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Journey through a land of epic adventure, a realm of hard won victory in a gritty fantasy setting. Set yourself against fiendish puzzles, devilish creatures and cunning traps in a fight to see who will triumph, and who will fall by the wayside. Not for the faint of heart, the roads through Cosrin are long, but the journey is well rewarded. Take part in the online adventure, in a text world of danger and mystery. Few of these have what it takes to flourish in such a world, do have you the makings of a hero within you?

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

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Review posted by Ava
Posted on Tue Apr 1 09:45:52 2014 / 0 comments
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Well I know that it is probably a difficult thing to convince you to stop what you're doing and come visit the MUD that I play, but I really love this game so much and I would like nothing more than for it to become a little more popular (but maybe not *too* popular, because now it feels like we are one big family and I like that), so I am going to try anyway.

I first played Cosrin (when it was called Legends of Cosrin) soon after it moved from AOL to a host called Freeloader, during a time when there were easily over a hundred people playing simultaneously at peak times. For me it was an amazing experience... to be completely immersed in this world of adventure. All of these beautiful areas to explore, wonderful people to meet, roleplaying everywhere, surprises from the Gods and Heroes... It was a very social MUD (both the IC and OOC channels) and it was easy to make friends and go hunting or questing or exploring or just come up with fun little roleplays wherever you were.

Well, fast forward many years... I had stopped playing MUDs (and computer games in general for the most part) when for some reason a bit of nostalgia hit me and I searched for Cosrin on google, to discover that it had been 'rebooted' with a new player database, some changes to the engine, and new lore. I was a little surprised that it still existed but was super excited, so of course I started a character immediately.

That was around the end of last summer, and since then I have been playing quite a lot -- at least when my schedule has allowed for it. The player base is relatively small at the moment (I suppose on average there are only between 5 and 20 players logged in at a time), but we are all really nice and fun people, and I'm not biased at all, I swear. ;) Like I mentioned before, it feels a little bit like a small family. But it would be really really good for the MUD if we got some new players to come and join us.

I suppose I should tell you some things about the game. So... there isn't PvP, except if you roleplay it. The engine for hunting and so on is really nice (in my limited opinion). There are lots of fun places to hunt, and you can make some equipment and things and so on... and I'm realizing that I'm pretty bad about talking about this. But a lot of people like the game for its engine, I think. Like any text game, hunting can get a little repetitive, but in general I think it's pretty good. And there are frequent updates which add new content, balance things, address issues, add new features... quite impressive, really.

Let's see. There are several races classes, and four guilds, and the guilds are important because that's where you learn all of your skills and spells, and they're also somewhat political, you could say. There are a couple of cities, but most of the action is based in Moorgate (which is good, because of the small player base, everything is centralized).

But what I really want to talk about is the roleplay and the community. Recently a bunch of new staff members were added specifically to generate more roleplay, and it's been so much fun being in game. There has been lots of character interaction, story arcs that continue for a long time and keep you wondering what's going to happen next, and in general many different styles of roleplay that come together with fun and amusing results.

Basically what I want to tell you is that we have a lot of fun. And I would be happy if you would like to join us, because I'm sure we can have even more fun together.

If you stop by, say hi to Ava. I will happily help you out and give you a tour and so on. Let's go adventuring together!

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Review posted by Zeya
Posted on Thu Nov 28 14:13:45 2013 / 0 comments
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There were a series of muds created by Paul Barnett and Doug Goldner - Terris, Cosrin, and Kingdom of Heroes (Previously Wolfenburg, Defunct like the MMO.) Terris pioneered MUDS on AOL, F2P on the UK servers, and pay hourly on the American side. Terris had well over 100+ players, and word of mouth says it reached somewhere around 500+ people in it's prime. Cosrin was the second re-imagining of their 'perfect world' vision, and focused more on Player interaction and RP. They then moved onto their third world with Wolfenburg and finally achieved what they wanted - No one wanted to play it, though.

Terris and Cosrin remain the love children of Paul/Doug, and I cannot speak for Terris, but Cosrin has broken away and done it's own thing. Focusing primarily on Players, RP, and Lore, the world is vast and with the complete reboot of the world, it's open to be rediscovered and the world rewritten. Old Immortals have been cast out, heroes have yet to step up, and legends are ready to be made. Cosrin: A New Dawn (AND from now on.) is ripe for the pickings. No auto combat, four guilds that are player run, built, and maintained. With completely original content built over the course of many years by the volunteer staff, Cosrin is extremely unique in what it does and will continue doing.

With over eight player classes, four guilds, over 10 races (A handful of them RP driven), and all new ideas driving the content of the game. You're missing out if you haven't stopped by and at least spent a few hours checking the game out and joining in on the fun with the players and staff.

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