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Mud Address:    dartmud.com 2525
Web Address:    http://www.dartmud.com/
Codebase:            [LP] LP Mud 3.1.2
Listing Last Updated:     October 29, 2004


* Continuously operating since 1991 * Tons of quests, 100% original areas. * Consistent, Medieval fantasy feel. * Skill-based mud, no classes or levels at all. * 14 races, 6 never seen elsewhere. * Complex combat system with customizable fighting styles. * Elaborate NPCs which can respond to a variety of stimuli. * 'Real' wilderness system with varied terrain, top-down view. * Numberless interface, describes most variables using adjectives. * Player crafting skills and player-based economy. Farmers and cooks can make a good living growing and selling food. Smiths can forge weapons and armor. Lots more to do than just kill things. * Multiple languages, cities, and cultures. * And, of course, an original spell system.

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Dartmud Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Alviss
Posted on Thu Jun 2 20:17:47 2011 / 0 comments
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DartMUD is a mud unlike anything I have ever played. I began my mudding days playing Mume, Two Towers, and other variants. They all rather felt the same, progress from zone to zone, each more difficult than the next and get gear which was slightly better. Even the players seemed to follow the feel, there was a hollowness to mudding. Once I started playing Dartmud that hollowness went away and a world of complexity was upon me.

I've heard a lot of people say that it is brutal, tough and gritty. It is, but it's not nearly as intimidating as people say. Death is quick, and possibly permanent, but once you learn some of the basics and get some skills that enable you to travel life isn't nearly as dangerous. Common sense and the ability to listen will take you a long ways. Just like in real life if you stick to well populated areas the wolves won't eat you, but venture into the wilderness...

My path has been a fighter and a crafter, though if I wanted I could learn to be a mage as well. Everything in Dartmud is skill based, find a sufficient teacher (or not) and you can start life as a cook, farmer, fighter, mage, or whatever you would like. This flexibility makes it really exciting for long term goals, you really can become anything given enough time.

The crafting is also very deep. From what I can gather the folks who designed it are avid members of the SCA. The level of realism and attention to detail really is fantastic. One example is using a forge, not only do you need the proper ores, ingots and fuel, but you must pump up the forge to a certain level and after some time must retain the heat. Crafting is no longer a mindless spam, but has some required actions.

Combat is body part based, and from my view as a fighter entertaining. You can spar, or by changing your combat settings enter a mode where you are, hopefully, more deadly. Though a good many opponents are more useful alive than dead. When attacking, or attacked, you hit body parts which cause dropped weapons, falling, crawling etc. It feels real. I'm not so sure on the mechanics of magic but it is prevalent, though not frivolous in usage. It still feels 'magic' and not mundane.

A few things I dislike is the state of the economy. It seems the production of food items is the most profitable activity, or at least the easiest for the energy required. Add the requirement for room and board (gear doesn't save on your person) and you can have some frustrating days when all of the shops are sold out. There is a constant need to pay the rent, to keep the gear, so you can earn gold to pay the rent. As long as it isn't sold out... I'd love to see some portion of your gear save on you, the simple items like armor and weapons, keep the wagons, and crafting stuff as it is.

I've also found myself to be very cautious, so much so that I'm missing out on aspects of exploring. If you die, you must hope to get someone to your body before it decays. Unless you have an amulet which holds your soul, most helpful! The downside is the expense of amulets, they are rare and very valuable. If you have one it is precious, so dying becomes an expensive ordeal. (See comment on rent, shops, etc. above for the compounding of this) The other bummer is waiting to get a healer to put you into a new body, so you sit in the amulet waiting until one logs in. Plus the amulet is consumed so that requires some replacing. I'm torn on the issue, more amulets and the world would seem safer, but as it is life is exciting and journeys out and about are serious. You will find yourself paying attention.

The playerbase so far has been very helpful. I've been polite and that has been returned. I've read other reviewers speaking of harsh treatment, which I'm sure happens, but everyone I've dealt with has been more than happy to help. There is some RP, some people are more into it than others, I'm not a huge RP'er but it can be entertaining to interact with those that are.

There are so many things I haven't experienced yet, the nobility and castle systems, sailing, the underdark, crafts like sewing, ceramics, chandlrey, leather working, stone working, alchemy, construction, brewing and of course magic. It's a rich world, deep, storied and filled with history. A most excellent place to hang out.

