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DreamScapes 2 MUD An online text based roleplaying game (MUD)that conjures up a spectacular gaming experience for all its players. Step into a wonder filled world and interact with people and monsters from all over the Realm! Battle mighty foes or seek to influence the political and religious balance ... choose your fate.

DreamScapes 2 is a text based roleplaying game that is free to play and is played by many people all at the same time. Within the game you develop a fantasy character that can interact with all the other players and many non-player characters, you can also explore the huge world that makes up DreamScapes. As you explore you will discover all sorts of cities, villages, quests, guilds, items, magic, and monsters! All these aspects of the game are beautifully crafted in colourful text with storybook like descriptions. The aim of the game is to increase in power and prestige within the realm, as such the ability to roleplay your chosen character is important because with good roleplaying you will soon become well renowned and respected.

When you join the game you will be asked to create a character. After that process has been completed you will enter the realm and your character will also be created on the games WebSite. Then you can log in to both the game and the site with the same name and password. Full access to the site proves useful as you can join the community to seek advice, learn more about the game, exchange ideas and participate in organised in-game events.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

DreamScapes 2 MUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Nivenrel
Posted on Sun Oct 11 17:19:37 2015 / 0 comments
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No reviews have been made for a number of years, I am here to rectify that. Dreamscapes is still a fantastic game just as it has been for nearly 2 decades. Currently the playerbase is a little low, but there are still active players, and staff. New zones and items are still being added. There are still quests and zones I've never been able to master. We are always looking for new players to come join us, so give it a try!

dreamscapes.dyn.dhs.org 4500

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Review posted by Shazirah
Posted on Mon May 12 22:57:28 2008 / 1 comment
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As an experienced gamer and admin (including mudding, for a little under ten years), I have tried a plethora of muds, been active on more than a few, and I must say - there is nothing quite like Dreamscapes.

Having existed for over ten years and having finished their playtest, Dreamscapes has gone to great lengths to provide a unique mudding experience. The realms are ORIGINAL and absolutely gorgeous to inhabit. It is obvious that much time and effort has been placed in areas, quests, and objects - some of the most unique objects can only be obtained through quests that require both wit and skill. Standards are very high for builders, and it is most pleasantly obvious.

Dreamscapes is an ideal roleplay environment, as many of the players remain in their character persona, with strengths and flaws. There is also a completely automated item creation system in the form of tailors - you get to build the item from scratch and tailor it to your character's needs. One can even own shops and player houses customized to their own whims. Placement, descriptions, NPCs - it's up to you! And while the realms are RP encouraged, if it comes to it, players are not afraid to step out of character to offer a helping hand to those who may be in need.

A lot of care has gone into combat - it is not based on the usual 'round' system. The system takes into account lots of factors to work out combatant speed. 'Soft' magic casters are not required to take hits and melee types can be placed up front, as combat features a formation system which allows the placement of adventurers into a 'grid' at the party leader's discretion. Each class has its role and place in combat - and while much can be fought alone, there are special areas that can only be cracked by a very balanced team. Combat is much more deliberate - you have time to see what is going on and then to adapt to the developing situation.

Each player belongs to the guild of their specific class and can also join player-inspired clans - and while guild and clan systems are common on many muds, very few of them run them like DS does. The guild is wholly run by players, with all the necessary hardcode in place to allow for wars, advancements, and intrigue! Each guild has a guild artifact and guild-specific equipment. Many spells and skills are dependent upon your circle within your guild, thus requiring interaction and engagement.

Most importantly, the bulk of the playerbase is made up of gamers who are more than helpful in welcoming those new and old alike to the realms. The intimate setting of Dreamscapes certainly fosters a community atmosphere between both the players and their characters. People are most definitely willing to step out of their way to offer a friendly hand. And although Dreamscapes has emerged from the end of their playtest, the Administration takes player concerns into consideration and they are continuously trying to find ways to shine their gem of a game to perfection.

These realms have seen many a tale, and welcome the advent of new ones. Play a bungling magi, a blind priest, perhaps an artful diplomat. Its up to you!

Take a moment to stop by, give it a look around. Shazirah Dreamscapes Homepage: http://www.dreamscapes.dyn.dhs.org/ds2/ telnet://dreamscapes.dyn.dhs.org: 4500

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Comment posted on Fri May 9 11:35:50 2008 by Saelir:

I've been playing Dreamscapes for a little over 10 years now, and I have to admit, it's the only MUD that has constantly been drawing me back to it, from every other game that I've been playing, whether it be another MUD, a Console game, or even world-popular games like World of Warcraft!

Dreamscapes is an original MUD (though for those hardcore MUDders, if you take a close look at Tyr, you might find it resembling a certain city other stock-muds use...;) ) The guilds are incredible, full of unique skills and abilities. Every class has a use in the game, and nobody needs to feel left out!

I strongly recommend this MUD to anyone looking for a mud where you actually have to work for the power you attain. In the end of the game, when you reach the 'max' level (it's 200, but you can advance past that), you can create your own custom items.

