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Online since 1994 - NetherWorld is an old and long-standing mud, but remains exciting with all of these features and more!

* 15 Starting Classes and 20 starting Races * Remort and Reincarnation Systems allow Multi-Classing and offer over 400 additional special races, some of which is in the form of progressive race chains. * 3 fully populated continents & oceans create a complete world * Role-Playing Clans with restricted PKilling and clan rankings * Automated Questing-Save up points to Customize Your Characters * 99% of the Equipment that loads has randomly generated stats, and a small chance to load as 'Rare' or 'Socketed' * Random meteor showers scatter powerful and rare GEMS for inserting into eq with sockets or slots * Immortals run online games like trivia and mini-quests * Consult a detailed system of helps to assist you in understanding our mud. * The immortal staff welcomes player input to make Nether World entertaining, fresh, and enjoyable!

Our goal is to provide a balanced MUD that caters to both new and experienced Mudders alike. So whether its Hack'n'Slash, Role Playing, or just chatting, come on by and give us a try!

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

NetherWorld Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Ephleinxera
Posted on Thu Feb 21 07:39:37 2013 / 6 comments
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Hello, it is Ephleinxera here, an experienced player on Netherworld. I am posting this note to give insight and understanding to any players who plan to join this community. The insight I wish to give refers to the players, the clan system, the immortals, and any other topics for which I feel to be relevant.

I will now give insight on the clans, players, and reigning immortal. This mud consists of five active/semi-active clans: Imperium, Protect(my clan), Nosfer, Shaolin, and one which has no benefits but those who were kicked out of existing clans automatically go into Loner; Of these clans, I have seen very heavy favoritism towards Imperium the dick clan of the game, and in my opinion one of the as of now many downsides. That said, an example should be given;

I was making an attempt to load gear in an effort to load a rare or socket item, this involves logging in and out at each tick to kill a mob which hopefully loaded a rare and/or socket item for gems. Of course, while I made this attempt to load my gear an existing Imperium(aka: downside of this game) did what they do best, and ruined this game for me; This was achieved by a logging in and out before I logged back in to check mobs before I reconnected. Shortly after having this done consecutive times without my knowledge to me, I logged in to see that he was attacking my mob which had *alas* loaded socket items, on each of its items. My natural response on login was of course kill that mob before he does. I did so, and the previous player who had done everything in his/her power to prevent me from loading rare/socket went one step further by posting it as a kill-steal which is a against the rules. Example given, an immortal known as Lenny made poor judgement and once again proved that he is on behalf of imperium above all others, by punishing me for the kill-steal. While I may seem as a disgruntled player, I would have been more than happy to take the punishment if the other person involved was also punished, unfortunately in this scenario that was not the case. I have many more examples of such favoritism, but I will not bore you in such a manner, and I would only add that aside from this major issue the clan system is and has been running efficiently. I only post this in hopes that an immortal re-evaluates his judgements in the future, and so that right off the get-go any new players will know what to expect.

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Comment posted on Thu Jan 31 06:47:21 2013 by Lenny:

I am Lenny; I don't like to engage in public squabbles, but other players are asking that I respond to this review. I gave Ephleinxera a “dunce cap” because he violated a rule. Which rule? He “stole someone's kill”, which just means he engaged a mob that someone else was already attacking and killed it. This is a hard mob that takes a while to kill, so it was not accidental. The other player submitted a complete log of the event, if anyone doubts what I am saying.

I don't think I have to defend my actions, since Ephleinxera is very open about breaking the rule. He voluntarily surrendered the items back to the other person without my intervention.

This review saddens me. I don't have any ill-wishes for Ephleinxera, even after this strange attempt at bad publicity, but I do wish he could learn to contain his emotions and take some time to think before breaking the rules and before posting such a silly review.

