Act of War: the Last Stand


Act of War, began in 1998 as a text-based multi-user dungeon, and quickly became a popular game in the MUD/MUSH community. Join us in an earlier rendition of the code - Chapter 1.5. Recently pwiped and ready to play - join us today and make a name for yourself.

PK is kingdom-based, which kingdom will come out on top? The righteous empire of Tier to the west, the war hardened kingdom of Kael to the south or the terrorizing hordes of the Undermountain to the east?


There are multiple classes to choose from, like the mighty barbarians, stalwart warriors, stealthy assassins, holy clerics and knights to enchanted druids and powerful spell-casting mages, just to name a few. The Act of War kingdom has a vast map, with vibrant colored tiles and monsters to keep the mind stimulated. There are many areas you can explore, but be reminded; this is a full player killing MUD. You will find that most players within your kingdom will be very helpful and will aid whenever possible, but beware the enemies; they may not be as kind.

Leveling has been made easy with a no-think creation system and you will find the game administrators and players more than helpful in answering your questions. Although we are a full PK MUD, there is a strong cooperative spirit within the kingdoms. If you enjoy a good social community, building team cohesion and enjoy engaging in dynamic challenges, than you have found the right MUD.

Welcome to WAR!!

Mud Theme: Kingdom based PK

Client Recommendation: zMUD or JMC

Act of War: the Last Stand Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Zhymm
Posted on Mon Feb 17 09:35:58 2014 / 0 comments
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I've played on Act of War (AoW) since 1999. I've tried other MUDs (both PK and RP) over the years, but I always come back to AoW to spend my MUDing time. The current administration is the best (IMHO) AoW has had over all its iterations. They're receptive to player input and engage player's questions and concerns in-game (you don't have to leave a note on a message board somewhere and wait/hope for an answer). Frequent quests and events are run for the players to enjoy. I've had great experiences with AoW in earlier times, but I have to say I've had more fun here (win or lose) in the past year than anytime before the current chapter. I thank Hobbie and his team for making AoW the best it's ever been.

If you come to AoW as a new player, please keep an open mind. AoW is a TEAM (emphasis on team) PK MUD. Each member on a team (whether 2 man or 5 man) has a 'role' to play for the team to succeed. Deviation from your role can put the whole team at risk. That said, there's a great rush when your team, acting in sync, tears apart an opposing team or successfully raids an opposing kingdom. We've had some new players complain that they can't run 'solo' and be successful like they did on 'such and such' MUD. There are few classes that can be consistantly successful at PK in a 1vs1 situation on AoW. And only a well-played character can expect to have any success solo against a larger group (two or three man, forgot about fighting anything larger when solo). More often than not, you'll count escape from a larger group when running solo as a 'victory'. So, if you can drop your expectations based on experiences in other PK MUDs and embrace the 'AoW way' you can expect to have some of the best PK MUD fun ever.

Currently, AoW has two kingdoms (or sides) open to players - Kael and Undermountain(UM). Tier is closed though still connected to the map (it serves as site for special quests and events). New players are welcome in either kingdom. The new player can expect to find several vets around to give help and advice. Character creation has been streamlined and 'leveling up' to PK level (currently level 56 - Duke) is reasonably quick, long enough to allow you to 'learn' your character's class as well as the map and equipment, yet short enough to get you into PK action right away.

If you enjoy PK and teamwork to be successful, come give AoW a try.

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Review posted by Klara Belamorge
Posted on Thu Jan 24 15:23:02 2013 / 0 comments
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I was brought to Act of War by a friend from another mud. From the very first visit, I was hooked. The pure pk atmosphere is tough to endure sometimes, but in all honesty if you can't stand the heat, Hell's belly probably isn't your piece of real estate.

It is tough to get started here, and I've relayed the idea of making it a bit more newbie friendly, at least to give the beginners a hand up into the harsh reality that is Act of War. I believe that in the near future, that hand-up could be a given.

Granted when I came here for the first time, there were quite a few more players available to give advice and help. With the current mutiny still burning at our backs, there are few loyal players left. So, if ever you see me or one of my alts around (BELAMORGE) just give a shout and I'll do what I can to help out the new players. I am certainly not the best player, nor the smartest, but I am more than willing to help out a future friend and even a worthy foe.

