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DBNS or Dragonball: North Star is taking the old Dragonball Saga codebase and revamping it. We're actively adding features from Dragonball Super and taking suggestions for customization. The codebase is getting an enormous refresh, taking old pieces and rewriting them, removing cruft, improving performance and security, etc. We're currently accepting players of all sorts.

Mud Theme: Dragonball, Z, Super

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Review posted by Genryuukai
Posted on Sun Aug 13 11:42:39 2017 / 0 comments
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The game is still really new/stock and has a pretty small playerbase, but the staff is amazing. When I first started the game had some really bad stability issues, but after a solid week of fix after fix things got so much better. Zerhyn in particular seems determined to help players with bugs and any problems with character files get sorted out quickly, and he always apologizes and even gives compensation for issues. The community is super helpful, too. I was given a lot of info about pretty much everything about my race and game areas and a ton of tips by 2-3 people at once when I asked about it... But sometimes people are AFK a lot, idle training. This isn't against the game rules, and I kinda like it, it's like playing an incremental game on my phone.

Ideas are also taken to heart. I've seen Zerhyn and Case talk it out with players about their suggestions for probably an hour straight in OOC chat at times. Small changes like to areas and things like that, Zerhyn has implemented almost immediately more than a few times. It's really refreshing.

Even if it's not anything super new yet, I'd still say it's worth a try just to hang out and talk to people.

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