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When atomic fire consumed the earth, those who survived did so in great, underground vaults. When they opened, their inhabitants set out across ruins of the old world to build new societies, establish new villages, form new tribes.

As decades passed, some semblance of civilization began to return to the wastelands of America. New governments formed to replace the old, fighting each other for territory and control of the resources they possess.

War. War never changes.

Fallout MUSH does however.

Fallout MUSH is a campaign-based Fallout RPG with both a metaplot and player-driven storylines that persist between each Season of the game.

The first two seasons of Fallout MUSH saw our players based in the city of El Dorado, New Mexico where they formed the El Dorado Federation and pushed out into the surrounding wasteland, exploring parts of Mexico, Texas, and Arizona as well as establishing close-ties with the City of New Vegas, and the enigmatic Mr. House.

In the three years that have passed in game, the good 'Samaritans' of El Dorado have fought tooth and nail against the Enclave that has reformed on the West Coast in an attempt to establish dominance, under the leadership of the rogue A.I. ZAX-52.

A daring attack by the Brotherhood of Steel has stopped the Enclave from claiming Vault 30, and crippled their Sky Fortress that allowed them to claim dominance over the West Coast. As the smoke settles, the people begin to rebuild with a wary eye towards the horizon for the time the Enclave attacks again.

Rumors persist of a Master Control Unit for the entire ZAX series that was located in New York City which until recently was battered constantly by severe radiation storms that have only begun to dissipate within the ruins of this once proud city.

Unknown to the inhabitants of Vault 99, their life was about to change for better or for worse as they prepared to explore the world above them. The world of Fallout.

Season 3 of Fallout MUSH has begun and our primary setting has become Vault 99, and the Ruins of New York City.

Fallout MUSH offers a variety of systems including a custom version of the SPECIAL system derived from K.A.T. RPG, full equipment systems, quests, investigations, scavenging, settlements, crafting, and much more. Our focus is on providing an encouraging and active atmosphere for players to role-play in, and to provide a storyline they can guide, and directly effect with their actions while pursuing their own goals. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We’ve done our best to revise, and fix any problems in the year since opening, and we will continue to improve in any way we can; and also do whatever we can to provide an exceptional player experience. Even if you’ve had a poor experience in the past, we urge you to come back and give things a chance with no questions asked.

Vault 99 is now open!

Mud Theme: Post-Apocalyptic, Science-Fiction, & Western

Client Recommendation: MUSHClient

Fallout MUSH Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Ashur
Posted on Sun Mar 25 18:08:57 2018 / 2 comments
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Since its conception, Fallout: El Dorado has been a labor of love to the series, drawing from all the games and supplementary material with particular favor paid to New Vegas. An extensive homebrewed system of perks, attributes, and skills make it easy to create any sort of character one desires for the Fallout world, with special Archetype perks available to provide a basic framework for a concept. The game has an active, Ameri-centric playerbase, resulting in slow mornings and very late nights but a bustling afternoon and evening. There are often multiple staff and player run events a week, with generous rewards and creative license to promote running and participating.

Roleplay is primarily character-driven, with ongoing world events and plot arcs providing color to the world individual PCs pursue their ambitions in. While player-vs-player activity is allowed and mechanically supported, the ultimate goal is a mutually enjoyable experience, rather than triumphing over another player. Death is strictly consent-based, though conflict in all its forms has greater leeway.

I've been playing for roughly a year now, and while there's been ups and downs, I can't think of another ST I know who puts the same tireless work into creating original material and advancing plots, even catering encounters and storylines to individual characters to help work them into the grander narratives. Vault Girl's devoted and passionate and it shows in the sheer volume of her output. It's been my main game since I joined, and I don't intend to leave it any time soon.

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Comment posted on Wed Feb 28 16:28:52 2018 by D-bone/Gorilla:

Unfortunately, this review is not actually reflective of the game at all. The reviewer in question is a notorious stalker and abuser, and his praise of VG reflects the tacit agreement that they have in support of each other.

As a former staffer, I can say authoritatively, that VG abuses her player base, and allows incredibly toxic and negligent behavior to go on in her game. She takes cash to give players in game bonuses, and basically none of this is reflective of any of the actual player behaviors, only activity.

Comment posted on Sat Mar 17 21:45:12 2018 by Ashur:

Gorilla, known as Andrei from his first visit to the Resident Evil MU prior to Fallout, has always been something of a problem player; he made a habit of aggressive non-participation in scenes he'd come to, followed by incesant whining about anyone and everything. While never an out-and-out toxic player, his presence was a useless one.

While he was permitted to staff on El Dorado, his contributions were negligible, and what little staff-work he did he did with great reluctance and greater inability. His primary contributions were befriending a small handful of inevitably-banned players who thrived on toxicity.. and trying to usurp control of the MUSH twice.

Needless to say, he's been bitter since his banning.

Review posted by Faceless
Posted on Thu Nov 16 14:27:43 2017 / 0 comments
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This game and code base is pretty amazing. However, I would warn against visiting here as the headwiz is abusive to the staff and the players on a regular basis. It's a shame too, because this is the only Fallout content that I have seen, so far. I'm hoping that someone else will release something that gives people an option. Players nor staff should not be subjected to the kind of abuse that goes on here.

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