Stop by, and give it a try! Dreamscapes.dyn.dhs.org/ds2/ Or, if you want to connect directly to the MUD... Dreamscapes.dyn.dhs.org port 4500

Review posted by Bromli
Posted on Thu Oct 26 19:38:44 2006 / 0 comments
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Dreamscapes Massive Multiplayer Online Fantasy RolePlaying Game. This game has given me years of enjoyment. Easily one of the best MUD's I've ever played. I've seen it's evolution over the past 8 or 9 years, and it has had it's ups and downs... but it's always been a great game.

The character creation system is easy, and involved. Guild selection is quest-oriented, and very newbie friendly. Guilds are player- run, so guild wars and alliances could happen at any time. Guildmasters are very helpful, and guild rank (different from your level in the game) is usually quest based, but that is entirely up to your guildmaster! If you wish to take over control of a guild, simply bring it up on the Guild Message Boards, and there will either be a vote, or some kind of challenge for the want-to-be Guildmaster to take over the guild. Players have a LOT of influence over the politics and decisions made ingame. Players are very helpful, if you let them know that you are new to Dreamscapes. They will go and get you a decent set of equipment, show you around, and answer any and all questions you have about our world!

The MUD is undergoing a lot of major work at the moment, but it is still a great place to play! The world is full of origional, colorful, well-made rooms and areas. The world is always expanding, so you never know when a new city, town, or dungeon might pop up!

Dreamscapes, or DS, really is a great place, full of nice people. Stop by and give it a try, I think you'll get hooked, just like I did 8 years ago!

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Review posted by Paul Garceau
Posted on Fri May 5 19:22:07 2006 / 0 comments
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DreamScapes II is an excellent place for roleplaying. In final play testing now and nearly completely revised from DreamScapes I, while still honoring it's deep history.

Are you a roleplayer? If you are, then this is the place for you. With six different races and ten different guilds, you are free to choose from up to 120 different game generated characters. You, however, must be their 'breath of life'. Without you they could not exist.

The real focus for DreamScapes II is in the roleplay. Sure you have quests and mobs to kill; you also, however, have the opportunity to take your roleplaying into battle.

Dreamscapes II is uniquely designed to facilitate and integrate roleplay whether you are battling a powerful dragon or simply resting in the town square.

In addition, you have a pantheon of eight different gods.

Your own unique personality can and does create endless possibilities.

Are you into Arena Battles? Dreamscapes II brings that to you if you should choose to participate. Be prepared, however, to become very familiar with the 'mortal plane'.

The veteran players are happy to assist any newbies in character when it comes to orientation and understanding of the World of DreamScapes II. In addition, there are extensive helpfiles easily accessible from the command line.

An extensive online forum is available so that you can participate in the forum while, at the same time, developing your character within the realm.

Tired of wondering where to go exploring or find yourself getting killed too often? Now you have the option to spend time in various regions growing strong enough to move on to other more dangerous regions.

It all depends on your characters personality, rank, alignment, guild and skills.

Prefer being an important part of a party? There's room for as many as eight different players in any given party. Do you want your character to be one of them?

They can be.

Looking for that unique weapon and armor for you or for your guild? There are hundreds of varieties of weapons and armor, if you are willing to take on the quests to find them.

Overall, DreamScapes II seems to be a rarity in that its main focus is still the roleplay while leaving enough space for those, who are, for the first time, learning how to appreciate roleplaying and their integral and very personal part in the larger whole called DreamScapes II.

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Review posted by Haidan
Posted on Fri Jan 7 11:39:19 2005 / 0 comments
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I've experienced DS as both a player and a staff member. As a player, I found the world to be quite involving, with a wide diversity of areas. These areas were created in such a way that it actually felt like a coherent realm, they moved fairly seamlessly into each other and it was very easy to imagine yourself travelling along from the city of Tyr along the wide farmlands and eventually moving through some forests to the cliffs near Graye.

As in any mud, you will have strong roleplayers and those who simply aren't, but for the most part at least an attempt is made. The guilds have strong definitions to them, and players do their best to enforce those ideologies. Overall, it's generally been a good well- rounded experience for me.

As a player, I generally found the staff to be quite prompt and reasonable with the requests presented to them, and overall of an affable nature. Now that I have joined them, I can truly appreciate the massive amount of work that has gone into this mud, and the plans that are yet in store. We take all ideas and suggestions into consideration, and try to make the player experience as enjoyable as possible, sometimes going so far as to revamp areas at player requests to make them more newbie friendly. Code improvements and implementations are continuous now that we're in p-testing phase after a total game revamp, although most skills and the like are firmly in place.

Newbies may find it a bit challenging at first, but there are usually players who are willing to take newbies under their wings and show them the ropes, and efforts are always made to ease their introduction into this somewhat roleplay-complex world. These efforts range from enhancing help files to building more areas that will be of use to new players.

I've found this place to be well rounded and thoroughly enjoyable, and look forward to doing my part to make it even better in the days to come.

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