Northern Crossroads


Northern Crossroads (NCMUDD) is a highly modified DIKU mud on a VPS running Precise Pangolin OS.

* This is a veteran MUD. Come see what over 20 years of development can do !! Tired of buggy half thought out MUDs? Scream and cry no more! Welcome to one of the most solid code bases on the internet! * 10 unique races (Human, Gnome, Halfling, Dwarf, Elf, Giant, Lich, Drow and Dragon) * 7 Classes (Warrior, Cleric, Magic-User, Thief, Brawler, Sorceror, and Acolyte) * 9 Advanced Classes (Assassin, Blademaster, Archmage, Druid, Avatar, Hero, Warlock, Berserker, and Monk) * 100 levels of dual class, 50-100 levels of advanced class, 10 levels of immortality. * Amazingly hysterical and innovatively unique socials that make Northern Crossroads stand-out from any other MUDD. * Like to build? Become an immortal and create your own worlds using our advanced zone creation system. * Temporary player feuding, PKing, Chaos, Mortal Kombat, Capture the Flag, Individualized Color Settings, Newbie-Friendly Trainer Mobs - A World of features requested by and created for our players. * Active coders who play, talk to the players, and accept ideas for new content. * Multi-Mend feature that allows you to improve equipment.

Mud Theme: Roleplaying D&D ®

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Review posted by Itherian
Posted on Sat Dec 29 15:15:25 2012 / 0 comments
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I have been playing here since 1997. I have been a player and a high level immortal on the mud for at least 10 years. The dynamic content here, friends I have made, and overall fun have kept me here year after year. From zones like Batman, Sailor moon, Spiderman, Gilgamesh. Equipment ranging from sword, axes, spears to less PG items like Vibrators and Dildo's. Epic zones that take hours to do and receive great rewards. Great losses from Death traps and enemy's that eat your equipment.

This is a great mud That has a active player base and coders that are available to talk to and share ideas. Come log in and enjoy a world that I and most the players have enjoyed for over a decade.

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