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Come play with us! Your adventure begins on the continent of Atheria, in the small fishing village of Cabeiri, where orcish caves, perilous mountains, dank sewers, and a spooky graveyard are waiting to be explored. From there, the world is as big as your imagination. Investigate the bustling port town of Whitestorm, venture across the Jeweled Sea to Cardania and Asmar, or brave the poles to discover the icy twin lands of Aerioth and Calamyr. All along the way you’ll face hundreds of monsters and make a few friends as well.

Merentha is a special place that’s steeped in history (it has existed for almost two decades!). Our committed player base will help you as you discover our vast, detailed world. There is no required 'newbie school' and you won't be bombarded with hundreds of goals, tasks, and subtasks. Make your mark! It truly is "Your Adventure!"

Merentha features:

- 27 races (including 3 quest races) - YES, you can change your race later! - 5 traditional classes - 22 subclasses (including 3 quest subclasses) - 5 kingdoms - 25 guilds - Ships, Air Balloons, Mounts, Pets - Dozens of quests and deeds - Special events/quests/invasions during holidays

Mud Theme: Fantasy, Tolkien, Mythology, Adventure

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Review posted by Shergar
Posted on Sun May 16 22:53:02 2010 / 0 comments
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Merentha is an AWESOME MUD. It has been around for 14 years and is still constantly been updated. If you want a HUGE MUD which has stood the test of time then it could be for you.

Quests, deeds, guilds, pets, ships, steeds and dragons!...Merentha has it all, and much more... There are literally thousands of different mobs and dazzling array of intriguing equipment. The only way to truly appreciate how amazing Merentha is is to try it for yourself. While there is a very steep learning curve if you can battle your way up a few levels the rewards are fantastic.

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