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Overview Terre d'Ange is a very loose equivalent to early renaissance France, behind in technological elements, and with frequent elements of magical fantasy and alternative religion thrown in. Here the D'Angeline people call themselves 'scions', proud because they are descended from the bloodline of angels who chose to leave Heaven in order to follow a different path.

Yet still, these so called children of the angels found that their society was much like that of the other feudal systems that surrounded them. Some families rose to rule as liege lords while others served as vassals. Some believed that their birthrights entitled them to more, and for the most part few argued, falling into a hierarchy not terribly different from that of their neighboring countries, save in one element. Because their angelic ancestors had risked everything, betraying even God himself that they might love freely, all D'Angelines honor the precept 'Love as thou wilt' with a deep sort of devotion. Love, pleasure, romance, all have a sacred place in the heart of most D'Angelines, and can seem very strange to outsiders. It is said that the Royal Family holds its place because they cast the truest line to Elua himself, the original angel born of the One God's son, yet willing to reject that heritage for the freedom to love as he chose.

And so the children of this Elua and his chosen companions, the Angels who wanted love and freedom over their place in heaven, populated the land of Terre d'Ange and created a country that would mingle beauty, love and magic with all of the failings of mortals themselves. Desire, ambition, competition, greed, cruelty, and vengeance. It is said that blessed Elua cared not for crowns nor politics, but none can claim that of his descendants, nor the descendants of his followers. The Game of Houses thrives

Mud Theme: Medieval/Renaissance Historical Fantasy

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