Stonia (The Cruel and Lost World of Stonia)


Since the theme of Cruel and Lost World of Stonia is the struggle of good against evil, playerkilling is the backbone of this mud. There is a trohpy list and ranking system to see most powerful players. Monthly statistics of killings are also provided. Our world is Cruel and Lost, so you must take care of yourself.

Although Stonia do not have extended class selection, we have many skills and spells depending on your class. You can compose character to your taste by choosing spells and skills. It is also possible to unlearn skills/spells and buy extra practise points.

To make levelling and gathering of equipment more interesting there are many quests built into the mud and often immortals make live quests which is good way to get great fight and good equipment.

We also have Deity points. Deity points are received via sacrificing enemy corpses, good equipment or special DP items to your God. Eventually your God may reward you if you have collected enough deity points.

Levelling will be pretty fast once you get the hang of it. There is 50 normal levels which can be gained and lost by getting or losing experience points. If you advance to Hero level (51), you no longer have to fear about losing levels and you can concentrate on PK. If you are especially good at killing and collect enough War Points, you will become Warlord (level 53) or Avatar (level 55).

Stonia is newbie friendly: we have HINT system to help new players and immortals will always help new players if 'prayed' for help.

Stonia is constantly developing: we have active area-builders, code-masters and questmasters. The lethargy is over and the second wind is blowing :)

Mud Theme: Bases on ancient Estonian and Nordic legends (includes also ideas from Tolkien stories)

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