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Maelstrom Earth is a blended source universe. Our main inspirations are Marvel and DC, but we welcome intellectual properties from a huge number of sources. WildCATS, Image Comics, alternative universes, OCs, and many others are all welcome. The White Council of the Dresden Files has been made a part of our history, and we've blended it with real world events.

What makes Maelstrom different? We use a fixed canon that stretches back over a million years. Birthdates are tracked on our Timeline, allowing characters to really age and mature. Was your character an ancient mage of Atlantis? Did they help sign the Declaration of Independance? Were they a product of Weapon X, or maybe they served alongside Captain America and Superman in WWII? The fixed canon means that your character is written indelibly into the history of the game, stretching back as far as you care.

We'd love to weave your character into the narrative that is our game!

Mud Theme: Superhero/Comic

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