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Barsawia is Polish LPMud based on two realms: Midearth known fromm J.R.R. Tolkien books and Earthdawn role-playing system. Those two domains together provide very advanced and interesting world. The world is open to players since 2002, and still grows up.

We offer our players huge world with very good profession and guild system. Thanks to that, players have many ways to build up their characters. They can be either combat or non-combat oriented, they can use plenty of weapons and armours, they can search herbs, mine, create potions, they can be mages and many others.

As we still want to build better, bigger and more popular MUD, we want to refresh our website and give potential players ability to play through http client. Barsawia is totally free to play, and doesn't have any donation system.

Mud Theme: Midearth, Earthdawn

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