ShadowGate Re-Imagined


We are using the older MUD lib ShadowGate (available at, port 6969). We have cleaned up the code and modified it to run on a new driver.

We are heavily D&D based but are looking at expanding features that are available to players to make the game more fun to play.

We are looking for people who want to play and have fun, who want to possibly build areas using LPC, and people who would want to code more in depth. Our staff is small at the moment, hoping to grow, and are willing to consider any player feedback and suggestions. Our dream is to create an online Dungeons and Dragons based game that is fun, entertaining, addictive, and enjoyable by all.

Player Kill is currently enabled by default after level 20, with time restrictions on when/who you can engage in player kill with. We are going to shift this in the near future to allow for people to only engage in player killing if they want to do so or to opt out of it entirely.

Mud Theme: Dungeons and Dragons

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