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DreamLand (aka Dream Land, mud.kiev.ua, dreamland.org.ua) is available again on the new address: dreamland.rocks 9000. You can play right from the browser, using our web-client https://dreamland.rocks/mudjs. Originally based on Anatolia 2.0, over the years this mud got transformed into its own code base, retaining many skills, classes, races and areas.

DreamLand is an open-source project. Our GitHub page: https://github.com/dreamland-mud.

MUD Features:

* 26 races with unique race skills * 12 classes * 12 clans, with their unique history, philosophy and skills; clan zones and diplomacy; clan building * flexible PK (PvP) system: no-PK, restricted PK, full PK limited only by level * many types of automatic personal quests tailored for character's class and alignment * group/global quests * support for alternative (peaceful) character development (gaining exp and improving skills via questing) * flexible remort system (new life after reaching level 100) * lots of ways to express your creativity as a role-playing character: item renames, personalisation of skills and spells, personal socials, book writing * no rent; moreover, all objects are saved anywhere in the world between reboots * personal player houses * mobs with AI * dreams, cards, ancient languages ... and a lot more

Main code base features:

* 99% of the game logic can be changed on-the-fly without reboot, via plug-ins system * unique scripting language, Fenia, that allows to implement the same logic (commands, skills, behaviours) as in the code itself * built-in area editor (OLC) * full persistence: world state and scripts state are saved between reboots

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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