The Legends of Krynn


The Legends of Krynn has a lot to offer, with all original areas, and a very unique code system. The areas are built with extreme accuracy, as close to the books as possible. The Legends of Krynn offers a wide variety of races as well as classes, clans, skills, spells and various other options. Roleplay is encouraged and enforced. The date in which The Legends of Krynn takes place, is shortly after the War of the Lance (30 years after). Many unique systems not found anywhere else, such as our very unique Grouping system and our Clan system, reside here. Solamnic Knights govern the world as 'police', as they do in the books. There is NO Auto-Flagging for (Thief, Killer, Treason, Assault, Outlaw). Flagging of another player for a crime is controlled by members of the Solamnic Knights.

Mud Theme: Dragonlance (Post War of the Lance)

The Legends of Krynn Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Silvaria
Posted on Wed Jan 9 07:40:20 2013 / 0 comments
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The Legends of Krynn was the very first MUD to which I was introduced. I have had a wonderful experience playing, and though I have looked through several different MUDs, to expand my horizons and see how others add up... I've not found a single one that I enjoy as much as this one.

For starters, the style is refreshingly simple. In my journey to other MUDs, I've found blinding mixtures of ANSI colors used regularly, and this MUD has none of that. Room titles are clearly marked in a color that tries to represent the feel of that room; for example, in a forest, the room title is bright or dark green. Items have minimal colors used as well.

The world of Krynn is enormous in the books -- and this MUD reflects that in its vast size. You can venture underwater to the Dargonesti city of Urione, or to the very tops of the peaks of the Garnet Mountains. Exploring is rewarding, even to a player who has been around for over a year, something that I appreciate immensely.

The immortal staff is helpful and listens to player concerns. There are immortals from different parts of the world, so there is usually an administrator around regardless of your time zone. The game has suffered a decrease in players, but those who are still present are dedicated to seeing a resurgence. As such, new players are invited to send a private message to anyone who is online if they have any questions.

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Review posted by Muira
Posted on Mon Apr 4 20:44:35 2011 / 0 comments
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Let me start out by saying I've been mudding for years. Never have I come across one like Legends of Krynn. I've played games ranging from hundreds of players online at a time, down to just a handful or less.

Legends of Krynn has an absolutely wonderful playerbase. Helpful, friendly, and in general, just good people. The Divine, too, are friendly, always starting RP, even giving your character buffs or simple experience just for RP'ing.

IC is just that, and RP is enforced. So, you're not loaded down with a bunch of OOC spam if you're trying to stay in character, which is really nice!

Your character isn't going to live forever, which is another relief. Characters die from old age, or in battle, and are reborn, allowing you to switch classes (or race) and try something else. I believe Krynn is unique in this, and it's much better than having a 400 year old character hobbling around.

They're always looking for more people to join! Come on in and give it a few days. I hope you like it as much as I do and stick around!

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Review posted by Skol
Posted on Wed Jun 21 20:33:46 2006 / 1 comment
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My first impression was good. I liked the way the text was formatted to the screen, the way it used the ascii clear to replace text etc. In choosing a name I got this message as part: Two words making up a name is illegal (such as SwiftBlade). So apparently Plainsmen (Que Shu) aren't allowed, too bad there. The next part chose a last name, Great! I like that! Then on to race, noting special or hard, I picked aghar (gully dwarf). Then class, blacksmith looks interesting, but I picked thief. Hometown selection. Great! I've always liked that option. A few more options You MUST have a description for your character by level 5! Failure to do so will result in imprisonment until one is written! Um?

Roleplaying is not only encouraged here, but without it you will be denied, and then banned if no improvement is found. Um??

So I'm a bit leery now, but it's probably just old rhetoric. So I log in, it tells me that there are lots of unread notes, changes, ideas, stories... I type 'note' Huh? Apparently, you can't even read notes until level 2. So much for getting a feel for the place.

I type who, it shows no immortals on, 10 mortals. Good stuff! So i start wandering around trying to find my way into the school, eventually I do so and buy a couple bracers. A store in the school, good idea!

Find the arena, fight a snail (it seems they have auto_damage)... Snail beats me like a redheaded stepchild. Flee, rest, recoup (no messages per tick when you rest, makes it hard to know when you're healed). Come back, lizard beats me down, flee rest. Snail again, flee rest.

By this time I'm getting frustrated, I can't even beat a level 1 mob in the arena, heck it was hard to even hurt him before having to flee.

<40hp 100m 100mv> ooc is there a way to buy a pet? Huh?... apparently new players don't get channels other than tell and say, so I'm screwed.

