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Darkwind is a heavily modified LP Mud, consisting of lots of great features:

* 12,000+ rooms * Multiple continents * 16 Races: Darkwinder, Glavian, Barbarian, High elf, Dark elf, Duergar, Stone dwarf, Uruk, Northman, Arctic elf, Hyperborean gnome, Ice ogre, Ice gnoll, Souvraeli, Desert nomad and Desert dwarf * 12 Guilds: Bard, Cleric, Charlatan, Mage, Necromancer, Ninja, Garou, Thief, Druid, Fighter, Psionicist and Swashbuckler * Player owned pubs & inns * Player owned ships * Player owned pets * Clans!

And, the list goes on!

Please come check us out sometime: telnet://darkwind.org:3000 - The Admin of Darkwind

Mud Theme: Fantasy

DarkWind Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Heartcore
Posted on Mon Jan 22 17:27:56 2007 / 0 comments
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Darkwind is a heavily modified LP based mud, with tons of guilds, tons of races, and tons of areas to explore. Whether you are new to muds, or this is your 10000th mud, darkwind will both surprise and challenge you. With an extremely friendly playing group, along with great staff members, darkwind is a place either play until you can't see anymore or just log on to chat. Everything in the mud is based on medieval period weaponry along with fantasy in the realm of dwarves and dragons and other mystical creatures. As a staff member i have seen most aspects of this mud and been playing on it for years and years. It is a great place to have fun. Fully portal supported.

Tons of hidden items and places just waiting to be explored. This mud will give you years and years of fun and never get boring. Brand new guilds are in the works, along with the ability to dual guild after you reach hero level. (45+) Some new guilds are just for the legend level players giving you a reason to try to get to that level to try out the awesome new guilds in the works.

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Review posted by Numus
Posted on Wed Mar 30 19:17:35 2005 / 0 comments
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Now people on darkwind know me, and most thought i would never make a comeback. Some, i found out, liked me throughout problems i have had. I came to mudconnector not with that on mind, but that this mud doesn't get the recognition i believe it deserves.

In the history of muds, some are hack/slash only and some (my friend is creating one hopefully) just quest based muds. This mud integrates the 2 seamlessly. For anyone who likes traditional muds, not futuristic stuff, just mobs, weapons (swords, axes, bows) armour (leather, plate steel, chain mail) with a great wizzing staff and a great group of players, please check out darkwind.

Darkwind has a restrict PK system, meaning if you want to go pk you can, but you aren't forced to tons of guilds that are all equal in ability: some just melee, some just mental, some just magic but they are all fun to learn...

Tons of races with their own perks and disadvantages. Quests that challenge your mind and not just your ability to create a strong character.

One of the more unique systems of traveling between different 'lands' or 'worlds' by means of ships that players may purchase for a set amount of coins or buy tickets aboard ships that travel constantly.

If you are new or old to the mud community just give darkwind a try. The wizs take everyones request the same so if there is something you would like to see in it or something wrong, just use the appropriate command and a wiz will review it and get back to you about it. After years of tinkering this mud it has been turned into one of the best muds i have played in and I recommend it to everyone that likes to have fun.

P.S. This mud does purchase a portal license, so if you have the portal client and can't use it in any mud because your free trial ran up, you can always use it in darkwind.. While in darkwind it is registered as the full version... - Numus

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Review posted by Ryan
Posted on Sun May 16 19:15:34 2004 / 0 comments
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I'm a long time player of Darkwind, almost eight years. The mud has changed ownership and is now maintained by some hardcore players. The mud is pretty well written and has features that you won't find on all muds. Most of the players and staff are friendly and helpful. The room and object descriptions show a lot of imagination.

That said, I don't recommend playing there if you plan on spending any serious time building up a character. There are a few reasons for this.

The first is the experience system. Levels from 30 up to the maximum of 90, are insanely hard to get. The proof is that the highest level player is level 71 after 75 playing days (that's about 1800 hours of play). This is a player who knows the mud inside out. Nobody else that I know of is within 20 levels of him.

The main complaint is the stability of one's character. Players have no say at all in this. The mud was purged in 1996 with almost no warning and taken offline for several months. It came back---with players reset to level 1. Over the next three years, it went offline again for days at a time without warning or explanation. In late 2000 it was taken offline supposedly permanently when it was attacked by hackers. Some hardcore players got an old copy of it from the prev2ious owner and put it back up in March of 2002. The mud's been up since then on a very good server, but that doesn't mean that a serious player can rest easily. In early 2003, the admin decided that they wanted to restart (purge) the mud again. Everybody was reset to level 1 again. Players had little say in this. Now they're talking about another purge when they install the nobility and kingdom system. It's frustrating to build a character over many months or even years and have it taken away because the admin decide one day that they want to do something different.

If you do decide to play Darkwind, be very careful with Player Killing (PK). PK is optional, and non-members can't be attacked by members. If you plan on being PK, expect to be killed frequently by players twice your level. There's no level difference restriction. Level 45s can kill level 5s (and will if they feel like it, although to be honest, only a handful of players will do that). If you don't plan on being PK, be sure you never help any PK player in any way, or you might be force-registered PK by the admin and given a penalty ranging from a few levels to being sent to level 1.

There are a few other beefs, such as the lack of roleplaying and the fact that the high-level players hog all the unique items every reboot.

When the experience system and purges are fixed, I'll start playing again (I have a mid 30's character). Until then, no way Jose.

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Review posted by Lost
Posted on Sat Jan 17 14:33:01 2004 / 0 comments
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I've played this mud on and off for almost 10 years now. I can tell you three MAIN things about it.

1. The people on here rock. They're fun, entertaining, usually happy, helpful....and just great!

2. The wizzes on here are the greatest...and I'm not just saying that to suck up. There are mainly 4 active SUPRs (highest wizzies) and they're all friendly. They all interact with people and are right there to help with and fix things when needed. And they are almost ALWAYS on.

3. I've had a real life here and there, and had to leave DW several times, but I've always come back and I've always been welcome. That alone makes DW a GREAT mud!

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