700 years have passed since Ridorthu awakened the Power. Though the war was won and the Power defeated for a time, other Powers have found our quiet realm and even now mass upon our borders. Let us defeat these new enemies without awakening the most ancient one.

Travel the land of Caspia and fight back the hordes threatening civilization while exploring islands and exotic locations. ShadowMUD has a rich history and a loyal player base dating back to 1994. Its areas are expanding, restoring familiar places from previous versions and adding exciting new features. We offer a subclassing system allowing dozens of skill focus combinations, and many dozens of class spells and commands.

ShadowMUD also offers a webclient that supports triggers, aliases, and a basic automapper.

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Review posted by Nef
Posted on Thu Aug 4 19:44:19 2011 / 0 comments
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ShadowMUD began in 1994, underwent a major transformation in 1999, and disappeared after a major crash in 2006 when the admin abandoned it. Since then, it has been pieced back together from logs and memories, resulting in a mud that faithfully recreates the look and feel of the old mud in its areas and NPCs. It was opened for playtesting in 2007, and fully opened for permanent play in February of 2011 after a reset of the playtesting characters.

Shadow is blessed with a small number of dedicated and talented immortals who are faithfully re-creating the world while avoiding the stifling approach of the previous administration. New areas are being added regularly, as well as new commands. The level cap is now 100 instead of 50, and subclassing has been reworked. Shadow has a number of dedicated current players, and a huge number of former players we very much hope will come back to visit... and stay.

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