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Welcome to Pixiton, a small town nestled in the Vast Forest. From high up in the boughs of the Treehouse Inn, venture forth to explore the surrounding forest and lands beyond by foot or flying carpet. Discover the secrets of the mysterious Tower, explore the dragon haunted ruins of Ontik, walk the Trail of Dreams, infiltrate the mazes of the Misty Forest sprites, or just fight the good fight against orcs, giants and other threats to the realm.

PixieMud is an old, established mud with active development. Players can belong to one of eleven races, from humans, dwarves and elves to the more exotic, six armed mook. During their adventuring career, players may choose from several guilds: bards, dragons, druids, paladins, rangers, undead necromancers and fearsome warmages.

Surprises are always just around the corner in PixieMud. Our players and wizards are some of the friendliest around.

Come join us at PixieMud - we're waiting for you.

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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