Winter's Edge


The time of darkness has begun again. The cold winds sweep out of the north, blowing snow and sleet ahead of it, the outriders of the cold fingers of death clutching at the throats of the unwary, the unprepared. Crossing virgin snow through the Taiga, the warrioress lifts a hand to shield her eyes against the blowing snow oblivious to the shadows unseen and unheard in the snow around her. Tightening the grip on her bow, she continues onwards, the message she carries safely tucked away in a traveling pouch, the seal of the kingdom declaring its urgency. Head down leaning into the blowing snow, unaware that as she moves into the darkening day something even darker than the approaching night now has her in its gaze. Rising up behind her, the ice worm takes careful measure of her, slipping along the top of the snow, freezing it as it moves into a solid sheet of ice beneath it. As the wind drops and the lady-warrior, a ranger by trade, hears the tell-tale snap of ice in her wake, she immediately whirls and comes face to face with the adversary, with icy death.

A mother comforts a small child in the night, explaining away the faint screams as the cry of the wolf, hunting in the blizzard, but she knows the cold truth in her heart. Dark times are again on the horizon and simple folk know better than to try and rise up and challenge the creatures that come with the snow. Turning back the covers in her own bed, climbing in next to her husband, exhausted from the days labours, she says a silent prayer in the night. Hoping and praying - beseeching whatever gods may be for a hero, someone who will come and save them from the darkness as it rises.

Sometimes the simple kindnesses bestowed upon the common people are enough to win their favour, answering a whispered prayer as the snow howls in around the eaves, lifting up a fallen comrade on the field of battle, researching the spell or potion that will save the wife of the village magistrate, miles from the heart of Vintermor and without hope other than what heros may come.

This is the stuff of which reputations, livelihoods, legends are made of.

o - Do you have what it takes to be a saviour to the people?

o - Do you have what it takes to rise up and slay the wicked?

o - Do you dream of victory in battle, to crush your opposition and oppress the weak, to bend them to your will?

o - Do you lust for vengeance?

o - Do you crave power?

o - Which side of the coin do you pray will fall when the toss comes?

Come find out if you have what it takes in the city of Vintermor.

Tell me young hero, do you have what it takes?


We are currently welcoming new players and staff. Particularly PlotMasters, Dungeon Masters, and players willing to run Player Run Plots to help advance goals for themselves and their friends. Having experienced a slowdown in the general RP and PRP's that are being run on the game we want to take this chance to offer new players the exciting opportunity to come get your ideas out on the grid!

Please join us at 3000 And check out our wiki at: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Mud Theme: D20/D&D 3.0 & 3.5 mixed

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Posted on Thu Aug 4 19:48:15 2011 / 0 comments
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I am new to this game, and I had heard some bad rumors about it, but I have to say that they are wrong. Staff works diligently and with their great theme, create a wonderful atmosphere to play in. There are staff plots at least 4(often much more) times a month, not to mention player run events! It's been fun playing here, and this game has the balance of D&D and Fantasy immersion that I think a lot of people are looking for.

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