Going on almost 18 years of age, Ronin has become the product of a steadfastly loyal groups of gamers. Though many have come and gone and come again over the life of the MUD, Ronin has grown over time and become better for it. Beautifully hand-crafted, the world of Ronin has been painstakingly created by a talented pool of builders who have put their heart and soul into a game that they love, or maybe just can't tear themselves away from. There is plenty to be had from the game's varied content, with areas ranging in difficulty from the easiest tailor made to introduce players to the MUD, to the upper echelon of challenges crafted to put the most experienced player's mettle to the test. Puzzles and quests, exploration and the mortal challenge of combat, there is no shortage of new things for players to explore.

There are 10 player classes split into 2 subclasses with 5 levels each, with progression spread across 50 levels of experience. Combined with the ability to play 3 separate characters at once, this offers a vast range of game play experience as you experiment with the hundreds of possible combinations of characters. In addition to this, a new system has been introduced to the game to allow quick and easy modification of your characters' class and gender, so you can try out new combinations and abilities until you finally manage to settle onto that group that works just right for you.

The growth of stats is controlled by a Meta system, wherein you are able to trade in experience points and gold for additional character stats, (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) hitpoints and mana. While player growth on the surface may seem to be limited to levels and subclasses, there is an expansive auto-quest system in place to allow players several methods to expand their stats beyond what the Meta system allows, and reach their true potential by trading in quest points to excel in a specific direction of their own choosing, further customizing their class choices and group diversity.

In addition to the normal daily options to explore, Immortals will occasionally run one-of-a-kind quests, wherein the winner can acquire special one-of-a-kind rewards. This is merely the icing on the cake of a MUD that has grown to include innumerable features over the years, including player vaults, a lottery system, auction hall, clans, a deputy system and annual quests, including our famous (or infamous) Chaos Night, wherein players are pitted against each other in a class last-man-standing contest for what are widely considered the best prizes available to anyone.

Ronin may not be the most popular in terms of a massive player base, but those who call Ronin home have been very loyal players over the long history of the game, with a good mix of older and newer players that share in the rich content that makes up this casual, down-to-earth community wherein players can find a world to enjoy and a game that allows them to explore and grow till their heart is finally content, if that ever actually manages to occur.

Mud Theme: Monsters and Magic

RoninMUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Fisher
Posted on Tue Sep 12 14:16:21 2017 / 0 comments
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After playing the mud for so many years, i have enjoyed it and it is always fun to go back.

The mud allows the use of multis (currently we can have 5 current characters on) and has 9 different classes you can pick from.

Each class also has 2 subclasses as well for more specialization. You can pick from questing, fulfulling item orders, xp grinding or simply exploring the world. Areas have been created and revamped over the years by all of the players. If you dont like your character choice or want to try something different, there is a remort system in place that allows you to change your class and gender without having to start all over. Your XP you have earned is carried over and will allow you to earn it at an accelerated pace. While the community is somewhat small, those who are on are helpful and willing to help. Come take a look and perhaps stay.

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Review posted by Fisher
Posted on Mon Mar 7 12:31:46 2016 / 0 comments
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I got into the mudding scene later than most, but this was my first real gaming experience. After a bit of a learning curve, i found the world to be quite enjoyable. The areas were challenging and fun to explore, and the players of the game were always willing to help me learn. With 10 classes to pick from, you could easily switch from one to the next to try them out.

Now, after coming back to the game, i learned that instead of starting over from scratch, you can remort your old characters into new ones and all your earned xp will be given back. This allows you to level a new class up faster to try it out. There is no limit to the number of times you can do that either.

New content is still being added, and balances are still being made to the game, the gear and the classes.

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Review posted by Prometheus
Posted on Fri Apr 24 07:55:11 2015 / 0 comments
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This MUD has been an on-and-off home for over twenty years now. It has meant the world to me, and I love seeing new people arrive, because I know they can find the same joy and welcoming environment that I found.

