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Arkadia is a Hard Fantasy, roleplaying, Polish-language LPMud. Thanks to the generosity of Genesis, it runs on CD gamedriver and mudlib, changed and further developed by us. The main changes have been made to fit the Polish declension, to hide out-of-character information from the players, and to make some things more realistic. Thanks to this, Arkadia has a rich, highly detailed and realistic world, making a perfect roleplaying environment.

Currently, we have domains based upon Andrzej Sapkowski's Wiedzmin saga and Warhammers's Old World. Players have six classical fantasy races to choose from, and some rich-background race and occupational guilds and clubs to join. All elements of the world are subject to strict coding standards, which assures them to be detailed and unique, and to follow their domain's theme.

All of the above wouldn't weigh a lot without the excellent players we have. They create most of the magnificent atmosphere and make the world vivid. If you feel you would like to be part of Arkadia, learn some Polish and join us! ;)

Mud Theme: Hard Fantasy, post-medieval

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