attention to one incident where a new player was being ridiculed by an older player. We immediately spoke to that older player and told him to adjust his attitude. Every MUD has one or two players that have to be reminded of manners, I'm sure.

Kizarvexius also made reference to the automated quests. What he failed to mention is that the huge majority of those quests are original to our MUD and many are submitted by players, themselves. We do also run live quests when there is player interest, have a Capture the Flag game for high level players, and have players as well as immortals writing other live quests for the MUD. The Edge of Creation is a very player responsive MUD. I visited one MUD recently that had specific instructions NEVER to speak with the IMP. Our MUD is very much NOT that way. Our immortals are accessible and friendly and always help as much as possible.

Kizarvexius's reference to the stealing incident is completely one sided and biased, based on his dislike for the other player involved. At the time the incident happened the immortals who were online were extremely busy with several players who were seriously abusing a bug, which could have led to an even more serious problem. We explained to him that we would deal with the stealing and make a policy on it, as player houses were relatively new and no specific rules had been made for them, but that we were dealing with this other very serious issue at the time. The stealing was dealt with within two days, the thief was punished, and Kizarvexius was notified of everything that happened, including the punishment of the thief. He decided to quit the MUD and forget that the thief was punished and that a rule was made that there would be NO stealing from player houses. My belief is that his views were slanted due to his personal dislike for the player who was stealing and was punished.

I believe that the review by Kizarvexius is extremely biased and unfounded and does not give an accurate portrayal of our MUD. The immortals and players on the Edge of Creation work very hard to make it a fun place to be and a place that welcomes all and encourages all. I would hope that anyone reading the review by Kizarvexius would still log on and judge for themselves.

Sincerely, Shalarra...Guardian on the Edge of Creation

Comment posted on Wed Jul 30 12:36:00 2003 by Samus:

In my opinion this is a biased view of a player who could not get his way, and overreacted to a minor situation that occurred recently on Edge of Creations. The creatures are solo-able to a degree, if you wish to spend 30 minutes in combat, quaffing enormous amounts of potions in the process. The Avatars(Level 100) are always grouping to kill mobiles, even the less difficult ones.

The cruel players he mentions are the minority and get a subtle hint to be nicer. I, myself, am not one to help very often other than with information, as many of the new recruits are lawful and I try not to assist them(A RP approach to my laziness), but I am still willing to assist. However a majority of players and the Imm staff are always assisting the low-level characters, whether it be Life saving restores, or corpse retrievals(Clerics Only). Players never say, 'You shouldn't have been there' as all the areas that are too difficult are cut off, prev2enting people unprepared to venture into them.

Due to a lack of active players which was up until recently, the quests were automated, but as our numbers grew, some of the Imms have taken the time to create some more delightful quests, and they have been a work in progress, and have helped add to the diversing the equipment the players use.

And his excuse for leaving was the no punishment against the culprit behind the theft. The thief was me, and I was punished, along with losing a few friends for my acts. Houses are impossible to steal from now, as the area is now anti-teleport, and most people make the chest rooms anti-astral, and the doors anti- pick/bash/passdoor/knock/etc.

In my opinion, this is just a disgruntled player, who could not get his way, put his actions into harming the mud, instead, of trying to help it. I have been here for quite some time, and it has definitely improved, and will continue to improve because of the staff and its players.

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