Fighter Adventure


"Fighter Adventure" is an exhilarating open world text-based MMORPG that plunges players into a dynamic world of martial arts mastery and epic quests based on the Dragonball lore. Set in a realm teeming with quests and formidable adversaries, players will embark on a journey to become the ultimate fighter.

Features: Group Experience System - Random Encounters (Tall grass type) - Random Drop System [Common - Mythical] - Boss Raid System (Farm Legendaries and Mythicals) - PVP - PVE - Sniping (PVP) - Suppression System - Dragonball Collection and Wish System - Skill Leveling - Skill Use System - Space Travel - Quest System - Grouped Teleportation (Instant Transmission) - Personal Housing - Arena Challenge (PVP) - Graphical Skill System - Custom Atk System - Custom Godform System - Battle Experience (PVP) - Roleplay Leveling System -

Mud Theme: Dragonball

Client Recommendation: FA-Client 1.07(OUR client) - MushClient( Courier New Font - 9 PT ) BlowTorch( Download Cour.ttf - Buffer Friendly )

Additional Noted Features:

  • Open World Map/World Boss System
  • Use Based Skill Training/Damage System
  • Grouped Fighting/Leveling
  • PvP Scouter Tracking/Suppress/Raids/Random Encounters/Diablo Style Drop System.

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