Neighvada Nights


Neighvada Nights is the new premier My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic themed MUCK. Offering things that no other pony MUCK has, like working gambling, economy, achievements, NPCs and hotel rooms, we're sure that anyone can enjoy roleplaying with us.

Neighvada Nights takes place within the completely original Las Haygas, Neighvada, resembling a ponyfied version of the real life Las Vegas, including all of it's world famous amenities, like casinos, buffets, gambling - and yes, even sex.

That's not all, either. We also include story and character driven plots, making sure everyone is engaged in the going ons of Haygas. No more static worlds that never change, even after events - Haygas is a living, breathing city. Who says a sex-focused MU* can't have plots and world changing events?

We are an ADULTS ONLY MUCK, due to the nature and focus of the roleplay.

Mud Theme: My Little Pony

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