So I ask one of the players I see about pets, he points me to the west side of Palanthas. Unfortunately...I can't figure out where I am on the provided map. Either it's off, well I've Mudded for a while now, and I was even lost.

I see a group of people talking in a room, figure it must be some kind of common place and ... You say 'Sorry to interrupt, where am I on the map?' Ravn looks at you. Ravn glances at Skol briefly. You say 'I'm trying to find a pet, the snails have been killing me, well almost' ... Pause a couple of minutes and ... You say 'Sorry to intrude' You wave. Ravn chuckles slightly.

So apparently, they have time to type 'look Skol' and 'chuckle' but not enough time to tell a newbie 'You're at 26 on the map'.

I wander some more, get to where I know the area that I'm in, which apparently won't let me out into the main city due to guilds stopping me (wrong class). Finally end up back in the school, die a couple of more times trying to kill that stupid snail, and a fox this time (what the heck, it might be weak enough for a newbie to kill in the school arena... well no.)

So I sleep after getting my equipment, to heal up wondering what to do since no one will help. I can't use channels, there's no newbie channel, people flat out ignoring me.

I look back to find it's closed my window... Due to being idle for so long, you have been put in AFK mode. If a pattern results, you will be dealt with severe punishment. Apparently... they don't like it if you have to use the restroom.

Yadda yadda, it disconnected me for idle (normal), warned me that it wouldn't save my character due to it not being level 2 (woe is me, I couldn't even get one experience point due to the mobs, no eq, no pets, no help...). In fact, due to fleeing I ended up at 60 exp in the hole.

I own another DL mud, this one was an offshoot some 6+ years ago. Well, Legends of the Lance was the offshoot, it seems this is it's reincarnation. I won't be back.

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Comment posted on Wed Jun 21 03:48:10 2006 by Hiddukel:

Interesting Skol, I'm sorry you didn't have a pleasurable experience. I would like to point out a few things however. First, the comment about not being able to read notes until level 2, thus not being able to get a feel for the place. Well, it was a decision I made because we have run into problems in the past with new characters being created just so they could read the CHANGES I had posted so they could utilize the ideas for their own MUD. So, by requiring a level gain of, and not that much by the way, 1, then they at least have to play a little. Something in return for something more valuable. Not asking much I don't think. And reading notes, changes, stories, etc., in my own humble opinion, won't give you any kind of feel for any place.

Second, on the issue of fighting in the Arena. Those MOBS aren't level 1. The level 1 mobs you were looking for, were north in Newbie School, where at the bottom of the room description of the room you first started out in, it asks you to 'Please head NORTH into the Hall of Knowledge'. Had you headed north you would have found the level 1 mobs, along with adequate EQ for new players. Those MOBs are pretty easy to kill, and would have given you enough experience points to have earned you a level or two. The reason why you can open the door to the south into the Arena, is because those who are say, level 3 or 4, and already been through the Newbie School, have an option to go directly there. So, sorry you either failed to read the description and follow it's directions, or completely ignored it.

About Channels. There are no global channels. Global channels have proven time and time again to only kill a Roleplaying atmosphere in MUD's. I won't start a debate on that, and will leave it there. As for the MAP. It's definitely not off. It's pretty cut and dry. And quite frankly, the entire area is a DUG out precisely as how the map shows it to be. We've even had a Player use ZMUD's automap feature to create a map image of that area you speak of, and it's posted up on our Website. Which, if you hold your client screen with the map displayed, up next to the map that was submitted, they are pretty much identical in design. So I'm not sure how it is that someone who's been playing MUD's for a while, could not figure it out, let alone get lost and confused.

As to being idle, and our idle timer kicking in like you seen it do, that was something that was added in order to help curb the people who like to BOT...meaning they like to make triggers run their character for them, as we have what's called PASSIVE EXPERIENCE gains, in which after being logged on for a while, without fighting and without going AFK, you begin to gain XP per tick. Gives an added option for those players who wish to Roleplay more than hack-n-slash for XP. As well, sometimes, some people forget to log off. No need to allow them to have an open connection, gaining passive XP, and never have to look at their screen for long periods of time.

And finally, as for being an offshoot. No, we're not. We've been around longer than Legends of the Lance (I remember when that was thrown out there), and we're definitely not an 'off-shoot' of any other MUD out there. Sorry. Matter of fact, we're the only DL MUD that actually is promoted from, and actually have a player who not only works on their staff but also writes for Sovereign Press, so I'm not sure where you're getting that idea from. Again, I appologize that you didn't have a good experience. Oh well.


