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Dragon Age MUSH is a new game set after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition and its associated DLC. The year is 45 Dragon, the veil is thinning, the demons are worsening, and everyone more or less hates one another.

DAMUSH is intended to be a heavily player-driven environment, with character generation restricted to original characters. Feature/Canon Characters are available to be "loaned out" and temped for player-run plots, but the focus is on the actions of OCs to drive the game's storyline forward.

Though we have a simple d10 +roll on the game, we have no detailed combat system, preferring to implement a limited consent system that empowers and encourages players to reasonably determine outcomes for their characters based on purely on writing, individual creativity, and a collaborative spirit.

Character application is as simple and streamlined as creating a wiki page on the game's main site, with an emphasis on as little gatekeeping as possible between players and getting on the grid. Concepts of all kinds are greatly encouraged, especially characters in positions of power!

Feel free to log in as a guest to ask questions!

Mud Theme: Dragon Age

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