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The Leviathan has been devouring electricity since November 1, 1995. Since then, many have entered to chase and point lance at its white hump, a medieval/sci-fi hybrid where grave-expressioned sorcerers and bristling warriors make their livings alongside sinister aliens who perform experiments upon abductees in sterile orbiting laboratories. Here is a world so distinguished from all others, that you will hearken to its wild strangeness with childish fireside interest and awe.

Leviathan features: multi-classing, enhanced limb combat, 9 schools of magic, detailed life skill system, the battle arena, guild wars, player owned shops, player-owned real estate, player-stalking bounty hunter, personalized autoloading equipment, a stable mud-government, mud-commodity stock trading, exacting quality standards, and a friendly family of players to welcome you home.

Mud Theme: Medieval/Sci-Fi

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