Over the years I've tried many other MUDs, including some of the big ones – pay and free – and I'm always brought back to Ronin. Yes, it's not as feature-rich as some of the huge MUDs, and the playerbase is smaller. But it is very unique. The area building is top-notch, the specs are well-thought-out and engaging. And the players and admin are great. They genuinely care, and see it as an extended family.

Three characters per player allows for a great amount of dynamism in create a group, and unique subclasses allow for further customization. Big areas still require group formation, even with three characters per player, and this offers opportunities for some real community building. There's nothing more fun than getting together with some new virtual friends, and going after a mob that's never been killed before. It's a blast! It's exhilarating in a way graphical games almost never can be.

I know trying a new MUD this late in the game can be difficult to wrap your head around, especially with such established mega-MUDs out there like Achaea and Aardwolf. But I'm telling you honestly, log on, talk to some people and let them know you're new, and give it a shot. If you stick with it for a little bit, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Review posted by Mat
Posted on Thu Aug 4 19:57:04 2011 / 0 comments
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I've played a handful of MUDs over the years, spanning back to around 1992, generally all Dikumuds. Through the years, as the codebases became more and more custom, the MUD would slowly lose that 'Diku feel' and become something else. This would not always necessarily be a bad thing, just different.

There is a certain nostalgia to playing a DikuMUD, especially if you played on one with a near original codebase 'back in the day'. I was one of those people, and had more or less grown accustomed to the newer, more modern MUD designs being developd by ambitious programmers trying to keep the MUD fresh.

After having a falling out on a MUD I had played for about 14 years, I decided to give RoninMUD a try, as I knew a couple people playing there. One of the things that immediately struck me is that while Ronin did have a decidedly custom codebase, it definitely kept that 'Diku feel' firmly in place. A strong sense of nostalgia washed over me, and I suddenly felt back at home, on a MUD I had never played.

Now, before I get ahead of myself, it should be said that Ronin, like many but a small handful of MUDs, has a much smaller playerbase today than it did in its heyday. An average day will have 1-2 players on at a time at minimum and up to 5-8 players at its peak. This may be but a drop in the bucket compared to the larger MUDs out there, but one major thing to take into account is the limit of 3 characters per player. Those 8 players turns into 24 characters, and suddenly things look a lot more populated. This is both Ronin's biggest advantage to keep up with a waning pool of people who like and want to play MUDs, and simultaneously one of its biggest detractors.

Many people are, to put it bluntly, unable or unwilling to play 3 characters at once. For someone who had played a single character for 16 years prior to starting on Ronin, it was daunting at first, but quickly became one of the most appealing reasons to continue playing. There is something about that level of micromanagement that keeps the MUD from becoming stale, because rather than standing there, spamming the same ability over and over, you are tasked with controlling three separate players, handling all interaction between those characters in order to create a cohesive unit. This alone is a challenge unto itself, and adds a lot of spice to the game.

The players are, for the most part, very friendly and embrace everyone, especially newcomers. For obvious reasons, the existing playerbase wants to see some fresh blood, and are as accommodating as they can be in order to keep new people around. The MUD scales rather well for beginning to older players, and new players will find that while some active players have been there for a good many years, that the design of the combat system is done in such a way that including newly minted players is possible, in mostly all but the highest end content available.

The combat system, while very reminiscent of the original Diku system, has been modified to bring some more modern elements to diversify combat, and take it away from the simple 'start fight, wait, heal, collect loot' routine. Throw into the mix the possibility of hundreds of different 'multis' (the common name used for a group of 3 characters controlled by 1 player) and the combat varies greatly from player to player. There is no one 'best' combination of classes, but the choice alone offers a single defining way to determine how you will experience the game.

The most notable low point of the MUD is probably the bottlenecked development pipeline, where machine access has more or less fallen to a single individual, who constantly struggles to balance life with the duties of implementing the various wants of the players and staff. Development of new content is generally always ongoing, but the rate at which it is brought into the game can sometimes be quite lackluster, and as such the MUD can at times seem stagnant. However, with the droves of available content, players are still hard pressed to not have something useful and entertaining to do, and it is that variety of gameplay that keeps the MUD's gears turning.

