Nestled in the eternal expanse of the Okeanos sea, Atlantis --the land of legend-- lives on. It serves as the heart of a thriving civilization comprised of several island nations. While all may seem peaceful, looks can be decieving. The sea is large and largely uncharted, new islands and new enemies are revealed and discovered regularly. There are enemies within as well, political struggles keeping the fragile heirarchy of each island teetering on the edge of shattering.

Start your life as a gladiator on the rise to fame or an early grave, begin as a simple seamstress watching the plots unfold.. or perhaps claw your way to the top to become absolute power of one of the many islands.

AtlantisMUX was created by staffers dedicated to good RP and rich plots full of twists and turns. Be as involved as you wish with the IC history of the world or merely take a back seat and dabble in the daily lives of the people.

We are currently in the final stages of preparation but are open to guests who wish to peruse our files. Talk to a staffer, get your questions answered, and perhaps get a character created now to be one of the founding players of a MU* that strives to bring true RP back to the internet.

Mud Theme: Fantasy, political, BDSM, HEAVY RP

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Review posted by Siobhan
Posted on Thu Sep 15 20:26:28 2005 / 0 comments
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AtlantisMux is one of the best kept secrets in adult gaming. If you are like me and growed bored with a mux that lacks any type of long term storytelling then this is the place for you.

The playerbase is small at the moment. However, it is just right for introducing a character that would like to make a mark in a developing world rich with intrigue and adventure.

The staff is exceptional, truly willing to go that extra mile to assist in enriching the storylines of the wonderfully creative playerbase. Let's face it, most of us know by know while the players are indeed important when push comes to shove it is the staff that makes or breaks the game.

I look forward to many enjoyable hours of rp ahead in this beautifully designed and tastefully described mux. Great staff, friendly players, what more can I say? Hope to you see there soon! Siobhan Commander of the Atlantis City Watch.

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