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    November, 2016


There was a time when mankind knew two things: That we were alone in the cosmos and that there was no such thing as magic. We were wrong. The coming of the Rifts changed everything. Ignited by a spark still unknown to us, the planet began to surge with arcane energies absent for thousands of years. The results were devastating. Seas rose. Volcanoes roared to life. The earth buckled and cracked and split. Millions died in the first hours. And then came the monsters. Civilization never stood a chance. Life, on the other hand, is a hardy and determined thing. Our cities and nations crumbled, but we survived the dark age. We now share our world with invaders and refugees alike. A world fallen far from its former glory. A world that’s dark and dangerous and deadly. But it is our world, and by spell and science and iron will we will forge it anew.

Welcome to The Lost Dominion, a Rifts inspired game powered by Fate Core.


Set around the ruins of the former Fredricksburg, Petersburg and Hampton Roads areas of Virginia nearly four hundred years in the future, The Lost Dominion centers around a trio of cities. Dogwood, a bastion of technology in a world reduced to the Old West. Vesper, a city powered by the magic that’s returned to the world. Finally Vanished Point, a mega-city that disappeared when the Rifts tore the world apart three hundred years ago and has now returned as though the cataclysm was only days, not centuries ago. Except it’s infested with demons, a deadly deterrent to retrieving the treasure trove of Pre-Rifts technology and knowledge within. At the northwestern tip of Vanished Point is Saren’s Rest which, like an Old West boom-town has sprung up to serve as a base of operations for those looking to try their hand at Vanished Point’s riches.

The Lost Dominion allows for an exceptionally broad range of character concepts, both because of it’s future setting and the ‘magic returned to earth’ concept and because of the Rifts. Portals that have left enough dimensional travelers and refugees that they outnumber the humans left.


While over the years games have incorporated a website to support and enhance the game, it’s always been an add-on and much of the way MU*’s are used hasn’t changed a lot over the years.

On Lost Dominion, we’re stripping down the game server side of things. You won’t find any ‘News’ files inside the game such as ‘news policy’ or ‘news roleplay’, They’re all on the website. You won’t find a +jobs system or a +bb system. Instead, we use Support Tickets and categorized blog posts. These days people are almost always multitasking and this lets you access information without scrolling your RP and conversations off your screen.

We know it’s new, and different. We expect some growing pains. We expect to have to change things. We’d love your suggestions! You’ll find places to leave us feedback all over the site. Don’t be shy. We hope you’ll enjoy the changes.

Visit our website at

Mud Theme: Rifts

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