The Eternal Forest
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(The Eternal Forest is a derivative of The Forest's Edge base)

The world of the Eternal Forest stems from the depths of fantasy, a world in which conjurers and con artists mingle with warmongers and holymen. It is a realm where clans battle for do individuals who care nothing for the unity the organizations provide.

It is a world of high fantasy, imagery with which everyone is familiar, though the texture of the world is different. New cities, forests, swamps...areas of all kinds wait to be explored by the brave and to claim the lives of the cowardly.

Come and explore this brave, new world...join those who have already survived the seasons of The Eternal Forest.

Special Features Include:

* Hierarchy based skill system where skills improve with use.

* Areas - We have including old favorites and new additions.

* Large range of areas new and old for all levels and classes.

* Areas that are suitable for either grouping or solo.

* Settable aliases.

* Automated auction.

* Body-part based combat system.

* All items/pets save and there is no rent.

* Introduction/Befriend Commands with no limits.

* Mail System.

* Reagent based magic system with spells that can be leeched.

* Shops can customize items given the correct ingredients.

* Hierarchy based skill system where skills improve with use.

* Multiple items treated correctly, i.e. 2*loaf = two loaves of bread.

* Races which make a difference - trolls can eat corpses, etc.

* Expanded bank account limits which can store gold as well as equipment.

* Socials that vary from race to race.

* Skinnable player corpses.

* Optional classes for remorting purposes.

* Channels have a scrollback ability so you can see what you may have missed.

* Objects appear differently before/after identification. A bluish brown cloak becomes a cloak of The Eternal Forest +2.

* Complex internal scripting language allowing levers that open gates, gravesites you can dig, etc.

* Clans and Strongholds in which to enhance your gameplay.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

The Eternal Forest Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Jerek
Posted on Fri Jan 20 20:52:58 2006 / 0 comments
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This challenging mud has pretty much everything a roleplaying mud should have, from arena's to customised gear. The playerbase is helpful and friendly enough for any 'newbie' to be able to enjoy themselves, should problems arise. Things are being added all the time - new classes/races/items/equipment etc, and players opinions do count.

All in all, the mud is fit for new players and veterans alike, with something to interest everyone. Come and see for yourself!

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Review posted by Paraif
Posted on Fri Jan 20 20:53:24 2006 / 0 comments
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The Eternal Forest is probably one of the best muds out there. It has all kinds of newbie friendly options, items, and weapons for players of all skill levels. With the addition of the TFH codebase it has made the world into a more expansive place than ever and is well suited to anyone from a beginner to an advanced, seasoned player.

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Review posted by Zlax
Posted on Tue Apr 26 18:35:11 2005 / 0 comments
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Tef is a TFE based mud as it has been built off this stock code and enhanced quite abit. The mud normally has 10-20 players on at any given time.

This realm has had many new modifications including areas, weapons, armor, spells, classes and skills. The new areas on the map are not extremely hard to find as there are plenty of clues as to where you can find them from NPCs.

The administration here at this clone has vowed to never do a player wipe including characters, gear, accounts. There are constant changes being made and a constant stream of new players. Most people who end up coming to this clone stay for long periods of time, as the current playerbase helps with most matters that need to be confronted. -Zlax

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