Desolation is not an emulation, but a continuation of Wasteland. An LPMud, picking up where WL left off. You can join one of the many guilds in development, including the Desert Rangers, the Badland Originals, and the Association of Irradiated Mercenaries. Wield a wide range of weapons, be it a crowbar, or an assault rifle, whatever suits your style.

Explore a world full of wreckage, carnage, and radiation. Visiting such places as Quartz, a lovely town under the mob rule of Ugly John and his gang of thugs. Lovely Las Vegas, a town of evil, corruption, casinos, and prostitution. Junktown, a small tribal village, built from a land fill.

Desolation - More reactor leaks than any other mud!

Mud Theme: Wasteland by Interplay/Electronic Arts (Post Apocalyptic)

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Review posted by Harlequin
Posted on Mon Feb 9 22:16:32 2004 / 0 comments
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Desolation, is quite a different mud from any other in itís genre because it is pretty strict about leet language and such, so donít even try to use anything resembling that. However, once you start to get involved in the IC world it is completely absorbing. There is a constant feeling of great deals being made behind the scenes and I have been around on the mud for long enough to have learned most of the little bits of information, but there are still surprises to be had.

The staff do not often make an appearance in RP, but when they do it is generally because something of a significant nature is going to happen or will happen as a result. Then again sometimes it's just because you happen to have struck them as worthy of meeting them IC.

Typically the staff are quite abrasive to the newly arrived, but they have all been there for sometime and so are quite tired of the typical arrivals. It's hard to blame them because after only a month I was tired of them and that attitude most people have on playing a mud for the first time.

The level of detail on the items is quite staggering, Iíve seen some muds simply not have any description for items which is really disappointing, but nothing could be further from the truth in Desolation.

So if you are looking for a gritty mud to create a realistic character who happens to be a bad ass gunslinger or some such post-apocalyptic mogul then come along...assuming you donít get killed in your first outing IC and manage to build a reputation for yourself the whole game takes on a new light.

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