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650 years into the future, mankind has established colonies on various planets. "Core" takes place on one of those colonies: the furthest colony from Earth thus established, on a planet in the Hermes 571-G star system.

Tired of playing "stock" MUDs? Core's gaming world is entirely original, and much of the code has been written from scratch.

Core has a player-run economy. Buy a Personal Mining Dome (PMD), build it wherever you want on the wilderness map, and setup your own shop. Adjacent PMDs can be linked together to form PMD Clusters, which grant a rover shutting workers back to The Company's central complex.

Advance to level 3 and you'll automatically be issued free housing.

The "newbie experience" was completely revamped in 2007. As soon as you step off the immigration shuttle, you'll receive an optional NPC-guided tutorial quest that'll get you equipped and teach you some of the basics.

When your mining shift isn't on duty, put on an Environment Suit and explore Core's unique wilderness map. Hang out in the player-run pubs, try your luck at gambling or the Stock Market, or challenge someone to a game of CoreQuad. (2021 update: mining shifts are "on duty" 24x7, so which shift you pick is purely for roleplaying).

The weapon system was rewritten in 2008. Combat and experience rebalance is under continuous review. One of our game systems keeps track of all monsters killed, experience given per kill, and this information helps staff determine what's out of whack and needs to be tuned. This effort continues in 2021.

The MUD's server was moved in December 2020 to a faster machine.

We invite you to visit Core. Come and see what we've created!

Mud Theme: Science Fiction: Futuristic Space Colony

Additional Noted Features:

  • Player-owned mining domes and shops
  • Menu-driven Builder system
  • Menu-driven quest creation system

Core Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Todd Brauns (Aaron@Core)
Posted on Wed Feb 22 20:43:39 2006 / 0 comments
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The name 'Core 2651' is a bit of a misnomer, as the current IC year is 2656. Yes, I said IC. Core does have a heavy futuristic theme that is a joy to roleplay within, quite frankly. Oh, and they didn't just throw together some Star Trek, Star Wars, and/or other 'popular' futuristic races. They made their own.

So, what is Core? Core, at its heart, is a MUD based on the goings-on happening on 'a remote planet far from Earth' that is rich in minerals. 'The Company' contracts the player to mine on this planet, and that is where a great deal of other MUDs fall flat: you already have something to do on Core from the moment you log on! You've got a job with The Company.

Don't let that fool you, though. There are player-run shops, and you can sign on with any one of them to bust your butt for a fortune. Pubs, where the miners hang out and get wasted on caffeine and alcohol (which restores health and stamina... no magic here!), are yours for the running. Or perhaps the medical stores, where the transfusion of blood (which restores health also) is commonplace. Better still, why not ply your trade as a weapons or arms dealer, or a mining tech shop? Or you could work at a power supply shop and supply much needed gerks (energy) to the miners. Choices, choices...

But you must be asking yourself about killing things. It IS a MUD after all, and Core doesn't disappoint here either. Combat code is constantly discussed via forums and analyzed by the crack staff, and so you'll find yourself armed to the teeth and fighting in the sewer, or instanced areas, where you're the only person or group inside that particular area! No kill stealing! Better yet, explore outside and you may find some interesting things...

Give Core a look. Be it as a miner, a technician, a store front-line grunt, or a mercenary, you can find it and work it like a pommel horse! Check the forums for interaction offMUD, or stop by the Drunken Heptosquid and page me for some service.

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Review posted by Artisan
Posted on Sun Oct 16 18:29:32 2005 / 0 comments
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If you're looking for a solid, well-coded MUD with a mature atmosphere, I'd like to say that Core has tens across the board. And when I say 'mature', I don't mean 'Oh, we allow swearing.' The staff is very talented and helpful, and the players mostly have a great sense of definition between IC and OOC.

The MUD is set in the future; your player, at creation, has signed a four-year contract with 'The Company', an entity which controls mining operations on the distant colony called 'Core'. Don't be scared by the seriousness of the roleplay atmosphere, however. The MUD as a whole has a sort of Shadowrun feel to it, meaning that you'll find danger around every turn depending on how you play.

Conflicts are resolved through roleplay, though PK areas are set in place for dueling or friendly competition. Quests and subquests abound, and the whole MUD has a detailed story with countless plots and subplots driving it. Players can work in, or even own, shops in the Dome, and everyone, upon reaching level 3, receives their own personal apartment that can be customized. You can even work toward owning your own entire dome outside the city!