The most appealing aspects of the MUD, in this player's opinion, are the diverse ways of playing the game, combined with a lot of original, interactive content, that even in it's most repetitive form, is still a lot of fun. The community, for lack of a better word is simply great, the immortal staff of the game very often strives to keep things fresh, between the occasional quest to simple things like tossing a bit of NPC roleplaying into the mix.

And lastly, on the topic of roleplaying, the mud is practically devoid of it. The game is more of a meeting place for friends, to have fun and pass the time, and is not meant to serve the needs of roleplayers, for which there is no shortage of choice in options. To many, this can be an obvious turn-off, but to those not wanting to get wrapped up in a world of drama and backbiting, the lack of RP serves to make for a more relaxing environment where one can simply cut loose and be yourself, not constantly feeling the pressure to be something you're not. For me, I couldn't really ask for much more.

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Review posted by Floopay
Posted on Tue Mar 15 18:35:21 2011 / 0 comments
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I wrote another review awhile back, but think that it's important to keep these updated. If you read my previous review you will get a general understanding of the MUD.

However, now I think it's important to submit a review showing our progress and updates. Ronin has been updating our Subclasses to better match our player's needs, and are actively adding in new areas at a fairly constant rate. Additionally, recently we have added a valuable crafting system through 'recipes'. Whether or not Ronin is the right MUD for anyone is something I cannot really say; but it's definitely a MUD worth popping into and taking a peek. Of course like any MUD we do have a downtime where we lack players, usually for about 2 hours of the day, but other than that we usually have a decent population.

Ronin values our newer players, and have implemented a valuable 'Deputy' system to encourage new players and answer any and all questions they may have.

Thank you for reading, Floopay

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Review posted by Peredhil
Posted on Tue Mar 1 21:33:22 2011 / 0 comments
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Hi! My name is Peredhil, and I'm an old addict from RoninMUD. These are dark times for many muds, as 3D gaming environments such as WoW and EQ are taking more and more over. But there's something special about muds that the 3d games somehow fail to grasp. I started playing in 1996 and soon fell victim to its addictive properties! Even after playing such games as EverQuest and other online games, I kept coming back to RoninMUD. I've tried playing on other muds, but its just not the same. There's something special about RoninMUD. Cant put my finger on it. It has that little extra to it.

Anyway, RoninMUD is an excellent MUD and I would recommend EVERYONE to have a go! We've got great classes and sub-classes, and many interesting zones. Players are encouraged to contribute with zones of their own if they so wish, and this keeps the mud ever growing and expanding.

So, everyone... See you all on 5000 .. the REAL .. RL! :D

Peace out, Peredhil.

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Review posted by sloth
Posted on Tue May 13 20:57:32 2008 / 0 comments
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Like many players on Ronin, I've been playing this mud on and off for over ten years. If you ask me, it's pretty remarkable that any game can continue to be entertaining for that long. Of course the social aspect of any mud makes it more than a game, but as a game and as a mud, ronin is remarkable in terms of the number (and quality) of areas as well as the number of goals and challenges available in the game.

When you get bored of killing experience mobs, collect subclass points, get autoquests from your questor, or start a new character and try out one of the many possible combinations for your crew (max 3 chars each can be one of 20 possible subclasses).

The playerbase on ronin is older (20s and up), but we are friendly and helpful. While it may seem intimidating for new players to come into a game that has been going for so long and characters that have been growing for years, you'll find that the way it is set up there are plenty of reasons for groups with great differences in power to work together. The most powerful players aren't always the oldest, and each step on the way to becoming a player as unfathomably impressive as someone like me is an enjoyable journey that fills you with a deep-seeded sense of accomplishment that won't leave you even when you are reminded that playing a text-based online rpg is about the nerdiest thing possible.