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Review posted by Omishtravantos
Posted on Fri Nov 21 21:23:07 2008 / 0 comments
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Well, I played this MUD for a week. And that's the shortest I've EVER played a MUD. This one, however, as you can clearly see has disappointed me greatly. A friend of mine, whose name I won't release, told me about the MUD. He talked on and on and on about how great it was how the RP was just awesome. But for the week I played I noticed several things that an RP MUD of this caliber was without. For one thing, it was missing a greet system, now don't get me wrong there are a couple MUDs I could name that were good without, but none of them were RP enforced. Or at least RP Mandatory.

Now, you tell me, what kind of RP MUD goes without a greet-system? It kills more RP then it promotes, considering people automatically see your name and title without even knowing it ICly. That was one thing, the second thing I noticed, was the LACK of RP. Sure, I ran into a good amount of RPers, but I ran into more idiots then I did RPers. People playing with socials for no RP reason, like groping you, licking you, poking you, and all such annoying and non-RP-based socials. Now is that really something you'd actually SEE in an RP MUD that has some decency within the playerbase? I think not.

The third thing in which I was greatly disappointed was a rule against using emotes to say things or emoting while saying things at the same time. Now, this I understand, considering with most MUDs that have multiple races have multiple languages. Am I right? But the fact that they didn't even have a secondary command or even a supported feature to allow it in anyway, was rather disappointing. If the coder can code in multiple limbs, and interesting races such as the elephant people, I'm sure they would be able to find SOME way to allow such a feature. But apparently, the coder is either TOO LAZY or simply doesn't care for supporting extra RP. And one of the players had the nerve to say how it would HINDER RP. Now that's just plain silly, I can name several SEVERAL MUDs that have such a feature some that I've quit playing a long time ago.

If I were to rate this MUD, I'd give it a 3/10. It has potential, but if the players continue being idiots and RPing while either drunk, stoned, or in someway in an altered state of mind, then the MUD won't last much longer. The rankings on TOPMUDSITES even says that clearly.

Well, I'm done now. If whoever reads this has any sense of decency, take my word. Don't play this MUD, there are plenty of MUDs that are much better.

This has been a review by Omishtravantos, thank you.

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Review posted by Kazix
Posted on Tue Jul 25 20:49:51 2006 / 1 comment
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I played this game a grand total of 6 days and I wouldn't recommend this game to any self-respecting MUD player. If you had asked me when I first started playing this MUD, I would've said it was the best game I've ever played, but I've since been proven wrong.

First off, let me say that there is false advertising on the description of dartmud. Your equipment is not saved, it is dropped when you logoff. Roleplaying is not encouraged, it is required. This is also not a newbie friendly game.

Don't be misled if someone tells you it is a free game, because it is not. In order to register, you're not allowed to use any freemailers so if your Internet Service Provider doesn't provide you with an email, then don't bother playing because your character will be deleted from the system soon after it is created.

Most MUDs don't allow pking of new members since they're just getting used to the game. This MUD allows it and sometimes even encourages it. Be warned, if you've never played a MUD before, this isn't the best game to start out with.

When you logoff the game, your items are dropped wherever you logoff. This means that if you don't buy a room at an inn, then your items will be lost or stolen. Unfortunately, new people are frequent victims of stolen items since they can't afford to rent a room to keep their items safe.

Also, if you challenge the creators in any way, shape, or form for any reason, big or small, then expect your character to be deleted. I'm guessing the creators don't like to be proven wrong, so even if they are wrong, don't say anything about it to them or you will be punished. The punishment usually does not fit the crime, as in most MUDs, and there is no 'innocent until proven guilty' rule. The creators take no time to investigate the matter, and to save time, will merely ban you and imprison your character for life.

All in all, this game is very realistic, but do not presume that new players get any special treatment or information like other MUDs.

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Comment posted on Mon Jul 24 13:42:49 2006 by Nemonin:

DartMUD was not designed to help noobie mudders. Once you log into the MUD it clearly says this is only for expert mudders.

Yes, DartMUD requires you to have a paid e-mail. It wasn't always like that, but it was necessary due to noobs that were multi-charring. Better than a lot of other MUDs that just let more and more characters enter under the same person. Then again, a lot of other MUDs aren't as serious.

