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7 Degrees of Freedom has now been in operation for over eight years, having just undergone a huge expansion involving 24 new quests and 4 new classes. Equipment storage has been added, and large expansions to several other zones have been implemented. Our quest and zone writers have added new material that gives the world a unique face and map.

The game dynamically resets objects and mobiles in a way invisible to players. Once you have reach the level of Wizard you can become mortal again, and run more quests to try and reach the level of MasterWizard. Our quest information system assigns a combat and puzzle rating to each quest, to help you gear your challenge to your ability.

As with most Abers, Roleplay is not encouraged and the main emphasis on the MUD is on everyone having a good time. The 7DOF ethos is that players should be permitted to enjoy their MUDing experience, hence we do not have niggling rules against quest recompletion, etc.

We are open to our players' ideas and suggestions, and enjoy receiving submissions for new quests and zones.

We also pride ourselves on not having tell-logging or snooping. Privacy is respected.

Mud Theme: Medieval

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Review posted by Beth
Posted on Mon Mar 11 14:44:08 2019 / 0 comments
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I do NOT recommend this mud! As it seems like most MUDs of late, one person rules this mud. If they decide they don't like you for whatever reason, expect to be miserable playing this mud. If you walk blindly into this MUD, you will be fine. If you have an opinion on anything and it disagrees with this power, forget it. Your name will be dirt and expect to not have a fun time. You will be silenced. If you persist, you will be kicked off. You have been warned.

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