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Review posted by Prodigal
Posted on Wed Apr 9 22:06:16 2008 / 0 comments
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About 8 years ago, my brother showed me RoninMUD. I had never played a MUD before, but I have kept playing ever since. Over the years I have also tried other muds, but I have never found one as appealing to me as RoninMUD and have therefore never been away from Ronin for more than a few months at a time.

So, what makes RoninMUD a great MUD: Ronin has been around for over 15 years now, and through the great work of solid coders and enthusiastic area builders, it has become a large MUD with many areas to explore, many skills and spells to master, many puzzles to solve and many features to use. The fact that Ronin is a diverse MUD where you don't have to do the exact same things over and over again, but instead let you choose what you feel like doing, is in my opinion one of Ronins greatest strengths.

The 10 different classes of Ronin, with each their own strengths and unique subclass paths to pursue, and the possiblity to play up to 3 characters at a time make Ronin a MUD that suits many different player styles and preferences. So whether you prefer spellcasters or you'd rather have high melee damage and a beefy tank, you should be able to find a combination of classes that would satisfy your needs. Or you can choose to play a solo character, if that is more to your liking.

If you also would like to contribute to the mud by helping us expand our MUD with new areas or features, our Online Creation system and versatile code base makes your imagination the only boundary of creativity.

So, if you are looking for a new MUD to play, or if you are a newbie looking for a friendly place to start, please log in and try it out.

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Review posted by Druden
Posted on Thu Dec 27 20:40:32 2007 / 0 comments
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I'd first like to state that this is a game which has everything someone could want in a good game. A great community, great admins, great content, and great experience.

Another thing I would like to get out of the way...If you decide to check us out, stay a while and get a feel for things=] Most who play over a few hours end up playing for years. Starting out is quite Simplistic. You can either choose to play a solo character or decide to raise a multi (3 characters played at once). Each class is wonderful and exciting in its own way, with different spell lines and different subclasses.

Slicing and dicing through thousands of rooms....well, you have quite a bit of content to get through. I would imagine it will take a while, but if you ever get through all of it, let me know because I am still enjoying new content.

I would like to finish this brief review with kudos to the ronin community for its strength and warmth. In all my years of gaming I have never been apart of such a great group of people. There are no punk kids running around like Wow has....just friends having fun.

Give yourself an awesome holiday present and discover a mud with color and creativity.

Enjoy -Druden

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Review posted by New York
Posted on Wed Oct 31 21:50:20 2007 / 0 comments
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I would first like to start off by saying that traditionally I am a gamer who only really played games such as Dark Age of Camelot/WoW and other games in that category.

My cousin introduced me to this game, and instantly I became addicted to mudding. Right off the bat as I started the entire community helped me out and answered my endless spout of questions. Eventually as I got more familiar with what I was doing I started to explore, to game. There is definitely no shortage of places to discover....even today I still have new areas to conquer and enjoy.

The actual content (description of room) of the game is also extremely well done. The admins are active and continue to help improve the game. There is always something to do, or a way to improve you character. You will never find yourself idling with nothing to do.

Another big factor that makes this game so great is the community i prefer to call a family. A really great group of people play this game, and it helps enhance the experience of playing.

In short, this MUD is extremely addictive....and dont say I didnt warn you!

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Review posted by Frigga
Posted on Sun Aug 12 20:46:07 2007 / 0 comments
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Ronin Mud stands the test of time and at a time when most muds have become stagnant and past their prime, ronin is dynamic, with both an active admin and playerbase and still attracting many new players. Admins are constantly working on new and revamping existing areas, specs and classes, and work hard to give the players what they want, without pandering, to keep them coming back. I've been there since the beginning and I'm still going strong, It's a great diverse mud that appeals to both multi and solo playing, and entertaining at all levels. We have a loyal current playerbase and always enjoy some new blood so drop by, try it and grow some roots in a new fun mud environment.

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Review posted by Chud
Posted on Mon Jul 9 23:18:00 2007 / 0 comments
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I have the unique perspective of having played RoninMud off an on (mostly on)for the last 14 years. As such, I've seen the mud evolve, and players come, go, come back, and go again. The player base these days is definitely not what it was 8 years ago, but then with games like WoW drawing away the people who lack the proper imagination for mudding, what mud is what it used to be.

