8BitMUSH is a collaborative virtual world, based upon text-based artwork (16-color ANSI Art, 256-color FANSI Art, and ASCII Art.) Every player is encouraged to extend the world with their own creations, and explore the creations of others. The community is very social, with a unique culture and over 10 years of history.

The virtual world is based around a colorful megatropolis called ANSI City, with a surrounding suburbia and various other landscapes to explore and build upon. The virtual economy allows for players to run their own companies, invest in a stock market, and buy and sell products from various shops and vendors. Many projects and games have been coded on 8Bit using MUSHCode, the in-game programming language, including arcade games, toys, board games, interactive-fiction puzzles, a space system and much more. There are also tools to create content without writing any code.


Mud Theme: ANSI Art + Open Building + Capitalism + Social

8bitMUSH Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Sugarcloud
Posted on Mon Nov 7 07:49:57 2016 / 0 comments
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8bitMUSH is so damn cute and fun. It's a sweet ANSI version of Second Life (IMHO), minus all the negatives of the latter. It's a lovely game to keep open in one tab as you play another MUD, and then come back to for chatting, Trivia, building a home, collecting a daily paycheck, or playing any of the countless games that other users created. There are always plenty of people to joke with online, and many places full of colorful ANSI art to explore. I think it's a remarkable MUSH. My only wish is that the help files were better organized, and that there was a basic help file on how to change one's password, for example. A kind fella gave me the command via public chat, however.

I look forward to meeting new players - those that will go fishing, playing dice, publishing a book and earning royalties, or doing anything else that I barely scratched the surface of.

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Review posted by Mr. Slops
Posted on Mon Jan 31 22:15:01 2005 / 3 comments
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Upon logging on you'll be greeted with possibly, the worst engine for a mud, ever. Awkward commands won't help new users at all. Along with horrible Ansi coding, but the horror is just beginning. You'll also be pestered constantly by spam. Tons of spam. Spam to vote on items players make. Spam to read things. Spam and more Spam. Ask a player for help, and you'll likely be treated rudely by one of the regulars.

The features sound nice, until you discover how difficult getting anything in this game done really becomes. The very words of a seasoned player "We don't care about newbies. Leave". With such trashy attitudes, it's no wonder this is the first review for this mud. I am betting almost everyone who joins, is treated the same way. I, myself, witnessed three other new players quit within a day. I hung around for awhile to get a feel for the place. I wasted my time on a mud not worth it. Avoid this garbage mud at all costs.

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Comment posted on Sun Jan 23 17:48:41 2005 by Spencer:

Slops, 8bit is not a 'mud' nor does it have awkward commands, being that it uses a more streamlined user friendly tweak of base PennMUSH. 8bit is built on in game capitalism, hence the ads. The Ansi is not ansi at all, but FANSI, which you are given instructions on how to set up your MUSH client for before you can even get a lot or on grid.

The problem with the unhelpfulness has been solved with disciplinary action and the making of a newbie channel.

Comment posted on Sun Jan 23 10:57:25 2005 by Edgar:

Unfortunately, this man's words do have a specter of truth. There is a good deal of spam. So much is going on here, that yes, there is a great deal to take in and for the majority of users, most of it just glazes over. I remember plenty a MUD with worse spam throughout. But then, this isn't a MUD, and a lot of people prefer a bit of peace and quiet from their talkers. This man's argument begins to get faulty when he complains about commands. Yes, the commands are unwieldy for MUDers, since 8bit comes from a completely different direction of MU*. 8bit is coded in a base called 'Tiny-bit', which is a derivative of PennMUSH. Almost any standard PennMUSH commands function the same, except perhaps for the revamped mail system. Calling 8bit's commands unwieldy is a blow to every MUSH and MUX in existence, since each functions almost exactly the same. Itís obvious that this man was expecting a Diku, SMAUG, or ROM style Mud, but all he found was a talker and a haven for MUSH-coders. That would explain his disappointment quite easily.

And as for the harsh attitudes? Yes, this MUSH is full of players who went through similarly rough encounters. It's full of seasoned MUSHers that have taken the worst the community has to offer, and had the drive to stick with it, to stay through it. It's no wonder they're a bit jaded, but beneath those rough experiences is a playerbase that can connect with people on another level.

8bit has a history of hazing it's members, but for better or worse, that's changing. Horrible ANSI code? Either he was confused about the MUSH standard ansi code (that's [ansi(,)] ), or was intimidated by the ingenious works of FANSI. Surely if you follow the steps described upon login, you'll set your client up to use the FANSI correctly (namely, switch to Terminal), and be able to see large illustrations with shades, mixtures of colors, and other various standard characters that usually get lost in a MU* land of non standardized clients that all come together to create a sort of ANSI and ASCII combination of art not seen on other MU*s.

All that said, it's well known that 8bit has been harsh to its newbies, like beaten children that grow up to beat their children. Now however, there is work in the positive direction. While before, anyone willing to stick it out could find help when they needed it, but now, people are starting to help newbies without a whim. Spamming a newbie is a sitelockable offense, and those that continue to do such things are invited to leave, never to return. Helping newbies is rewarded with praise, and other rewards are in place. 8bit is reforming it's stance on newbies, and already almost any question asked is immediately answered (sometimes three or four times). If you want a MUSH to TS and whine all day on, go away. We don't want you here. If you want a land of free thinkers, designed to accommodate any building or coding needs you have, then 8bit is the place for you. Asking for anything else is like complaining about all the science fiction at a Star Wars MUD.

Comment posted on Sun Jan 23 10:06:49 2005 by Red_Yoshi:

Alright, first off, it's not a MUD, nor will it ever /be/ a MUD.It's PennMUSH. It may have different commands than what the average MUD-junkie is used to, but you learn to get used to it. The spam stopped a long time ago, and the admin imposed harsher consequences for annoying and insulting new players. And again, it's not a flipping MUD, it's a MUSH. How many times must I say it?

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