Review posted by Chad aka Terris
Posted on Wed Dec 7 20:55:09 2005 / 0 comments
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Well, I must say this is the mud to play at if you are a Dragon Lance fan.

The atmosphere is so great; it makes you feel like you are in a Dragon Lance book yourself.

There are tons of helpfiles so you won’t get confused very much. And if you can't learn from the notes, then the players and or Immortals are more than willing to answer questions.

The rooms and mobs are fantastically displayed with great descriptions.

There are a great deal of areas to explore and many things to find and learn.

There are lots and lots of skills and spells to utilize to get you through any predicament.

The Roleplaying storylines players and immortals come up with make the game worth playing all the more.

And I must say new code is implemented alot. Bug fixes are fixed promptly. Things run smoothly 99% of the time.

This is the mud to be if you like to Roleplay. So come on and join the fun!

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Review posted by Tattiana
Posted on Fri Feb 4 22:11:11 2005 / 0 comments
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Legend of Krynn' is a MUD that has been up and running since June 2001. This mud presents many factors that help to captivate the mudding community.

Legend of Krynn is based off of the Dragonlance series, and holds a wonderful rendition of the books. While reading about settings from a book, it is a difficult task to recreate them in a mud, but LoK has done a splendid job accomplishing such a feat.

The clans of this mud are the same as the clans presented in the books, and are roleplayed accordingly. One of the greatest aspects of this mud is the fact that it is RP enforced. There are no global channels to clutter up the screen, nor people interrupting a good RP experience with nonsense.

While some people may be put off by the fact that they have not read the series, they should not be. Between the playerbase and the helpfiles, there is no lack of information pertaining to the game dynamics. More often than not, there is a member of the staff willing and able to help with anything from questions concerning how to mud in general to questions pertaining to the story theme itself. There is a large array of Roleplay-Oriented tools available for the players to utilize.

Sick of seeing clerics that serve the good going about beating up little children? Well here the good aligned characters simply get very little experience, while if evil aligned go about doing the same thing they will get the maximum experience per their level. There are also rooms within the game that will alter your alignment as well if you position yourself within one for a time.

Stop by and see for yourself, add to the rping experience.

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Review posted by Tulip the Kender
Posted on Sun Nov 30 10:45:49 2003 / 0 comments
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Yeah, I've been around muds, so I can give you that typical 'I've found the best mud in the world!' speech. I've been playing muds for years, and have always leaned towards the ROM style of mud. When I took my first step into Palanthas I discovered a truly original world.

The coding here is not half-baked and full of snippets. There are no stock areas left, and you can travel from the dwarves at Thorbardin to the evil city of Neraka. Explore areas straight out of the Fourth Age of it Solamnia, Abansinia, Kendermore, Sancrist, Istar, or several others.

The staff here, especially the head admin Hiddukel, have an intimate knowledge with what they build and write. The playerbase is small, but growing. So far nearly everyone I have rped with is what I would call a 'serious gamer' and not your junior high kid begging for favors. Though the player base is older than average, it is still friendly and open to the new mudder. The newbie school is exceptional and it covers the the basics. There are typically admin around most hours of the day or night when I get other questions.

Come check it out if you need a break from the annoying gossip channel, or the repitition of the typical pk mud. A breath of fresh air to the mud-hopping seeker, I guarantee you will find Legends of Krynn to be a completely new experience.


Tulip Summercloud

____________________________________________ Tulip brushes her topknot back behind her shoulder and grins at you.

Tulip says, 'By the way, what might you have in your pouches? Hey, how did this get in my pouch! It must be magical because it keeps on finding its way back.'

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Review posted by
Posted on Sun Nov 30 10:45:56 2003 / 0 comments
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As both a player and Staff member on LoK, the best word I could think of to sum up the MUD as a whole would be 'variety'. From the vast world itself (which is constantly being expanded), to the literally hundreds of class skill & spells, the opportunities for exploration and individuality are virtually endless.

The playerbase is a well blended mix of newbies and veterans,DL 'scholars' and those just being introduced to the world, 'advanced' roleplayers and novices alike.

Imms involved in both creating storylines and 'enhancing' playerdriven plots help to make sure that there is always some 'intrigue' going on, and questing allows for visual alteration of eq to provide a well rounded 'look' in keeping with your char's concept.

In short, LoK provides not only numerous features not found anywhere else; it is an environment where creativity is more important than 'power gaming', the Imms are friendly and accessible, and players work together to form lasting bonds both IC and OOC.

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