Comment posted on Thu Jan 31 15:00:30 2013 by Roberta:

I wish to start out by stating I do not participate in Netherworld. That being said, my response is not to Ephleinxera, but rather to Lenny. I believe that it is the role of a staff member on a MUD to treat everyone as an equal. However, your response to this player clearly illustrates your favoritism toward these other players who requested you write your response. Your condescending undertone to Ephleinxera demonstrates that you strongly dislike him. Again, it is my opinion, with your being a staff member for a MUD, that you show equal treatment for everyone. If an outsider can look at your one comment and see that you are not, then I'm sure it is clear to your players, including Ephleinxera.

Comment posted on Thu Jan 31 16:54:43 2013 by Kirby the furby, aka just kirby:

Eph is right to be annoyed, the player who he stole the kill from is definitely shallow enough to spend hours waiting around for a chance to harass another player. Whether he did it to be annoying or he really needed the item is up for debate, but given the fact that the player is known to be shallow enough to do something like this, and Eph volunteered to surrender the items on his own, he never should of been punished. I don't like Eph, I don't like Lenny, and I don't like the person Eph stole the kill from, but what I really don't like is people who go out of their way to ruin a game for others.

Comment posted on Thu Jan 31 17:31:39 2013 by Lenny:

In response to Roberta, I don't think I was being condescending and I don't think responding to a review on TMC is a display of favoritism. I have a feeling I am being trolled, but let me be clear about something: I don't dislike Ephleinxera. I understand why it was a frustrating situation, but it doesn't mean he should violate the rules.

People were discussing the review and the general consensus was that I should respond. The end of the review requests action from myself, so that's consistent too.

Comment posted on Fri Feb 1 16:51:48 2013 by AnkleLoaf:

Non-Imper, anti-Lenny opinion here. Eph is a known cheater and cry baby. He broke a very clear, very old, very enforced rule. That was the only rule broken.

Lenny may say he doesn't dislike Eph, but I don't have a hard time speaking for most of the people on the mud when I say, not many people Like Eph.

Comment posted on Wed Feb 20 09:35:45 2013 by Enko:

I like Eph, and the obvious interpretation of this thread of comments is correct. I myself have been harassed and had kills stolen by the person Eph conflicted with, and then I was told it was 'my fault' as well.

This isn't a new thing; we have a troll problem, and it is almost entirely 1 player. The other Imperium members are actually pretty agreeable when that 1 player is not present, but they become sharp, bitter, and condescending when he is, sometimes even stooping to similar harassment. This 1 player's influence even got to Imperium's clan leader, who followed me to killsteal me a few times for speaking out against the favoritism. Note this person is max level and probably the best player in the MUD, following a newbie to newbie areas to killsteal out of emotional backlash. Although reported, he was not punished. Nor was the 1 player Whose Name We Keep Not Mentioning.

That all being said, I will advocate that the admin Lenny is not biased the way that is being claimed. I play a variety of old online games from the 90's, and they all come down to a situation very similar to this one. Games with playerbases this small, old, and dedicated simply cannot afford to lose players (or at least, that is what they believe). Administrators will not ban unless truly forced to, so the latitude for trolling and griefing is greatly increased.

Get this: the admin gave up on He Who We Keep Not Naming long ago. He knows punishment will not work on this person, so he doesn't bother. Eph gets punished because Eph is a good person. Eph will react differently in the future, if he deigns to continue playing in our toxic environment. Our resident troll has proven he will not act differently no matter what, but he carefully keeps his behavior toeing the line of outright banning, so there is nothing any of us can do. Public outcry is impossible because he has quite literally driven everyone away except his group and a few scattered holdouts. Nobody is left to 'gang up' on the topic, so to speak.

By the way, recently all the clans were disbanded and the entire system overhauled. The Imperium group doesn't exist anymore, although I'm sure the players will still band together the same way.

We'll see if anything new happens.

Review posted by Ephleinxera
Posted on Thu Sep 10 21:44:41 2009 / 0 comments
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Hello fellow mudders, my game name is Ephleinxera. I just wanted to tell you why this mud is the place to be.

