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Mud Address:    igormud.org 1701
Web Address:    http://www.igormud.org/
Codebase:            [LP] DGD
Listing Last Updated:     February 22, 2006


IgorMud is a world of imagination, with swashbuckler pranksters, proud and lordly knights, tech-wizards with their robots, rangers praising the moon, demonic warriors with enslaved zombies, and spiritualists in search of perfect order.

And those are the players!

IgorMud players fight terrible monsters and hideous creatures, then lounge about in our famous Spice Club, or their own private rooms, or take in a Shitar concert, and brag of their kill and eat spicy kabobs and drink firebreathers with friends, guild mates, and team members. As they become more powerful and skilled they even build their own castles and invite friends to visit!

IgorMud is place of great adventure, a small virtual town with characters of all sorts. We have a fantastic newbie school and areas for our newcomers, and intimate families and friendly clubs. We have six guilds, and weapon specializations (which come in handy when fighting the trolls, the klingons, the vampires, the horrible Big Potato, Tigger, the lemming invasion!)

IgorMud is home to players from around the world, not only from Sweden, but from the Netherlands, Great Britain, the United States, Australia, and many other places. Come join us; we have a place for you.

Mud Theme: Anything goes/social-combat mix

IgorMud Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Shiro Elex
Posted on Mon Mar 20 19:30:23 2006 / 0 comments
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I love Igor. It's been entertaining everytime I've played it. There's a good sense of humor about the mud; that which I've seen lacking in other muds. I've referred all of my friends to play, and every one of them still plays. I can say Igor is definitely tried and true. It's been up for so long, and has been molded into an excellent game.

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Review posted by Carilgar
Posted on Sun May 16 21:19:36 2004 / 0 comments
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IgorMud... Now where to start? Over the last 11 yrs this mud has really been a high point in my life. The highly social atmosphere has provided immense enjoyment and long lasting friendships. Even in low times of my life the friends I have made here have provided encouragement and support. It really is a virtual sanctuary from the real world.

From the intelligent cerebral to the hack'n'slash, the questing environment provides a challenging environment for all. Although a constant source of frustration while endeavoring to complete them, the sense of completion and triumph certainly outweighs the challenge. As new areas are submitted and put in game regularly there are MANY quests out there that have never been successfully completed... Will you be the first?

The guild and club system is fantastic. These provide great support, encouragement and advice. While the choices of guilds arenít extensive, they definitely provide a varied choice. From the uber- defensive to the obscenely-offensive, from the diabolical to the holy, we have it all! Clubs are many and various. Each provides some sort of aiding abilities, from cheap healing to monster-stating. The provide a fun and exciting environment as several of them are directly opposed to each other giving a nice competitive edge for when just hack'n'slashing grows weary.

After 10 years as a player, I finally decide to take the plunge and throw myself into the deep end of wizard hood. Having had little programming experience, I didnít expect to cut it and thought that it might be a passing phase. Boy was I surprised! The support I have been given by a dedicated team of high-level wizard helper has been second to none. I have gone from a complete coding novice to having an area being reviewed for implementation. The support and knowledge base is extra-ordinary. If coding is you thing... you canít go past here.

This is a place where anything can and does happen. So if you have some spare time log in for a little while and check it out. You will be made welcome and enjoy a new life... Igor-style.

Carilgar Tre'elg

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Review posted by Paap
Posted on Tue Feb 17 18:01:36 2004 / 0 comments
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Imagination is a strong tool. We, the players and wizards at IgorMud, use this tool to create an immense world full of wonder. In this world, people get to develop their character in any way they like. There aren't twenty races, there aren't thirty guilds, but there is a wide, solid group of people who have dedicated a lot of spare time to this world. This has lead to a myriad of skills and quests, vast areas and thousands upon thousands of rooms.

We're a very social group, everyone is welcome. If people want to hack'n'slash, stroll around or just hang out and chat we have all that. The best evidence of the quality of Igormud is that it has been around for over fifteen years, and still has an attractive and active population. Only your imagination limits your possibilities on Igor!

Within the guilds of Igor, there are plenty of ways to develop your own way to deal with the hazards Igor poses to the mortal players. From more defensive to highly offensive guilds, all with their pro's and con's. Much attention is being paid to theme, detail, and indepth development.

So, hop over and join the ranks of thousands of others. I'd be happy to welcome you.

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Review posted by Lumni
Posted on Tue Feb 17 18:01:30 2004 / 0 comments
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Igor is one of the best muds out there and also one of the oldest. There are a variety of things to do, places to see, NPC's to kill, quests to solve, and money to be made.

We have vampires, werewolves, swordsmen, evil mages, good mages, etc.

The best part of Igor is the people. Most are friendly.

No playerkilling is permitted. So newbies have a fair chance to make it. Come and join us. We would love to see you.

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