So, about the mud: 3 kingdoms are available to choose from with the idea of Good(Tier), Neutral(Kael), and Evil(UM/Undermountain) that battle with one another for control of the land. It is a heavily modified ROM, I believe and fairly close to other ROM based muds as far as simple commands and structure.

Most of the world is original and I would hate to even venture a solid guess as to how many rooms are available to explore. There are no level restrictions on equipment (if it is lying on the ground and doesn't obviously belong to someone else, it is yours). There are quite a few classes and races to choose from but there are standard combinations for each class/race which are listed when you join and if you miss them, most people are more than willing to help you make the best possible character for you. (And while you may accept this as a kindness, you can also expect that it is a chance for them to build a stronger kingdom-mate or a more formidable foe to fight later on.)

This is Act of War, it is MY game of choice. It is exciting, harsh and challenging. I wouldn't go anywhere else to find what I am looking for in a PvP venue.

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Review posted by mike anderson
Posted on Thu Jan 24 07:46:15 2013 / 0 comments
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Act of War has been a part of my mudding life for the past 13 years and counting. I have tried countless other muds and no matter what happens I always end up going back. There have been many iterations of the mud over the years, with different head admins and changing philosophies on how things should be ran but the current staff is working their tails off trying to make the world a truly unique and engaging place to play.

Classes, races and eq are in the process of being completely revamped and rebalanced. It is a pure pk environment the rush of the fight, the thrill of the hunt and the spoils of the victory all make this a one of a kind experience. Character progression is slow to begin with, but that is intentional so you have time to learn what your class is meant to do, and what your unique skills/spells do and how they should be used.

The current player base in general is helpful to new players, they will answer questions within their knowledge, will help with equipment when possible and do what they can to help. A lot of the older players do everything they can to help the new people that show up, to make them feel welcome and ensure their learning time is as painless as possible.

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Review posted by Dogski
Posted on Thu Jan 24 07:45:36 2013 / 1 comment
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id like to come on here and talk about the old days of act of war and how much fun it was because the game itself is awesome, but i really cannot at this point in time, i have removed myself completely from the along with many other veteran players because of immortals abusing power and cheating, immortals not listening to any players and overall the immortals have really packed it in, if your looking for a game to learn and start to play this one isnt the one to pick, its too far corrupted, i really wish everyone to stay away from this game let the immortals have fun cheating with the 4 people that actually play anyway.

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Comment posted on Wed Jan 23 15:39:03 2013 by Hobbie:

Dogski, It's unfortunate you feel this way. I am assuming you're writing about the recent incident in which you got into a verbal altercation with a member of your kingdom and proceeded to attempt to kill him. Your punishment involved a rip and was justified based on the circumstances.

The rest of your complaint here isn't founded by truth in any regard, as changes are constantly being made based on player feedback, yours included.

I haven't been made aware of any instances of immortal cheating in this chapter. There was one allegation reported last chapter that was investigated and returned negative.

Would love to have you back, regardless.


Review posted by Lyeis
Posted on Thu Oct 18 07:18:18 2012 / 0 comments
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Act of War was the very first mud I ever tried, and I absolutely loved it from the get-go. I discovered the game in third grade, in 1999, and was hooked from the start.

It was not very difficult to learn the game, as the players were very helpful. I have been playing the game since, and the excitement and rush you experience from PK is second to none.

If you are looking for a new game to play, i would strongly recommend this one.

If you are new to mud, and looking for something you can enjoy playing, give this a try. We are more than willing to help you enjoy what we have enjoyed for many many years. See you on the battlefield!


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Review posted by Yuan
Posted on Tue Oct 16 10:15:11 2012 / 0 comments
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I first started playing this MUD in 2001 and have played on and off since then. And I can tell, it wasn't as easy to start playing as a newbie back then as it is now. The players are more newbie friendly unlike it was 10+ years ago.

One thing hasn't changed though and that is the fun and skill involved in PKing. It's quite easy to learn the basics to get you out there and fighting, however it takes time to truly master some of the harder classes out there. With that being said, if you enjoy meeting new people and PKing and have played some other MUDS out there where you just level and horde equipment, you will find Act of War a new and refreshing change. It can be as fast paced or as slow as you want it to be. People will help you where ever they can.

Out of all the MUDS i have played, this is the only one true MUD that i can say i have stuck with for all these years. Happy hunting.

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