To start off, we had an average of 20 online players at a time about 4 month ago. Which unfortunately greatly hindered some of this muds best features our players loved, such as clan-only playerkilling. With each clan devoted to a theme, consisting of its own abilities equipment, and the ability to loot within reason other clannies gear. It was for this reason a lot of our playerbase has moved on to living there lives just logging every 3 month or so to see changes, just waiting to start up again. All we need is your help to make it happen.

Now, with that said let me explain some of this muds unique features. First off, classes and races are all balanced and constantly monitored for any sign of needed changes.

Secondly, when you make a character you choose two classes and multi-class, allowing for fun combos. At start up you also select a race, that constantly changes using a reincarnating/remorting system of races.

Third, I have been here two years and the equipment system has kept me constantly busy. It consists of sockets, rares, and meteors, with the sockets and rares only obtainable through farming and trading. The mets or gems you can place in sockets to reflect your custom build. Meteors are found on the ground all over the mud in random areas. With one searching days to find one, while others might just unintentionally stumble across one. These meteors are all worth the effort though, and are generated about once a week/or month? from a coded firestorm that scatters them.

The last thing I'd like to tell you about is the unique quest practice and training system. Each stat affects your character and the race and class you are affecting your stats, and you know those practice sessions in other muds that you can't use up n just sit there? Well here you can use them, to train your stats to your races max, to learn your class skills, or just to train your hp and mana up.

Last of these, is the quest system. Never have I seen a quest system that allows for so much unique and customization of your character. Use your quest points to endow any stat u have,from your elemental_atk, your cpower, your droll, or just those much needed hps, armor class, and mana. ITS ALL UP TO YOU.

So please, come check this mud out and help bring our old pbase back. which could roughly make this mud the best one out there, and the most fun any mud could possibly get.

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Review posted by Gongar
Posted on Sun May 3 18:42:42 2009 / 0 comments
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Netherworld Mud has a lot of great aspects to it, including variety. There are a lot of options to explore on this mud, including indepth character development, a plethora of areas to explore, and a list of races, which gets unlocked as you get stronger,that will leave you wondering who has time to write them all :). Also, you develop progressively, and you can change many things about your character as you go on.

Another aspect, one of my favorites compared to other muds, is that this mud is very easy on the eyes. For the most part, everything is uniform and well laid out, and the color scheme is not overwhelming.

The immortal staff are very personable and are willing to get to know the players, as well as take suggestions and adhere to problems. Also, everyone is welcome to build an area.

Right now, the biggest problem, is the population. Which is a shame, because the game has a lot to offer, and is not being used to its fullest potential. Right now, there are probably about 15-20 active players, most of which are decent people :). However, advertising will start soon, hopefully we will see you there :D

Newbies have an easily navigated starting zone, with several newbie areas attached. Along with extra helpful gear and potions restricted to newbies only, its purpose is to provide a little bit more comfort and ability when first starting out on Netherworld.

There is a lot more to tell you about, so stop reading this review and come check it out :D

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Review posted by Darko
Posted on Thu Jan 20 19:29:19 2005 / 0 comments
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Ive been hopelessly addicted to NetherWorld for a long time now (not nearly as long as it's been alive though). There are several reasons I enjoy NW. Im not an intense roleplayer, but I like to game though and NW provides a comfortable environment for people like me, who just like to explore, kill, and prosper without hammering down an intense roleplaying motif.

NW is huge because it has been around for so long. At first sight it is a bit intimidating and seems difficult, but that quickly ends as one learns the game. One of the features I love about NW is that a character can undergo several different lifetimes through reincarnation.

There are over 300 different races (including several long, but rewarding racial chains) that are unlocked as the player grows. NW lost its traditional server a while back, but luckily we found home at envy (thanks to Hatchet and Kahn). Unfortunately, this means business has definitely dropped, but I have faith that one day Ill be surrounded again by a ton of people. Feel free to stop by; its a relaxed environment Im sure almost anyone can enjoy.

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