Cosmic Rage
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Join a world of mystery, science and technology as you battle fearsome foes and explore endless realms in an ever-improving game. Cosmic Rage is more than a mud, with a community of careers dedicated to making your experience the most enjoyable it can be. Be a daring detective, expansive explorer, a masterful military officer or an awe-inspiring adventurer and let your story be told. We boast over 50 activities, over 15 cracking crafting opportunities, hugely unique races, a unique combat system and a game to suit you, cosmic Rage literally molds to meet your needs. Immerse yourself in a story that gives explicit detail on items as small as atoms, with possibilities so far in depth it's like stepping into a new world. In fact, it is stepping into a new world. Cosmic Rage's daily host activity means that bugs are looked at on a daily basis, with the best minds selected from people like you dedicated to eliminating them within as quick a time as possible. Are you a story teller, looking for a mud with a role-play environment flexible to suit your needs? Are you a military strategist who needs an outlet? Have you ever had that feeling inside that you should be someone of royalty, with great power and influence? If you answered yes to any of the above, cosmic Rage is the mud for you. Nine out of ten players we asked said Cosmic Rage had a positive influence on their lives in general, the community they logged in to leaving them feeling like there were people out there who cared. Have you had a bad experience on another mud? Don't worry, cosmic Rage is here for you. We've cradled people from not even knowing what role-play is, into being some of the best in the market. We've helped heal wounds dealt by uncaring uncommunicative people and treated them like they should be. Like real people, like we care. Cosmic Rage is the mud that cares what you think, because without you, we are nothing. So, join us. Join the family, join Cosmic Rage! We're waiting for you.

Mud Theme: Space/Sci-Fi/Futuristic with a little scientific magic

Client Recommendation: Every client works great.

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Review posted by Jenni Kent
Posted on Fri Dec 13 06:31:24 2019 / 0 comments
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Hi, I have been playing cosmic almost a year now. I have loved this game since i have gotten into it and learned so much from it. I have reset my main character but thats ok, chars come and go i lose motivation now and then but i always return because like the description says cosmic rage is a giant family and i couldn't ask for more supportive people. They were there for me when my own family couldn't be or in some cases wouldn't be. the staff listen to concerns and try to implement ideas and suggestions even if they seem strange to everyone but you. They love rp ideas and new descriptions and other things like that. I have a lot of fun just coming on and chatting with people when my world seems so isolated. now off to chat with them and maybe do some nebula harvesting. maybe star study something. i have beeen sick lately so haven't had energy so been playing my main char as if she has no energy due to her current pregnancy yes we do marriage and pregnancy around there. come join us join our family

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