DartMUD encourages noobie killing? Get off it. We don't appreciate noobs that come in talking like dorks, i.e. omg wtf etc. If noobs have a problem, they should read the helpfiles. They're there for a reason. Telling creators, which is warned about in the helpfiles (go figure they don't read them), is dangerous and said to be only used in emergencies. All are treated equally by the creators. Players are a different story.

Can you stand on your feet and sleep in a full suit of armor? There are ways to hide things from people. Most noobs don't have anything of value to save that they can't just find on the street anyway. If they do have something of value, they also most likely have money, therefore a place to live.

Do you bug your boss at work? Do you ask him annoying questions which you should know because he hired you? Do you think he wants you proving him wrong on your territory? Didn't think so. Creators have a right to their privacy. The helpfiles are all you need. If not, ask other players on the bulletin boards.

This MUD is not for noobs. Correct. But there is no doubt that it has a very friendly environment and encourages new players.

- Nem

Review posted by Yuli
Posted on Tue Jul 27 21:01:51 2004 / 0 comments
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DartMUD is the most unique MUD I have ever played. It's extremely indepth, but not too hard. Complex, but not complicated. This is a roleplaying MUD for anyone who likes to Roleplay. While there is no strict RP enforcement, it is extremely suggested you do it.

I guarantee that you will enjoy this MUD. It is very different from other MUDs. The playerbase is huge, the skills are endless, there is never a boring moment, and the creators and staff are very nice.

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Review posted by Beretil
Posted on Thu Feb 10 21:39:02 2011 / 1 comment
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Dartmud, The lands of Ferdarchi is one of the most in-depth and involved muds I have ever played. I originally started back in 1996, played for awhile, then took a long break from it. I then returned in 2003 and began playing once again. I was once again snared by the spell that is Dartmud.

A few reasons that I enjoy DM so much is everything involves a bit of thinking and skill. For example I will discuss my current profession, that of a Fighter. The fighting system is based on setting various allocations to your fighting/defense hand(s). You can tailor your character to be a certain type of fighter. Skill improves also come with time using them against a suitable sparring partner, be it a player or a soul-less one (NPC). Other fighting related skills are available, including Thrown, Archery and bash. Oh, and the skill system is almost totally numberless. You won't see a percentage but a level of skill achieved.

One of the strongest points of this mud is the craft system. Want to be a smith? Go for it! But it'd be best to learn a few skills before hand like metallurgy and such so you can supply yourself with your own ingots. Once you have the proper materials it is a matter of getting the tools together and forging yourself something. It can range from a red brass armet to an ornately decorated katana. (Which you can decorate depending on materials you gave) But don't expect to be able to make everything in one day. It takes a great deal of time and patience, or a good teacher. Which brings me to my next point.

Castles, Houses, Great Keeps. Anyway you look at it they bring to mind visions of times of old, great happenings and loyalty. And that is just what they are. A place for friends to gather and learn, speak, and defend each other. There are currently many castles, each with its' own barons or baronesss'. So to a large degree political intrigue is also a major part of the game. Castles can also be added to, construction is active even if Narg the construction orc is a bit overworked. Want a new room? Higher walls? A moat? Slap down the coinage and you got it, in time.

Death on Dartmud is a very serious matter. If you are killed, and no one can get your corpse to a healer, then you are dead. End of story, make a new character. Even if you are saved you will lose some skills. Life is brutal and harsh in Ferdarchi but the creators do an excellent job to keep it in check so it is still a fun and exciting place to be. If you can afford it you can purchase an amulet. It's an item which holds your soul and prev2ents skill loss, but can be taken and stashed.

With a range of skills and people that Dartmud possesses it is a wonderful place to burn your time, and more than likely you'll burn too much time here. But I have enjoyed every minute of it, whether dead, alive, fighting, or crafting.

As with any Mud it has it's downfalls. Though the game is extremely stable and the creators work non-stop to make sure it is kept that way and bug free. One of the biggest downfalls I know of is the existence of communications outside of the mud. Which gives some parties an unfair advantage in politics and war. But when so much time is placed into making a character it is no surprise that such things will happen. Other than that I find Dartmud to be a wonderful place and plan to continue spending my free time in the Lands of Ferdarchi.

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Comment posted on Tue Feb 8 21:10:55 2011 by Nazrac:

I agree with this excellent review. DartMUD is by far the most interesting and complex game I have ever played. Probably not suitable for a hack and slash child, but everyone owes it to themselves to take a look at this groundbreaking game.

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