As a side note, a lot of new players are discouraged by the fact that your primary source of income is working in the mines. However, money isn't everything, and you'll soon find that there are literally millions of possibilities. Some muds need hundreds of players to run with interest. I've personally seen Core with 15-20 people online, and there was never a dull moment!

Come see us today! You'll be glad you did. ;)

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Review posted by Andrea (Carinia)
Posted on Wed Jul 30 18:18:26 2008 / 5 comments
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I love Core 2651. It has a genuine atmosphere and original storyline, but the best part of the mud are it's features.

Core has a realistic, fluctuating economy. You can participate by being a stock owner, employee, or even a store owner. You can take an active part in the community because all stores are player based. This means there are more character interactions than your usual npc based shops, promoting RP.

But that's not the only feature. There is also mining, which is the easiest place to pick up some cash. There are over 15,000 rooms to explore and fight in. At level 3, you get a free apartment where items you find along the way can be stored when you are offline.

Overall, our staff has put in a lot of effort making Core a fun and unique mud. I hope you come down and play!

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Comment posted on Thu Feb 24 13:18:31 2005 by Mathew:

I agree that there are never enough shopkeepers on duty. I don't understand why there cannot be npc shopkeepers. They could be on duty until a player comes in to tend shop. There could also be a mandate that shop owners must employ so many shopkeepers to keep job opportunities available.

Comment posted on Mon Sep 13 07:28:19 2004 by Noname:

Player run econ is ok, but there is never enough shop workers online to get what you need.

The place used to be nice until a few admins decided we weren't being RP enough. They started placing restrictions on item names, player names, histories, etc. Then they placed caps on skills. Some admins took it to extremes *cough*charasan*cough*.

Comment posted on Sun Oct 17 17:18:52 2004 by Cox:

In response to 'noname'. The restrictions you talk of went in late 2000, and have for the most part been removed again. There is no practical cap on stats and you will again have the ability to increase skills for each level you gain.

In addition, since I was left in charge, the level cap has been raised, and will be raised again in the immidiate future. Level 32 here we come.

Comment posted on Sat Sep 17 13:13:50 2005 by Charasan:

Someone named me as the mud hardest staff member. You work so hard for something, and when it finally happens, you're just at a loss for words on how to feel *sniffle*

Seriously though, Core has always maintained a strict naming policy concerning its characters. It was only in 2001 or so when we started coming down a bit harder on it than was done in the past, one reason why we came up with the grandfather clause concerning older characters and their names. But I see no problem with this given the nature of the mud. There are plenty of muds out there with no such restrictions...Core, however, was designed to be more of an RP themed mud, and back when I first started playing, that's exactly what it was. Heck, the tensions players may have seen between myself and other staff members such as Ragman go clear back to RP we did back in the day when I first started playing there.

One reason I left was because the mud seemed to become overrun by players and admin alike determined to tear down that RP theme and make it into a fun park of stupid coded toys and games having nothing to do with the theme of the mud. I finally gave up on it, though I hope that sometime in the future someone comes to their senses and starts coming down like I used to. You name me as the difficult one from the past. Fine. I only pray someone learns from my example and brings Core back to what it once was.

Comment posted on Sat Jul 12 09:14:00 2008 by Grey:

I am the owner/founder of Core and would like to respond to some of the above comments.

Cox and Charasan are no longer members of Staff and I have reclaimed the mantle of Head Administrator. I've been working very hard over the last 1-2 years to rebuild the game and fix the damage caused by raising the level cap without adding Game Content to support it, overadjustments in the combat code (which I have since re-written), and so on.

All of the changes I've made are documented for the public to see at and

Regarding Noname's comments about not finding a shopkeeper, all shops have shopkeeper droids that may be summoned (type 'ring bell') if there's not enough people online. There are also more shops to choose from than before, as now everybody can purchase their own shop if they want to.

Sorry, but I have put caps on skills, stats and levels in order to keep the game in balance. I've created building tools that the players can use to help the staff build Game Content. The first area built by a player using these tools has been added to the game, and the level cap was raised as a result. Other players and staff are now chipping in, and I suspect we'll see the level cap continue to rise... THIS time with stuff to support it. :)

Review posted by Senso
Posted on Tue Sep 14 20:37:58 2004 / 1 comment
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I have been playing on Core for 5 years now and I still have a lot of fun. First, this is a science-fiction MUD - the players are miners hired by The Company to work on an asteroid orbiting in the middle of nowhere. So, mining is a way for players to make money, but they can also get a job in one of the 15 player-owned shops. Right, all facets of the economy can be modified by the players. The ore mined is used to forge weapons, which are used to kill various NPCs. Then their bodies can be 'processed' in a clinic and the blood will be used by players to regenerate Hit Points or by the pubs to grow yeast for making alcohol (yuk). If you like a realistic world where credits don't fall from the sky, this place is for you.

