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Abandoned Codex has passed the 21 year mark! Two decades of great roleplaying in a well-coded smaug/merc-style environment. The improvements are too numerous to be listed here, but include such things as a God Tier endgame, automatic Top 60 ratings system, an RP ranks system, new races, classes, spells and skills, remorts, over 50 new areas added to the old favorites, and countless improvements to the standard classes.

There's roleplaying (optional), quizzes, quests, clans, and are open to suggestion about just about anything you want to do! The mud's comfortably small-but-stable playerbase allows the creative team to fit new races, skills, spells, and major storylines around the PCs - not the other way around.

There is also a builders' port where we can accommodate all your creative desires, and can offer training if needed.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Abandoned Codex Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Slart
Posted on Tue Nov 6 14:47:18 2018 / 0 comments
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AC is a great mud with tons of custom content and immortal led role play quests that develop and evolve the world. Expect to work hard to gain your ground, but to be rewarded with a great experience while doing it. The player base and immortals are very helpful and welcoming. Pop in, say hi and check it out.

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Review posted by Omen/Dengal
Posted on Wed Oct 15 21:16:12 2008 / 0 comments
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Abandoned codex was the first mud i ever played (seriously no joke). I have tried around 50 other medieval fantasy muds and AC beats them hands down.

The pbase is small, but due the mud is a family and we are always welcoming new people and bringing them into our family.

AC is filled with skills/spells that help the experience, Ac has 6 remort classes as of now with several coming, ten normal classes, 14 races to choose from, (and four other races that one must get permission to play ranging from drow to dragon). Quests are run weekly (at least once a week). If you're seeking a great place to play and enjoy yourself join us at Abandoned codex.

WWW.abandondedcodex.net for more information

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Review posted by Vicks
Posted on Fri May 5 19:17:13 2006 / 0 comments
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I've tried many MUDs over the years, but none have grabbed me like Abandoned Codex has. The MUD is designed for longevity; there's always higher goals and new targets to aim for. New areas, equipment, spells, classes, races (you name it) are always being added. As well, anyone interested in roleplay should definitely check this place out, as there are always numerous storylines unfolding. I also find the admin do not hesitate to implement ideas put forth by the players that will improve the overall quality of the MUD.

In short, it's far and away the best MUD I've ever seen (and the only one that's managed to hold my interest for more than a few weeks)

Check out www.abandonedcodex.net for more information.

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