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AnimeMUD has been on and offline for a couple decades! Currently we also run AnimeMUD before the enhancements and fixes and changes to areas and races/classes...etc. AnimeMUD 2 is a full rework of that code. With different race evolutions and tons and tons of fun extras! PkQuests, restricted PK, autoquest feature with special equipment also. Come take a look! Not much as far as updates will be coming to this code except small changes to visuals and such. Maybe some equipment and skill balancing. As for now, this is purely nostalgic and in hopes of some new players and returning old players as well! Will be nice to see some return, as on AnimeMUD 1 we have quite a few old players as well that will be bouncing back and forth.

Mud Theme: Other types of cartoons/ movies

Additional Noted Features:

  • Race evolutions

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