The world itself is huge. The main City Dome has thousands of different rooms and there are many domes located on the asteroid surface (but don't forget to bring an environment suit if you go outside!) Example areas are: A casino, park, PK arena, three shopping districts, stock trading offices, a prison, gym, radio KORE, restaurants and a library.

If you like questing, there are different quests you must finish in order to get to the next level. Many mini-quests can be found everywhere.

The playerbase is smaller now that what it was a few years ago, mainly due to the fact that a new version of the MUD was supposed to come out but never did. But the team of coders is still working, always listening to the player requests and improving/adding new areas.

So if you are looking for a good, mature and realistic science-fiction MUD, Core is for you. The admins are friendly, the help documentation is complete and well-written. Core also supports Portal, with sounds and images.

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Comment posted on Sun Sep 12 15:56:38 2004 by Cox:

Yes, the new version of the mud never surfaced, but we are instead harvesting the developed technologies from it (game features) so new features take from it will constantly be dripping into the current game now and then.

Review posted by Natalya
Posted on Fri Nov 21 20:06:03 2003 / 0 comments
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This is a wonderful game. I have played it for multiple years now and I do not regret any of the time I have spent into it. I am not going to go into all the features in detail. If you want to know all the features, you can just visit the website or check out prev2ious reviews of this game.

Just a brief idea of what you can do: you can drink, mine, fight, quest, RP, own a shop, own an appartment, and much much more. The appartment is free once you reach level 3 as well! And almost anyone would be willing to hire you to their shop. This is a very wonderful game that has been my favorite for years.

I would love to have you come down and join everyone here. I am usually around so if you ever need any help just come on the game and send me a message and I'll get you all set up for your life in the mining colony of the future!

I hope to see you all soon!


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Review posted by Dariun
Posted on Thu Oct 30 18:13:29 2003 / 0 comments
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Core 2651...what can I say to do my beloved Core justice. Well, first off it's very original. At least to my knowledge, but I don't know much, so hey, I may be wrong! It's based on a mining colony theme where you can...mine ore...OR! You can run a shop! Perhaps you want to run a bar! Or for the ladies maybe a clothing store!

The staff is great there always willing to help a hand and if their busy just offer to buy them a couple grogs they'll help then :)

The player base isn't very big, but they're some of the greatest people you'll ever play a mud with! The people there are great I should know I've put up with them for two years and they're still keeping me on my toes!

Well i've rambled enough so give Core a try and keep an eye out for me!

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Review posted by Dairmuid
Posted on Thu Oct 30 17:52:48 2003 / 0 comments
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Dairmuid has been a character at Core for a long time, arrival was a little confusing, the bustle of the star port, the strange smells and the constant noise of the ore ships blasting off day and night..

Soon he became used to the regular rhythm of day and night. Much shorter than on Mars where he grew up, not long after the war, and took up the normal trade of the colony, he became a miner. Again it proved hard because despite his strength he knew nothing of how to handle a laser drill. The company, of course only let's freshmen use the experimental laser drills, known to be tempermental, and to break down all the time.

Before long mining ceased being so harsh and with rapid promotion through the ranks, aided by assissting the local law with a delicate problem (blackout quest) and experience, he was soon earning a modest income from it. However, his lucky break came when he heard of the Chop shop, a clinic specialising in limb replacement. Loaning most of the money from contacts he had made and spending his time watching the price go up hour by hour as interested parties placed their bids, he patiently waited until the auction was almost over.

With the final bid at the last moment he secured his future and his fortune, marrying the woman he loved only days later.

Much has passed since that day.. and now again he is single, his love lost, returned to Earth for reasons he refuses to accept or to listen. What the future holds for him now is in the hands of the gods, or at least the company's tax man.

Above is a shortish history of what core has been like for me. I hope you'll visit and enrich the experience for us all as we explore life in a remote mining colony working for a company that couldn't care less for it's employees, but where love, romance, and even war has been found.

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