Anyway, all of this is just build up to the point of my posting this review. In all my time of mudding at Ronin, I've seen changes, some for the worse, but mostly for the better, and I can honestly say that I am more addicted today than I ever was pre-marriage, pre- kids. The mud has so many avenues for a player to pursue, that it's almost impossible to get bored. If you want, you can work on levelling your players to level 50, and take advantage of the powerful skills/spells you can then master. Or if exp'ing isn't your cup of tea, you can work on aquests, which will allow you to beef your stats beyond those of normal characters. And if that doesn't sate your appetite, you can work on hunting tokens to gain subclasses to make your nomad more powerful, your ninja a damage machine, or your paladin a healer to rival most clerics.

In conclusion, if Ronin doesn't have what you are looking for in a mud, then you can just stop searching, because you won't find it. The players there are top notch, friendly, and willing to help anyone who needs it. My only suggestion when you do show up is this... don't be shy. We love characters, and can't wait to see you.

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Review posted by Floopay
Posted on Sun Jun 24 20:39:51 2007 / 1 comment
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I have probably played at least a dozen or more MUDs, and I've probably played at least a dozen or more MMORPGs. For some reason I always come back to RoninMUD.

The people are friendly, there is never a point in the game where leveling becomes a chore. It's enjoyable in every aspect. You can solo at any level or you can multi at any level. There is never a point in Ronin where everything is below your characters. There is always more, there are creatures so vastly powerful that it takes massive amounts of our highest players to slay them. People are always willing to help in Ronin, and the conversations are always two way.

Anyone who hasn't tried Ronin should give it a shot. If you happen to get on at a bad time and find you are the only player on, don't give up on it. Ronin tends to have a few hours where nobody is logged on, but only a couple and the rest of the day there is always at least a few people to goof around with.

We have a valuable NOSHOUT system that can get rid of those people who make the game less enjoyable for others, and we have an even more valuable help database for those just starting.

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Comment posted on Wed Jun 20 09:19:10 2007 by Frigga/Rococo:

I can vouch for that valuable NOSHOUT system! It's shut me up quite a few times over the years;) But seriously, Floopay wrote a great review and I agree with it one hundred percent. If you're going to indulge an addiction, you might as well make it RoninMud! It's well worth the effort!

This is an exciting time for the mud too, o lot of oldies resurfacing and our new website is about to be launched soon. Unlike many muds these days, stagnant is not a word that would apply to Ronin. Newbies: log on and try it! Oldies: get your butts back here! That is all. Goodbye.

Review posted by Stikine
Posted on Wed Dec 7 20:43:10 2005 / 0 comments
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Ronin is many things, but above all, it is summarized by the final rule in its code of conduct:

9) Remember we're here to have fun. The gods too. From the moment you begin your mudding adventure on Ronin, it will be evident to you that Ronin is different. Newbies are welcomed and encouraged to experience the myriad puzzles Ronin has to offer. There is a culture of openness - while veteran players won't openly tell you all the answers you'll need to make your way in the world, they'll nudge you in the right direction with hints and suggestions. Need a really hard-to-get piece of gear? We'll help you - if you can show us that you have the wisdom to get there yourself and truly deserve it.

For a world that has no roleplaying, there is still remarkable room for creativity. I remember the first big group run I did for gear. There were 15 of us and it seemed like we only barely managed to take down the Huge Queen Ant. Two years later, I soloed that mob by patiently employing some outside the box thinking.

Years later, there are still new puzzles to be solved, even for veteran players. One of the newest areas, Hell, reliably causes double-digit deaths when people brave it's depths. The people who venture forth aren't newbies, aren't small characters - they are the best warriors the MUD has to offer. Why do they march into their statistically certain deaths?

The quest to unlock puzzles, map the unknown and discover the game's secrets discriminates against no-one.

But don't take my word for it. . . see for yourself!

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